Breaking up isn’t about one thing!


One thing I have noticed being a professional reader for almost two decades, is that there are a lot of patterns with people and relationships.

Interestingly enough, there will be issues that have patterns even around the globe, not just here in the states. Believe it or not, break up sin romantic relationships are never usually about just one thing.

There are so many times a caller will ask the big question, “Why did they break up over this one fight?” Using that question as points for departure to begin to channel into “why,” will nine times out of ten reveal in the reading that it was not just the one fight, or the one misunderstanding but, a series of events that actually lead to this breaking point.

One excellent thing about getting a reading is to understand why exactly someone jumped ship not only for clarity, but in order to see what chain of events got a person to this actual shake up. However, most of the time, as I begin to channel the major stressors of the relationship before the break up occurred, the caller will begin to make the connections, and this, as result, can help understand where this person who decided to end the relationship was coming from.

This discovery period is imperative because it sheds knowledge on what did not work with this person who ended things. Additionally, what is fantastic about getting a reading on this subject is it creates better relationship understanding, whether you want to get back together with a person in order to try again, or, you go into a new relationship with more awareness and new things to watch out for. Yet, it usually never fails, as we begin to take inventory of the relationship in the reading, my guides will point out the other issues that lead to the breaking point.

My clients have had a lot of success paying attention in these types of readings, because it appears that more than 70% of my callers will receive a second chance in order to either get the closure they need from the breakup or a new beginning to start over with the same person. Nevertheless, what they learned in their breakup reading, will give them the tools to succeed better, no matter what choices and opportunities they have in future relationships. However, part of the success is identifying that it was never just one thing that caused the break up.

In summary, being aware of the other factors that lead to the break up is part of the key to future success in personal relationships. Therefore, I believe most readers would agree that breakups are usually never about just one thing. What thoughts come to your mind reading this? I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you very much.
Miss Krystal

37 thoughts on “Breaking up isn’t about one thing!

  1. Michele

    I since a warm and sunny day tomorrow and for you my dear, I think you slhuod go outside and play because you will be filled with warmth and love today!

  2. dangerous

    well i know where your coming from its happening to me and i broke up with my man cause he hates 4th of july and didnt want to spend time with me and my family i asked him to join he said no its stupid and the thing i broke up with is he never wanted to have kids he said its not for me and thats what i wanted is to have kids and he lives with his dad and he 29 years old and im 20 i dont know if i did the right thing to break it up .

  3. sad

    I am an Aries 36, he is a Scorpio 30…from what I read we will never have a happy medium, am i wasting my time? Why do I love him soooo much but yet feel he is not right for me???? I want to be with him, but when I am, his selfishness is extremely hurtful. EX1: going to dinner, offer to take my vehicle cause I gotta stop & put gas in, he chooses his vehicle cause he doesn’t want to put gas in, he’s cold and he has already gone once…my thought is “so, i am paying and a gentleman would offer EX2: he knows it is valentine’s, but he will not say “happy valentine’s day” to me, cause he thinks it is a stupid holiday but he wants me to spend the day with him and accepts my chocolates and card lots of little things like this don’t know how much more i can take please help!

  4. Giselle

    Are Leo’s and Aries people similar? My fiance is an Aries and I’m a Virgo. I’m new to this astrology thing. But I’m just curious. The two sound so similar. I know I’m an earth sign and he’s a fire sign, is that a bad thing??

  5. Giselle

    Reading your post on here actually gives me a feeling of impending doom. I’m involved with a man who lives about 5000 miles away, we believe we’re soul mates and he wants to marry me and adopt my 6yr old boy, we’ve been together for about 8 months now, we met online. It’s been my fear too that lonliness and isolation will end us. Gosh I feel for you. I’ve been cheated on twice before so I’m afraid all this distance will eventually be too much for him. How do you get over it when you meet the one true person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but because of circumstances they leave you? Long distance relationships are very hard indeed! Good luck!

