Do You Know How Great You Are?

 Here’s What Really Makes You Great!

People look for signs to prove their greatness to themselves—to give themselves purpose, confidence and motivation. Some people mistakenly believe that money makes them great, as does the position of ruling over others. In reality, there is only one person that you are here to impress, and that person is you.

There are a lot of reasons to give yourself credit in life, and none is more important than the fact that you simply can’t accomplish anything great, unless you first believe you can. Don’t make the excuse for yourself that it is okay to fail at the things you want because you think you can’t accomplish them.

The next time you find yourself doubting your abilities, consider why you are great. If you can’t think of anything, here’s seven reasons to consider:

1. Because You Tried

Think about the last time you doubted your greatness. You probably had what seemed to be a good reason why you couldn’t take action. Were you too afraid, felt like you weren’t good enough or did you lack the skills to make the outcome favorable? Well, being great has nothing to do with the end result; however, it has everything to do with your effort.

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2. Because You Understand that Progress is Measured in Inches, Not Miles

If greatness were measured only by significant results, we would all be destined to fail. Every effort that is made towards your goal is progress, as it draws you one step closer to getting what it is that you want or love.

3. Because You Don’t Define Yourself by Your Past

You understand that life is not static, and therefore you are capable of change. You are not defined by your past, because freedom of choice gives you the opportunity to define your greatness through the actions you choose to do today. There is always the option for a fresh start, as long as you allow for it.

4. Because You Forgive Yourself

We all make mistakes, yet we often feel that it is our responsibility to punish ourselves for these moments. Punishment and shame are counterproductive to great people, which is why it’s better to spend your time and energy looking for solutions to your previous oversights.

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5. Because You Take into Account the Value of Life’s Little Pleasures

A good person recognizes the value in living a luxurious life. A great one can see beyond the luxuries, and find fulfillment in the happiness, encouragement and success of others. You already know that life is not about attaining one grand moment or gesture, but accumulating as many simple pleasures (sunsets, hobbies, etc.) as time will allow.

6. Because You Realize You Can Never be Entirely Ready for Anything

We live in a world of preparedness. However, the mere act of preparing yourself for life’s surprises is counterproductive, unless those acts of intellect also include a certain amount of action. We can learn from our mistakes, but first we must take action to uncover the weakness of our original thinking.

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7. Because You Choose to Invest in Yourself

Every time you pick up a book or get a reading with a psychic, you are learning new things about yourself. Investing in yourself is just as important as investing in others, as this gained knowledge will bring insight into who you are, and how you can develop more control over your own life.

40 thoughts on “Do You Know How Great You Are?

  1. nicole


  2. Mildred Brooks

    This is a great article, it really made me to know that I am a winner and not a looser. I became a single mother before any of my childred reached their 18th birthday, I guided them to be responsible adults.

  3. Cynthia

    This article has a way of breathing life back into a person if they so choose to take the words and apply feet to it. It takes a couple of reads…meaning make a copy and read it a few times until it becomes real to you. I understand totally what it feels like when the bottom of your world has fallen apart and you can’t see past the nose on your face.
    Sometimes it takes shutting off the outside world and listening to your own voice say YOU ARE GREAT. Thanks for the terrific reading and kudos for reminding me to remind myself I am a bottle of potential and a whole lot more.

  4. Trevor

    Sounds good and all but I am not sure if this includes me I do everything on there and still find something short maybe lack of belief or that I need to follow my instincts and see the best outcome

  5. snehalatavyas

    I read yourscript——Do you know How great you Are? & it overwhelmed me.How skillfully you explain it.PLZ give this type of subject more n more.

  6. snehalatavyas

    I read,your———–How great you are.this subject toomuch satisfied me.How skillfully you explain it,I overwhelmed. & I read it again n again.PLZ give this type of subject more n more .Thankyou

  7. taria

    I’m in love with a man that is in a relationship with someone eles. Do you think I need to look somewhere eles or tell him how I feel?

  8. marios

    all well said , DEFIN YOUR PURPOSE INLIFE , FOCUS BELIEVE EXPECT , dont quit but change direction if you have and do a better planning and pursue your GOALS !!!!!love mario

  9. marios

    Very well said , Iwould say people should read more and THINK more .there are many DON,T and little DO.S !I May say DEFINE your purpose in life EOCUS , BELIEVE, EXPECT and take ACTION, regardless of obstacles , be patient and purseu,don,t easily quit rather change DIRECTION and keep FOCUSING with a better planning

  10. margaret searles

    yes I do all I want to win come true for me from pch the van who is winner they come to your door I am person care about people I want to help them say in my dream wish come true new house and help breast cancer and help children hotipal why so simple maybe they don’t want nothing to me I am handcapi deaf 1 ear I was born with and wearing hearing aids right ear all my life deaf on left one I wish I was normal like all people can hear but never goingto happen I don’t have4 any friends because I am deaf please god in my sole heart make me win pch all I ask for u think I might win all like u write back to me ty

  11. Linda

    thanks for the support today of all days I needed to hear this. Of all the days for this message to appear today was the one it was most needed. Thanks again

  12. robert j. ramirez

    I’ve been looking for a job for 2 years my x boss told me via email that he was working on placing me on a job in the company he is working in. Will he be calling me soon ?

