Date and Love a Taurus

dating a taurus

The No-Bull Bull

The most effective way to attract the Bull’s attention is to just be yourself. If you’re putting on a show, or if Taurus feels you’re just full of bull, they won’t have much to do with you. They prefer to spend their time with similar souls who are as down-to-earth as they are, and people who share similar interests. They want a genuine experience that will hopefully stand the test of time.

Stubbornness or Determination

Taureans sometimes have a bad reputation for being bull-headed and stubborn, but that’s not exactly true. Anyone can be stubborn at times, but the Bull’s genuine nature is that of someone who is rather more flexible than some would believe.

With Venus as their ruler, Taureans do like nice things, but they are perfectly able to adapt to their current circumstances. That doesn’t mean, however, that they will stop there. One thing about the bull, they have an abundance of determination when it comes to bettering their lives and the lives of those they love. Still, Taurus knows that the true treasures of life are the ones that are free, such as loyalty, stability and lasting love.

“Know that within your spiritual core you deserve abundance. Stay away from people who say otherwise. Take real action to make your goals happen. If you’re thinking about, but not taking steps in the direction of abundance, you’ll usually end up disappointed.” – William ext. 5131

Date a Taurus

When you date a Taurus, you may spend quite a bit of time cuddling on the couch. You can get them to go out with minimal prodding, and they will likely enjoy themselves. They do enjoy splurging on fine restaurants and gifts, if they can afford it, and often, ambitious and hard-working as they are, they can. But when the evening is through they look forward to getting back to the familiarity of home sweet home.

Love a Taurus

If you love a Taurus and you both have a lot in common, then you can be pretty sure your love will last. If you and a Taurus found love, it is possible that the relationship moved rather slowly to this point. Taureans like to take their time, allowing closeness to grow deeper over time, and it will. Most likely, they want to be sure that you are committed and comfortable with the idea of together forever.

The Bull is generous with big hugs and shows of affection. You will also find them to be very sensuous, almost intuitive lovers. They seek not only a physical connection but a magical one, where your minds, bodies and souls embrace. It is because of their deep need to feel loved and give love in return that you will often see a Taurus in a committed relationship with another Earth sign, a Water sign, or someone who has lot of those elements in their chart. Dating and loving a Taurus is not for the party girl or boy, so kick off your dancing shoes if you want to snuggle up with your romantic Taurus.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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56 thoughts on “Date and Love a Taurus

  1. shadow

    ps this guy is in love with himself. His money is the most important thing in the world to him, then comes his siblings, friends, etc., he talks about old girlfriends from decades past all the time, how his “momma” and sisters took care of him because he was sickly as a kid, is controlling, abusive – physically, mentally and emotionally – to not only me but to our son (now and adult and can’t stand his father), thinks he is so smart (he graduated HS at 31 because of me!), knows everything, thinks he should have the last word and everyone should listen to his all-knowing advice, love to PREACH about things he know little or nothing about complete with the hand in the air! all he needs is a pulpit!, is wonderful to outsiders – friends, neighbors, etc. – but the opposite inside our house, dominating – guess I’ve said enough! I am a true Aries! I have been under his control long enough! I am letting the “Ram” loose and she’s going out on her own. Wish me luck. Better yet wish him luck – he’s 9 years older! I at least have time left to have peace or if meant to, find someone else who will give me what I have given him and never received.

  2. shadow

    been married to a Taurus for 45 years and none of what you said fits him! I’m an Aries and I love cuddles and affection. my Taurus is the opposite! not affectionate at all. I’m in the beginning process of leaving him. Had enough of his selfish, misogynistic ways! so I guess your astrology advice for Taurus hit wrong here.

  3. angelestes23

    been married to a Taurus now for a year , very mysterious, moody, always on the go, private, ninfo… very controlling and contradicting… never know what tomorrow will bring.