  6. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I think down there in the heartland, you two (you and kathy) are meant to be friends. Did it dawn on you how much you have in common? Look how things have brought you two together? I am glad to see that in a breaking up discussion, you two united. Some of my closest friends and people are gemini’s. I miss my gemini aunt so much. I think Leo women and Gemini women are a good buddy connection. I am glad you two found each other. It’s kinda neat, ya know? Us Leo’s love having friends, we need our gal pals.
    Miss Krystal

  7. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    cyber hugs and total blessings for you dear Abigail!!
    I am glad your son moved on. I feel a better fit for him. She was not even that nice to him, was she? He is just too sweet for her!
    He is listening to you, too. I can see him soak up all of your psychic advice…
    You told him good!
    Lucky son! Cheers, Miss Krystal

  8. Abigail Ext 9570

    Right now he’s just looking and BOY am I glad he moved on. I would not want to be monster -in – law. LOL I want him to find the right girl for him so he can have his own family this the kid who loves kids and animals.
    Cyber Hugs & Blessings

  9. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    he is adorable, abigail. you have been blessed. he is already dating someone new, playing the field? he will find a wonderful girl. he has a lot to offer and i am glad he moved on. hugs,
    miss krystal

  10. Abigail Ext 9570

    Oh Miss Krystal you hit it he’s the Lion King! He’s really a handsome young man too. They use to call him the babe magnet in High School LOL. I told him back then I was to young to be a grammie.

  11. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Anyone out there that suffered over a break up but was glad later on?
    Years ago, I had a broken engagement. Wedding set, ring, everything.
    I ended being so grateful because I found a better, stronger and more peaceful person, more suitable for me. I am so glad I did not marry that other guy. Yet, a very close friend of mine, had a big break up, but then came back together with the guy, and they are truly happy. Every situation is different. Different people, different situations. Thanks, Miss Krystal

  12. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Yes, Abigail. See, perfect point!! People can destroy relationships! There is a lot of different scenarios. She did not deserve your son! He will meet someone else with more of an independent personality. And he will appreciate it! Sounds like she wanted to put the Lion King in a cage! Nobody wants to be put in a cage or fenced in.
    I so appreciate you sharing this with us. It’s interesting how parents witness their kids hardships in relationships. I have spoke to some mothers who almost feel like their daughters boyfriends dumped them! Anyone have that?
    Great points, Abigail. Thanks! Miss Krystal

  13. Abigail Ext 9570

    Hehehe Miss Krystal some of my clients call me Abbey LOL. So in tune you are!Yes my son had a major break-up and I actually had to move him here in January to get away from her so he could get a new start. He with his big Leo heart feeling like he was responsible for her. She was actually 10 yrs older bad relationship behavior all around. Co-dependancy big time. My mother called and said I have your son with me we moved him out he’s doing fine. Now this was the last retrograde Ha! Then I got a call she moved him back threated to do all kinds of ridiculous stuff. Then I called and told him he deserved to be happy and she would not do the threats that it was emotional blackmail. Grandma went and got him again the next morning this time she took all his belongings to be mailed to California immediately after she picked him up. Called me and said book a flight for him in the morning I’m sending him out. It’s Grammies gone wild LOL Anywho we have had many talks about this since he arrived about what is healthy in relationships. Controlling, clingy, jealous, abusive is not acceptable. He’s doing great now the California cuties are checking him out.

  14. Miss Krystal

    Dear Abbey (abigail lol always wanted to write that hehe) –
    Your son has had a break up, in the last year? What did he learn? What did you teach him ? And did he realize it was not JUST ONE THING?
    Please share with us. This is also good for all of the mothers out there who have to deal with future breakups of their children. I look forward to receiving your answer. Thank you. Miss Krystal

  15. Abigail Ext 9570

    Exactly correct he’s finally getting that concept anger or acting on raw emotion gets you in trouble now I hope it rubs off on the youngest!He’s a Virgo. I learned that one too now that I’m a big cat still can’t be put in a corner though LOL

  16. Miss Krystal

    Thank you, Abigail. Your son sounds like a sweetie, teach him not to make moves when he is angry (I am sure already do), most Leo’s regret taking action, later on, due to their anger. I have taught a lot of fixed signs like Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, especially, to take a breather and a time out when anger strikes. It appears these three signs tend to not handle anger well, so it’s best to cool off if you are one of these signs, most definitely. And the same goes for anybody, not just the signs mentioned above…..If you are angry then step back and, you will be glad you did. You will also cool off much quicker. I have worked with a lot of folks who have learned when and how to act, when anger strikes. I am sure there are a lot of people, not just Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, that have had anger mess things up in their relationships. It’s better to say nothing at all then to react with anger.
    Thanks! Miss Krystal

  17. Abigail Ext9570

    Ok now I know I’m surrounded LOL I just did my oldest boys chart I found a site where I could do this and he is a double Leo. Sun & Moon so double trouble. He’s a a handsome boy but look out he’s a scrapper. He says Mom I think I was a gladiator in a past life I just laugh because I want him to experinece his own journey in a past life regression. Very protective of me. He had this name listed on his cell address book and I said who’s MaMa Dukes he said you ! Ha boys will be boys its amazing I just realized he’ll be 28 this July Yikes!

