Mantras and Affirmations

While venturing along the paths to making our dreams come true, getting a boost from affirmations, mantras and even love potions certainly can’t hurt us. But just how positive and effective are these practices when it comes to powering up our energies to get exactly what we want?

Mantras and affirmations, our psychics concur, work to manifest our highest good. Love potions, on the other hand, are trickier, because they involve magic and invade the free will of others. Here’s what our psychics say about the pros and cons of these popular rituals.

It’s common for clients to call California Psychics looking for supportive affirmations, or a mantra to use in meditation. It’s also routine for our psychics to offer up strategic words or phrases specifically designed to help callers work their way through their personal problems.

“The action of repeating thoughts develops empowerment and strengthens belief,” TeriLynn ext. 9625 reports from experience. “When I perceive that callers are becoming emotionally incapacitated by fear, doubt, shame or hatred I suggest they take their power back with positive affirmations,” the psychic who specializes in unraveling love dynamics recommends. She adds, use them daily for the best results.

We co-create our own reality with every thought, word and action that we choose to embrace. Thoughts change things. We need to be ever mindful to choose good ones, our psychics clarifiy.

The key to focusing with words is to believe what you are saying. Find a way to repeat affirmations until they feel good rolling off your tongue. Tweak the words until you can say them with feeling. If a mantra doesn’t quite trigger your relaxation response, for instance, find another word that will. The right words are personal to the individual, our psychics reveal. “I find for myself, that making the affirmation rhyme helps to make the thought more powerful,” Paige ext. 9158 suggests. “Some years ago, when I was faced with a financially challenging time, I began to affirm, I am rich without a hitch. Within four years, I was the owner of a beach house on the sand in Malibu, California,” the Clairvoyant who counts a number of celebrities as her regular clientele admits.

“It’s important that affirmations be used on what’s truly important… that they aren’t overused to the point that they become ineffective,” suggests Maryanne ext. 9146, a fourth generation Clairvoyant. “When an affirmation is meaningful and it’s posted where you can see them every day, on a mirror, the dashboard of your car, in your office… they encourage you to believe that you have the strength to do anything – from finding a more fulfilling job to not calling up an ex!”

Love potions, on the other hand, are an entirely different thing, our psychics explain in contrast to affirmations and mantras. Unlike affirmations and mantras, our Intuitives remind us, they are magical applications of force, which can easily backfire, because they invade the free will of another. If someone does a love spell to bring their lover back to them, for instance… What happens if they have entrapped them with the spell and then decide they don’t want this person? Do they have to do another spell to get rid of them? What law of karma are we invoking upon ourselves by taking away another’s birthright of choice and free will? our psychics unravel from years of study. Love magic is unpredictable at best.

And just as mantras and affirmations work to manifest our good, love potions can move our energies in a positive direction if the intention is responsible. It is our experience that the best love potion to do is one we do on ourselves, out psychics say. When we invoke the powers for our own purposes to guide us into making our selves more attractive and desirable and being the best we can be for another, then we know that when our love does find us, we are loved because of who we are.

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