New Poll: Where Do You Find Spiritual Peace?

Finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Spiritual peace can be an incredibly hard thing to find in this day and age, especially with so many distractions and impending world problems. But in such a confusing situation, where do you go to find a bit of calm and peacefulness? Check out our poll below and let us know where you go for inner peace.

Where do you find spiritual peace?

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3 thoughts on “New Poll: Where Do You Find Spiritual Peace?

  1. sam hyden

    short one too lol in a childs eyes who knows nothing but reason and still remembers who he is and where hes fun., by helping someone and seeing where it lead
    ** Raquel martinez ??? I have a message for you? didnt know who you are but just saw ame on page huh , a young girl, maybe relative? ask me , why?) to tell you not to be so hard on yourelf and just settling! she says you wont know till you try? think cup half full and there is help if you let person give you instructions and help, lol well i hope yur right Raquel i just saw your name in photos, not trying to be profit psychic, ben there done that, just when pops up and has to do with shift. she,little girl andu are lightworkers too. make people happy and we have to get many together at one time to pray, sing or anything happy. ok enough wierd for you, thanks

  2. sam hyden

    location or number of people is not a factor iin obtaining true peace because as many of us or lightwatchers , our very job on this earth was decided on many years prior to our birth, and we bring light to others thru good deeds,smiles , positive words, no matter what size. we are at the end of new awakening and our jobs at lightworkers,and the others have not achieved the level of spirituality and energy needed for shift, it is fact ( i have a list) tha we are not at this level to transition because we lost many many needed scientist, physicist and other men needed for this as were killed in germany, yes all jews, in chambers. we should have shifted on or before dec. 2012, but now will be later but will happen. we will not blow up , be destroyed by enemy, dead want rise as we imagine but will in way. the membranes between the universes, dimensions have grown thinner. we will be learning for first time who we were and where we came from. the dead that arise are acutally the past present and future all together as we have always been . there will be much violence as always with change, reread we will learn the rest of the bible, jesus and mary magdalene, his wife

  3. Robyn

    I find Love in all of the ways listed above & more.

    To state my opinion simply
    “God is Love”

    I believe without love nothing would exist. Love is the foundation of all good things.
    The Universe is Love.

    Personally my goal, although it is very challenging, is to feel love for every person, place & thing I encounter.

    Also, we can not know Love if we do not know Gratitude.
    To focus on the things that bring us joy, to appreciate each one of them & to give thanks, that is Love.

    I say this to share with my fellow Astrology followers, but also so that I may always practice what I preach!

    Thank you all so much for this site.
    I truly do Love it & I am so grateful for all the insight & inspiration it brings me.

    Peace 🙂


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