  18. Miss Krystal

    Wow Abigail, sounds like the Lion family.
    A long time ago another Leo woman asked me to go the Lions club for the annual Leo group birthday celebration(in the middle of august). I could not go. She never spoke to me again lol Leo’s definitely do not like to be rejected. I think that is where the grudges truly begin.
    Miss Krystal

  19. kathy

    That explains alot about your dilema, browneyes! I have been fascinated with astrology for a very long time. When reading the description of Leo it makes me laugh because I clearly fit the description, as does the man I speak of. One thing I will tell you about us, as big a pain in the behind as we can be, we can be even more wonderful.When we love, we love big!! I’m sure you have learned that as well, hence the heart ache. You are exactly correct about our fear of rejection, it’s no small thing. It must go along with all the pride we have. One thing I have learned is that patience is a very big thing, pressure never works with him and patience is something that I have little or none of. I guess that is my life lesson in all of this. I wish you all the best! I hope that things work out just as you would like!

  20. Abigail Ex 9570

    OH Oh now I have to respond my moon is in Leo, my dad is a Leo, my oldest son is a Leo, my grandmother was a Leo, my mother-in-law was a Leo and my best friend is a Leo. Which is hysterical because she was my mentor although she is not into astrology she would ask are you sure your not a Leo? She said that I acted like a Leo. Later I told her when I had my chart done it was the Leo moon she picked up. Now talk about stubborn, loving, good hearted, lots of hair and can be the life of the party. They like their manes patted for sure. Their feelings are easily hurt and they will hold a grudge so be careful ….Roar oh yea good actors too LOL

  21. browneyes

    So funny you should mention a “rush”. That is exactly what the man I ask about is looking for. He always said “I am looking for a feeling”, lol. He doesnt realize the comfort he felt with me was the real thing. I just had to comment about that because it was so funny that you said something about it. You must be psychic Miss Krystal. You read my mind, lol. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Miss Krystal

    People need to be reasonable with relationships. The ones who always expect to feel a “rush” are the ones who do not get it. People who want successful relationships need to realize that not every day is going to be a wonderful one with your partner. And here in LALA land, where there is a beauty and hunk on every corner, the ones who question their relationship because they find themselves attracted to a stranger, and think this is a “sign” that they are not satisfied, never really “got it” yet, either. Thanks, Miss Krystal

  23. browneyes

    Leo, the lion!!!!! That is the sign of the man I always ask about and until I started visiting this site and talking to the readers here, I never knew just how accurate the description of Leo really is. This man I was involved with is classic. Stubborn, has to have his own way most of the time, he acts like the roaring lion and is very opinionated. A total a** sometime but a lovable a**, lol. Loves to be in charge. But at the same time he is insecure and fears rejection and making the same mistakes again. So funny how our astrological signs describe us so well.
    And to Kathy, I totally understand the breaking up over silly issues. It seems that my breakup was unwarranted also but I unfortunately havent had the second chance with this man so far. I hope I do someday. If lessons were to be learned, I hope they sink in fast and let he and I be together as I feel we should be. Good luck Kathy.

  24. kathy

    Very true about us Leo’s! Some great points I hadn’t thought of. I have to admit the Leo man involved, as well as myself, have had some cowardly moments for sure.
    I totally agree with the statement that breaking up shows our hearts to try again, sometimes. In our case, I have seen huge changes in the gentleman I am speaking of each time we have reconnected. Acknowleges the error in his ways, etc. and usually makes an effort to get things on the right track. Unfortunately, it has happened many times. One of these times I fear we will never be able to make the reconnection. It’s a very sad thing because most of our partings are over really silly things. But I guess as was mentioned early on, it isn’t that one thing that throws a wrench into things it is things held inside, never communicated properly which leads to an explosion.
    I don’t blame him entirely. I’ve been told there are lessons for me to learn. It was pretty amazing, one night when I was home alone I heard a voice very clearly say, “it wasn’t all this fault”. I believe that was my answer to the lesson because it troubled me for some time because I wanted so badly to learn the lesson necessary. If he and I can’t make this work, I will have to move on and I certainly do not want history to repeat itself.
    Thank you everyone for your input!