  4. Lisa

    I was married to a Taurus and I am an aquarius. We are now seperated because he cheated. I still love him and sacrificed so much for this man you wouldn’t believe. By nature Aquarius is a very tolerant and patient sign, and that is probably why we lasted so long. Taurus’s have a way of making you feel like the only woman on earth and they can treat you very well. But they are also very needy emotionally and very demanding sexually. The require too much attention and if you don’t give it to them they will stray. Nevermind if you have other demands on you like children, work or school. They demaind to be first in your life. My ex is now living and mooching off some other female. Good riddins, Taurus’s are too much work.

  5. Jen

    Thanks to the planet Venus, a Taurus man looks like Prince Charming. But after dating two of them and lusting over two more, I got a glimpse behind this facade. The truth is I don’t think I like what I see. Then again, there is no perfect man. So when Prince Charming turns into the Prince of Darkness, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Unfortunately, as an Aries with Mars in Taurus, I can’t help lusting after these men. And with their slow approach to love, they really know how to test my patience. But if it’s meant to be I’m hoping this will make it last. I haven’t had luck with long term relationships.

  6. sagscorpio

    I am a sag scorpio cusp and I have never been attracted to any sign as much as I am to a taurus. I can’t even explain my respect and love and attraction to a taurus man. The intensity just being in the presence of him blows my mind away. He has a gf so I keep my distance. All I got to do is look into those eyes or sit next to him n my heart skips a beat. It sounds ridiculous. I’m so afraid of losing that beautiful feeling I have with him. We good friends and talk a lot. I had to pull myself away from him because I’m scared of my feelings towards him. We fascinate each other and have this out standing condition. He is beautiful. His heart is. His gf is very lucky. I wish I could love him and cuddle with him infront of the television each night. Iv never kissed him before. If I did. I think I would cry

  7. Gemini

    I think taurus men r assholes and thy cheat alot, thy r mean,rude and unfaithful I cnt stand them at all.

  8. Quinine

    I have dated back to back to back two Taurarians and one Taurimini. I too am a Taurarian.

    The first one dated was the Taurus/Gemini cusp, he called me every day (couldn’t get enough, almost too much for me and we spent alot of time together, then he went home (another country)we stayed in contact. He told me he’d be back in a couple months, I told him I would be out of town, I would be gone that 2 weeks for work. He acted as if I was supposed to change my whole life to his whim of a schedule. So I Draw the Line, tell him forget it. He did, ..for a while, then I text him to just check in, say hello, Happy springtime and two days later he was here but never calls me, but makes sure to let mutual friends know he was here. WTF?

    On to the next episode, a Taurus/Aries cusp, like myself, both of us born on Easter, him 3 years younger than myself, 3 years 4 days apart, so anyway he seems to be having some emotional difficulty getting over another Taurus lady up North, he seems to be bouncing, literally , (lots of energy, likes to go out like myself)all the time, lots of attention given to me and likewise I returned the favor. Then (now we are just dating about a month) he starts getting bitchy and then bites my head off about HIS self admitted drinking issues, What’d he say, oh yeah, “get off my back”, I was never on it, whatever, so I did just that. Then he starts calling and hanging up and doing childish stuff, but I just ignored him.

