Keeping Your Eyes On The Signs

I have always been a huge believer in signs. I can still remember watching the Matthew Perry movie, Fools Rush In, and connecting with all the signs that were portrayed throughout the film. Selma Hyak’s character is Catholic. She is always telling Perry about the different signs that are all around, all the time. You just have to open your eyes a little wider to see them.

According to Psychic Giovanna, “When we’re on the right path and moving forward, things seem to fall into place with new opportunities presenting themselves to us in a myriad of ways.” For me, this came true recently as I was facing some huge life decisions.

In September, I decided to visit New York City for the first time. As soon as I made my way out of the airport, the city smell of New York hit my nose … and I was in love. From that moment on I screamed from the highest mountain top, “I’m moving to New York!” There was nothing that could stop me … or so I thought.

I worked from the end of September to the middle of December, orchestrating all sorts of plans to get me to the big city. For starters, I had the perfect roommate situation falling into place. My friends John and Kate (no plus 8), my boyfriend and I, were all going to share a three bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. I searched for hours per day trying to find the perfect spot. Since my boyfriend and I would be sharing a room, it cut the cost of rent in half. Who says New York City has to be expensive? You just have to know how to do it right (and be comfortable sharing a closet sized space with your boyfriend and a dog). I was ready! But no one else seemed to be. It turns out my friend John has a bad habit of agreeing to unrealistic plans and then backing out at the last minute. And that he did. I wasn’t discouraged though. My heart said, “You belong in New York,” so I just tried even harder.

I left John in the dust and went on to set up several meetings with brokers to find a two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Kate was scheduled to visit new York the second week of December to help nail down a place. My lease on my apartment in Florida was up on December 31st, so it was the perfect opportunity to make a smooth transition to the city. One problem … Kate got cold feet. Two weeks before I was supposed to be U-Hauling my life to New York, almost everyone had backed out. Though I was beginning to feel discouraged I wouldn’t let it show. “She’s missing out,” I told myself.

I held my head high and went on to locate my own one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. With half of the supposed rent gone, I ran into some problems. New York’s expensive reputation was proving itself to be true and everything I looked at was too pricey — something I was not prepared for. Craigslist had plenty of ads for subleases, so I thought that would be my best bet at this point. “Just make it there, and something will happen,” I thought. I found the perfect one month sublease just a block away from the Empire State Building. Only $1000, utilities included. I sent my friend, who lives in the city, to go see the place and after she approved it, we were ready to get moving.

Another disappointment … the place ended up being a fraud and the guy demanded we overnight him all of the money without signing any papers or giving us a key. “This is how we do things in New York,” he told me. I wasn’t born yesterday. I took a few steps back and looked at the big picture that sat before me. What was the meaning behind all these obstacles? Were all of these pointing me in a different direction? I came to the realization that these were significant signs. I wanted to live in the city so bad, I was blinded by desire and came close to loosing $1000!

That winter I took some time off to spend with my family. As we celebrated the holidays and enjoyed January by the fireplace together, I smiled as I heard New York was getting their second huge snow storm of the year. Someone, somewhere, didn’t think New York was in my best interest. And I’ve been enjoying the west coast weather ever since!

2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Eyes On The Signs

  1. sherrie hunter

    This isn’t related to NYC as I live in Upstate NY. But it is a story of signs! I was very sick w/back pain. I need surgery but I was getting the run around w/Drs. in the city of Rochester. I had Drs. tell me it was all in my head, people have pain in their back as they get older , etc. I had found a surgeon in Buffalo 2hrs away and had heard good things about him. So I went to see him , this was 3yrs ago. Well he had given me all the tests and said I was in bad shape. But, I would need to come up w/ $1200.00 as he didn’t participate in one of my insurances. So I would have to pay 20% of his fee. Well 3yrs later and not being able to come up with the money as I am on disability , and 3 other opinions from other surgeons. One told me nothing wrong old age, one took up 20 min of my appointment criticizing my Buffalo surgeon for not doing my surgery and asking me for the money! So I was so much in pain I had a hospital bed in my living room all this time, I could barely walk and I said I have to go back to Buffalo and work out something with my surgeon there! I got a new MRI and my bf drove me.Along the way I asked for a sign from my Angels, Spirit guardians, anyone please give me a sign I was doing the right thing! I was looking out the window of the car and I saw a black ornament on a white house of ducks! That was strange because my grandfather who has passed on had a white house w/ornament just like that on his house by the lake! Well ok but was that a sign or was it coincident? We drove on and there in the front lawn of another house was a tractor that was the same as his I used to ride on it as he worked on his 3 acre farm! Well now that was too coincidental and I dont believe in coincidents.. We finally got to the Dr’s. I went into his office and he looked at my MRI and said you are in bad shape , can puncture my kidney, bowels and also could be paralyzed its so bad!Before I could say anything about money, he told me that there was a study going on about a new disc replacement unit and said I would qualify for it! The cost would be O!! I broke down and cried. I was going to get my surgery! When we drove back home the tractor was gone and I didn’t see the house w/the ornament either! Well today is 7wks after my surgery ! I had one disc replaced and 4others decompressed! I am healing and feel great ! When I went to my 6wk check up I did see the tractor on the side of the house covered up. Still no house w/ornament! I have always believed in signs and will never doubt when I call on my Angels and spirit guides and those who look over me! I know my grandpa will not leave my side until he knows I will be ok! Thank you for letting me share my story. May God Bless you all! Huntermoon.

  2. tina Wedlake

    Hi !
    On jan.28th, I went to NYC, and the only sign that stopped me from going, was the banker who opened my account,sent my card to the wrong address,thus preventing me from going on the date I originally wanted to go: Jan. 20th. I went to NYC to say good-bye to the late Heath Ledger,and to pay my respects. I had no desire to move to NYC, but in my daydreams,I do live there,and I am sitting in an outdoor cafe,sipping a latte,and speaking to my best friend,Amy,who is an actress. Sitting at the table behind me, is the late Heath Ledger,and his rapper friend, NFA. I am going on and on about how I will never remarry, because I am too picky,and that I have yet to fall in love,and that “he isn’t out there.” Both Amy and heath share a wink,and I turn to see whom Amy is winking at,and I meet Heath. Nice little daydream,and NYC is a great place to visit, but I do not want to live there ! Thank you for this article about signs. I am not meant to be a screenwriter,either: 35 rejection letters from agents,and I gave up. 🙂
    Have a great day, and thank you for posting this much-needed article.


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