  25. Miss Krystal

    To everyone in this forum:
    I think you all are pointing out excellent points and future possibilities.
    It appears this has brought up issues about the sign, Leo.
    Being a Leo myself, I know how being rejected can feel. We have a great astrologer and psychic on this line, Marty. And Marty told me that I am a different type of Leo, because my moon is in Scorpio (which another one of our great astrologers, Joseph said this is where my clairvoyance and ability to connect with the other side comes from).
    Moreover, just like the Lion in the wizard of oz, us Leo’s can have moments of cowardly behavior, it is one of our antipathies.
    I have noticed Leo men are different than Leo women. Actually, he is the King of the Jungle, and we know that the King has more “say so” in many ways, versus the queen. Yet, in the animal kingdom, we still see the Lioness hunt for food for her family, as she lets her King Lion roam and do whatever he needs to do. Food for thought? lol
    I can relate to the Lion in the wizard of OZ. It seems like our challenge is when people try to test our Leo courage and inner strength. And do not forget, the Lion likes to hibernate and can fall into cycles of the lazy and lounging lion!
    On another note, I agree with Abigail. It’s too bad sometimes we have to break up and suffer, but sometimes it is exactly that, that shows our hearts that we need to go back and try this again. Both parties of course have to be ready.
    Thank you Kathy for very kind remarks. You also made some great points.
    Very Truly Yours,
    Miss Krystal

  26. browneyes

    Thank you fairylove, Miss Krystal and others that have responded to me. Yes, I have been told to nurture myself and do things that make me happy. I try but I still have days that when I see other people in a relationship and so happy, it really makes me sad even though I am very happy for them. I used to think I was strong but now I feel really weak with all of this on me. I try to move on but have a fear that if I really let go, he will be gone forever. I guess that would be better than this though.
    Today is a new day and I will truly try to make it a good one. Thank you for your support and please know that I listen to others here as well as complain about my own problems. I hope I can help someone here too. Have a wonderful day all.

  27. believerfairylove

    Dear browneyes…I know your frustration, I am living it.
    Th first thing I feel most inclined to say to you is…please stay aware that you are beating yourself up over the “disagreement” you and your gentleman friend last had. Let’s face it, if a man is really ready to settle down, a “little disagreement” or “distance” isn’t going to stop him. In my humble opinion, I don’t think he was ready at that time for the healthy, monogomous relationship you may have wanted – plain & simple.
    That is NOT your fault.
    Give him the time and space to grow (which it sounds like you are being forced to do anyway). For now, really focus on you. I’m sure you may have heard that a million times but really do it…nurture yourself, do things that make you happy. You deserve it!!
    You seem like a really sweet person, I wish you patience & strength during this tough time. Maybe when the time is right you will run into him…you just never know 🙂
    We are ALL behind you…

  28. Psychic Abigail

    Sometimes break-ups happen to make the relationship stronger. When change needs to happen the distance and time can heal emotional fears so the couple can step to the next level. Time and space allow for reflection. Getting clear even though the time apart is painful.
    Abigail Ex9570

  29. kathy

    Wow, I guess many of us could go on and on about this one. I was involved with a man that I loved more than I ever thought possible. We have been on and off for 3.5 yrs. Currently off! I have had readings and the feeling seems to be that he will be back again. I truly believe that he & have had many go rounds in lives past. I never knew much about all that, until him. Upon first meeting, I knew something was very different. The problem with he and I is communication, and we are both Leo – LOL! As was said earlier by Miss Krystal (I have had a couple readings with her and love her)we have had “conversations” via e-mail and I believe that has caused additional complications because so much can be misread. It sounds like many of us have had the same dilema. I guess the key is getting that face to face meeting. Although, with us wonderful Leo’s it is really difficult to get out of our own way. I too hope we can figure this out and enjoy a life together. I guess time will tell. Good luck to everyone, the heart ache is really killer.

