Red Responds: Destiny Insights

Julie in Los Angeles writes:

I want to know where my career is going. My passion is photography but I have a stable, well-paying job in design. I’m not sure how long I can take a lifestyle of “9-5” living. I want more freedom to pursue my art and am not sure I should still be in Los Angeles. To top it off, I’m single and really unsure about when I will meet someone significant. Can you give me some insight? Thanks.

Dear Julie,

That’s three questions.

1) Your current position is very stable and there is growth opportunity for you where you are at. For the success that this career offers you, the price is a 9-5 life. While this may not be what you idealistically want, you are not looking for ways to change it. That is an opportunity you would have to create for yourself – it’s not just going to fall into your lap.

If you intend to keep paying the bills, you need to create the time to pursue your art. While you could possibly manage to maintain your obligations for a couple of months if that was all you did, building your business is going to take more time than your finances allow. If photography is truly your passion, then run with it in the time you can make available. Look at it as a hobby that can become profitable, and grow into a career. Think big, but start small. And, yes, you will get work – even if it is some of those, “boring, un-artistic” jobs. Those checks can be cashed, and those assignments build a portfolio.

2) The day will come when you leave California. Right now, the energy level of your location does come through as a bit stagnant, but not quite at the ending point. Oddly enough, when the time does come, it looks as if you are migrating East, until you eventually settle somewhere in upstate New York. This whole process is going to create some chaos in your life, but you will handle it. Just remember: You can’t put a price tag on experience. I see you in New York in roughly 4 years.

3) Because your career path is where you really need to focus your energy, your love life isn’t looking like the happiest road at the moment. I do see you will have some brief connections, but you’re not quite going to find the love and lover you are looking for any time soon. Once you have established yourself professionally, created the life you dream of, and seem to be pretty content, love will find you. Not to worry, it will be worth the wait!

Sometimes life really is what you make it. So, make a plan and go for it!

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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