It’s a beautiful day, and life is going on pretty much as it should.
You are minding your own business, going through the motions of your
daily routine, when out of the blue you get a sinking feeling in the
pit of your stomach. While you may not be able to put your finger on why, what, when, or where, your instincts are telling you something is going to happen. You are having a premonition.

Most of us, myself included (and I’m a psychic!), misuse the heck out of the word “premonition.” Yet it is a word that conveys what you are experiencing in a manner that most people can relate to. The word itself is much more simplistic than what most people think. A premonition is nothing more than an advanced warning – one that comes by way of anxious or uneasy feelings. Its signals are too subtle to be noticed by the conscious mind. When we get a feeling that something is going to happen, the usual sense is that whatever it is, it may not be good.

We all have instincts we need to learn to trust, rather than ignore. Of course, that can be hard to do. But lives have been saved by not boarding that plane, or by driving a different route to work after having a premonition. How many times have you thought that the car in front of you was about to make an irrational move – and it did? You probably wrote it off as “good instincts,” but to say you had a premonition would actually be correct.

You would think, me being psychic and all, that I could tap into my own premonitions when they happen, right? Wrong! Ignoring that internal warning when I was 20 years old cost me a car (my pride and joy), and landed me in the hospital for Thanksgiving. My boyfriend had asked me to stop at the store on my way home. I hadn’t planned on making any stops, and was rather annoyed when he asked, since there was a major snowstorm brewing. I immediately got that feeling that I shouldn’t do it – that I should go straight home. But I pushed my unease aside, and parked the car. I still wish I hadn’t: those precious ten minutes were just enough time for the storm to hit, the bridge to freeze, and a car without its lights on – one that otherwise would have been behind me – to sail by unnoticed. I plowed right into it.

So you have that nagging not-quite-right feeling in your gut – or butterflies, even. Now what? First, think about all the little things you might have forgotten to do. Try not to let your mind start racing with nightmarish theories about everything that could go wrong. If you still can’t shake this feeling, you’re in full-blown premonition mode.

Many clients call when they have “that feeling,” in hopes of finding out what it means. One client’s unease had to do with her mother, who had fallen and broken her hip. It isn’t unusual for me to confirm or deny a feeling regarding a cheating lover or a spouse during a reading, either. But remember: not every premonition will manifest or be revealed – because we all have the opportunity to avert danger if we trust the advice that comes from our gut.

Speaking of trust, and as difficult as it may be, don’t let your thoughts and theories lead you astray. All the mental explorations of looming disaster are more likely to make your sense of uneasiness grow out of proportion. Allow yourself to go through a quick mental checklist of what this feeling might mean – but if nothing rings true in your mind and body, you’ll want to trust your intuition to guide you through anything you may need to face.

Your feeling could mean something, or it might turn out to be absolutely nothing – but it would be wise to pay closer attention as you go about the day. Sometimes the strangest triggers can turn a premonition into something more, but obsessing typically isn’t one of them – because your logical mind gets in the way. Random thoughts may make more sense, or patterns may start to appear. Or, you may have completely forgotten about your sense of distress, when… Eureka! – the answer becomes clear.

More than a feeling
Although a premonition starts out as just a feeling, it often turns into a sense of knowing – even if you don’t understand why. Random thoughts may not feel so random, or patterns may emerge. These little things are what you need to pay attention to – let your intuition be your guide.

For some people, these psychic flashes are fleeting moments – possibly few and far between. Just remember that premonitions don’t happen so as to stress us out. They are there to keep us healthy, wealthy, and wise. And the best thing to do at all times, is to pay attention. It’s that simple.

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2 thoughts on “Premonitions

  1. sabrina wingo

    i have been having seeing thoughts that would just pop in my mind about my soon to be ex-husband for a few weeks now 2 people come to my door one is a policeman and the other is someone i dont know telling me he was in a accident and died this is before our divorce is final i have no ill will against him i dont want nothing bad to happen to him this comes to me if i am wacthing tv or cleaning i am not thinking about him at all i told my mom about it a couple days ago and she told me she was doing the same thing but she didnt tell me anything she was going to keep it to herself i see my mom just about everyday and talk to her on the phone 2 to 3 times a day if you can help me try to figure this uot it would be very well appreciated i have never had this type of thoughts come to me before. sabrina

  2. Ambie

    This is really helpful..but i do have a question. what if you have this “random” feeling of anxiety, and then something pops into your head such as “pregnant.” See this happened to me of course, but the thing is… my friend just had a baby and that could trigger me into thinking that. im on birth control (i suck at taking it on time) and we didnt use a condom the last couple times …so yes it could happen…but that would just be odd. i can’t get the thought out of my head though. Id like to figure out what my premonition really means.


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