  30. Miss Krystal

    hi browneyes. I was very happy to hear from you online today.
    Please follow the tips and suggestions as they will serve as springboards when you communicate with this person. Honestly, hun, I truly feel if you would have had this conversation, in person, it would have flipped in the direction you desired. some people use phones and emails to deal with their fear. as they know if they see your face, their real feelings will emerge and they will not be able to be as coarse as he was in text and phone. Keep the faith.
    Good vibrations, Miss Krystal ps THANK YOU! 🙂

  31. Miss Krystal

    Hello Gina Rose. I totally agree.
    I think a lot of people sabotage their relationships, which result in a break up, due to the fears and emotional junk inside of them. Instead of dealing and understanding their fears, they take it out on the relationship. No doubt, this is where a psychic reading can help break down those walls and show the light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers, Miss Krystal

  32. browneyes

    Thank you Miss Krystal for your advice here and in our talk on the phone. I have kicked myself repeatedly for having the little disagreement that he and I had on the phone that night. You may read what I wrote to Josepha after her comment. But since the breakup, I have thought so many times how easy it was for him to hang up on me and not have to listen to me. Even though he did talk to me about things later in that month and was very nice and never got ugly with me as I know he has with other women that he broke up with. But with the distance between us it made it easy for him to walk away.
    Thank you again for your advice and guidance and I pray that this works out. I am so tired of feeling this way. I just dont know how much longer I can hold on. I so wish I had longer to talk to you. And I do believe that if I could just run into him it would make a world of difference seeing him face to face.

  33. browneyes

    I never tried to have little fights with him at all. There was only one little tiff in which I knew he was being dishonest with me and I called him on it. But after 6 months in a relationship I think I deserved to be exclusive at least with this man. I didnt demand and commitment other than to give us a decent chance without other women being involved in some way.

  34. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Fear is a crippler of personal and Karmic growth… of the greatest gifts a psychic can give to a client is to help him/her overcome their fears and insecurities, whether it is with love issues or career issues.*****I’ve literally died twice and crossed over….this incarnation is way too short to waste it on fear and insecurity.Trust me, you will never get today back. Learn from your mistakes….break your patterns, and start new patterns of growth for YOU! It’s a big wonderful world out there ,filled with endless KARMIC oppurtunities… career and love. Don’t waste time with fear….Life is meant to be lived.
    As an example,over the 40 plus years I’ve been reading…I’ve read for many self-made millionaires who hailed from very poor backgrounds, who had the courage and audacity to overcome their fears,listen to their Karmic calling, walk their Karmic path….and make their desires a tangible reality. Gina Rose ext.9500

  35. Miss Krystal

    Thank you, Browneyes. And thank you Josepha.
    Joespha has raised great points.
    Please recall that long distance relationships require extra care.
    Further, we must always remember that living far away from a lover does put extra stress around the relationship. It is important to realize the dynamics, as they are quite different. Unfortunately, you are just a “delete” and “hangup” away. In other words, little fights are not good because it is not like you can drive down the street and knock at his door. Ahuh.
    I see that the phone break up indicates to me that this man was not ready to give you closure. Of course, seeing him face to face could change the tune of this situation. As a whole, always remember to be extra careful in long distance relationships. It is so easy to get hung up on or get your emails deleted.
    And they do not have to worry about facing you because you live far away.
    We need to be careful how we pick our battles. I think there are lessons here for some.
    Thanks, Miss Krystal

  36. Josepha

    I agree with this article our fears are usually what propells us forward or backwards in a relationship.I just want to add that our soul is much smarter then our intellect, it draws to us situations where growth can take place. So I would also examin why browneyes drew to her this situation of having little fights with him and the break up?
    Josepha at 5170

  37. browneyes

    Hi Miss Krystal, browneyes here again, lol. Your article makes my readings of the last 8 months come to mind. In almost every reading I have had, the psychic always tells me that the breakup I went through with the man I always ask about was almost without real basis. They say it doesnt make sense. They could see the good in the relationship and the intense passion and chemistry that was there. The only thing they ever picked up on was fear from him of commitment and of course straying on his part. Since there was no real commitment and there was a distance of 1500 miles between us in the last months of the relationship, I did understand to a point his loneliness and need for companionship. And of course the woman he saw after our breakup was only with him for a couple of months and the whole thing meant virtually nothing. I still hold on to the hope of getting another chance with him since I too could never see a reason for the breakup. And closure is very hard to attain after something like this and not being able to part face to face. A breakup over the phone and email is the hardest thing to get over. So I guess the only reasons my psychics and I could ever come up with was the distance, his fear, his past issues and his unrealistic fantasy of what love is as the reasons for the breakup. Just hoping he gets smart very soon.


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