  13. Pamela

    So true! as an Aquarius-Pisces, in my mind, I have beat myself up constantly for my past mistakes. Now I am taking a tip from my Cancerian niece-who says what is it really going to matter 5-10 years from now? I have a lot of both Leo and Scorpio in me, and my faith in God gives me the will to keep on keeping on. This year has been a definitive turning point in my life-letting go of all the hurt and toxicity of certain friendships in my life. I know that 2014 will be even better because I know now I am good, and I can make it. Thank you for your most informative and insightful article.

  14. Anthony

    I really need so help my life is falling apart can’t find work to start with my wife has left me and I don’t get to see my children that much because of finances I need to know if things are gonna turn around for me ready to give up completely

  15. Rolando Siller

    Hello, My name is Rolando I’ve been receiving free emails from you guys.
    I love to read them they give me hope and wisdom. Thank you very much. Strength courage honor. Live and let live

  16. Ajay

    Thanks for giving me a time to do my reading and all for your hard work for me, I really appereciate, But i have different views for life’s ups and down. I believe in God and my own karma. And now the time comes to pay me fruitful results and no body can stop this accept God, And i welcome this time to come. But i must say that you are a beautiful woman with heart also, Which i was looking from a long time. Thanks, Yours truly Ajay

  17. jeannie

    hope you cn really answer my quation not what i want to here i would like to know if i will fine the person who will be in my life for ever soon and if it the peron i have the sweets on or someone eles
    thanks jeannie

  18. beverley coote

    I thank you I am really feeling great but one thing I am lacking I want to meet the right man to share my life with is this still possible smile.

  19. t. r.

    You have a-lot of truth in your reading hear. But do you know anything about how to repare or fix or line up the chacra ? this would be a great help to me. thanks .

  20. Dorla King

    I am Writing to you because I do not have a job my one special goals is to get in to a nice office environment but I am having such a very hard time my last interview went find until they question my education I have little education some college and I have my high school diploma I do not know why is it people in this world treat others so poorly I have vast work experience working in administrative and clerical my resume is not shabby its is up to date I put my resume out there every day of the week for all to see and per-hops I will get hired I have 3 bankers box to show how much job I have apply to and yet I have not got any more interview from any source I always want administrative or clerical because its is best for me .I have so much bad luck connect to the wright job I am 56 years old my age should not be a problems for anyone to see I am cable of doing the job my education is perfect I do not have a college degree but I can read write add count I went to Austin community college and I study administrative I got a certificate I continued my education and take class in computer software then I take class in data entry I got my high school diploma from Austin community college in 1998 all this training and education is on my resume and still I have not able to connect with the wright person for a job the last interview was with a company recruiting from California the job was in Austin TX my home town I wanted that job so bad it only pay 11.28 and hour but I was willing to accept the little they were offering they send me attachment in my email to fill out I fill out 25 pages of information about my self they ask a lot of question about my education want to know the street the school is on so they can check they even check my credit they had me notarized my I-9 form which I never did before I work for state federal and county job in the pass and they never question my ability to do the job or my credit or my education embarrass I felt that I did not deserve the job they were offering me it they question my credit I gave up I told them I did not want the job it was too much information they wanted from me I know I do have that much of a education but I am smart and I went to school and I takes classes I feel rejected that they wanted so much information out of me and now I am right back where I have started in retail where I do not want to be I am 56 years old I am a mother not a grant mother I am trying to do something good for my self I never have the opportunity to have a career because I am was raising my child but in the pass I work in several office environment that I equipped my time my and my ability to learn and put my effort in each job function. and be at work on time every day why is things so difficult now I am not incompetent why am I getting treated so poorly there are people out there that say they have degree and they hire them and they cannot do the job this position I was going to take do not need a college degree it just take common sense. at 18yers could have done that job I got interview for 1 week ago I feel so depress that I cannot accomplish nothing the job market is very hard they want to much information I got scared that when I apply they will see I do have much of a education and this is one of my biggest problems I do not want to go back to retail I try that its very hard I wanted a sit down job now I wanted to work until I am at least 65yr .I just wanted to be in a better path of life a better work environment I have no money and no job when is this dark cloud going to lift from around me when.I am a good person a good human been.

    Thank You
    Dorla King

  21. patricia chico

    i reported a teacher for abusing a student lost a job due to misdiagnosis whole life peope call me dumbreconditions, husband of 12 yr eight years in told me he had a child and wife before me i have tried to stay pos i have a few great coworkers no money to call you none i am sick and am allergic to all medication have seizures i am christian i have a greatchild i cannot afford to buy him clothes and things yet god is somehow providing but i am weak and tired o i was also molested before i was adopted. if you can truly help but doubt it. I have a very few friends and a job i make nine dollars.have a mom who has no money i cannot take care of her her husband has pancreatic cancer. all i have is hope god will bless me sometime with finances to help


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