    That brings me to the MOST UNBELIEVABLE ONE YET, now remember, these THREE “WHATEVER YOU CALL IT” RELATIONSHIPS’ (AS QUOTED BY THIS LAST ONE) are in a row over 1 years time. This last guy was born on the EXACT DAY as me, a Taurus/Aries like myself and grew up in the same area as me, we didn’t know each other or have any mutual acquaintances, and he is 15 years my junior (he’s 36). He seems mysterious, but at the same time wants to tell me stuff about himself, unsolicited. PS: I am a human lie detector, I know that he’s not being on the up and up, but is literally offering up info about himself. I don’t usually call out anyone on their BS, but HIM i check out. Come to find out, he is lying about never being married, HAHA 3 times, that I found, his parents being alive and well, (his father passed away seven years ago, where his parents live, owning the home he lives in, and always says he needs no drama (I am not giving any drama, he says it like out of the clear blue sky constantly., He is furthering his education and needs to concentrate on that, he’s starting a new job, that never happens IDK? doesn’t seem to be working. Anyway REMEMBER< ALL THIS INFO HE'S DOLING OUT IS UNSOLICITED BY ME!!I also find out that his last divorce was 3 yrs ago but yet his third wife(?) gets arrested at his residence only 8 months prior for domestic battery. Yet he hates drama, he never even admits to being married but says that his roommate called the police to have her removed for throwing a glass at him, and tells me obviously that he has had previous RELATIONSHIPS (idk, what u even call this) before me and that I!!!am a drama queen and acting like a silly little girl, etc, oh, but the best part is when he insists, from day one, that he NEVER lies. Oh and then I hear him one night as we are standing outside his garage and I'm leaving to go home, he ask's me for a hug and then under his breath says "He is going to kill me", and I said what did you say? and no I won't give him a hug and I just leave (dodged a bullet), oh he's like a freaking robot, like he's on a drug (prolly Adderral), he never says any other generalities other than he doesn't like drama or sleep at night. WONDER WHY? Oh, BTW, b4 he says he's gonna kill me, I very casually, and jokingly said that for being born on the same day we were nothing alike, how true, and that he should lighten up on himself…JEEZZ, tell me we are not alike PLZZZ!!!He is an opposite freak of nature, he trully is a sociopath, like Ted Bundy or something, what do you think peeps, did I dodge a bullet? I am watching my back right now,just in case, but trying not to be too paranoid. Here's my take on all this stuff: Let's all act like adults here, quit with the "i hate drama" when in fact that's what these guy's crave, it's like they want to cause problems or else they think you don't care, sorta like a 5 year old where any attention is good attention. I am 50 and don't want or have ever put up with nonsense like this in my years of DATING, am I a crazy magnet? PS: I have one son 19, (didn't marry his father because he was too wishy washy about having a child/yet extremely possessive), have been married 2 times, once when I was 19-24 and once when I was 40-45 and friends with both my ex husbands, no hard feelings at all on all our behalves and was extremely generous in the divorces and didn't use attorneys in either case, to the point that I am financially broke and having to rebuild my finances again like never before. I have never been rich or poor, just middle income person and I work physically hard for a living, am in good shape and attractive. Lately I have noticed everyone that is attracted to me is younger than me by fifteen to twenty five years. The Taurus and Taurus /Aries cusp guys I am attracted to and are attracted to me seem to be a cross between zombies and vampires, trying to suck out my happiness and emotional well being.

    1. BBell

      I’m a Man and feel the same way about Taurus women in general. I attract them like flies to dog poop and the sex is great and it always starts off good, then a month later they slowly start to reveal they selfish psychotic ways! It never fails, and those that really don’t know them think they are so great on the surface and they are monsters underneath it all.

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  10. Brianna

    I was in a long term relationship with my Taurus. He cheated several times and had another child on me, but claims he still loves me. Don’t understand

  11. Brianna

    I dated a Taurus for about 7 years. We had a child together. He went on and had another baby and now he is still texting saying he loves me.I don’t get hoe that’s love

  12. Trisha

    Fyi, Yes, Taurus does have issues with letting go of past loves. I had the same problem but it’s because the ex’ would look for me. The past does haunt most Taurus but if u make their present better than they have ever had , they will never look back. Don’t be jealous or over bearing. Make them happy and realize their ex isn’t worth it and they will never leave you. Then Once they fall in love with u the deal is sealed. Good luck !

  13. Trisha

    I will agree with a lot of what was posted about Taurus, I am a Taurus. I don’t like and avoid arguing all together. I do like someone with their OWN opinions , an equal. I love peace and beautiful energy. My sister is a Taurus and she can be very harsh and it’s difficult for her to let go of things. We are almost opposite, kinda strange. I believe my libra moon and Gemini love sign along with Capricorn rising even me out, so I’m balanced and a lot more intelligent then some Taurus’ I know. I think what a Taurus needs most , or at least this Taurus, is a partner / friend who understands us. I have dated mostly fire signs and although they are fun and passionate I love me a water sign, especially Pisces . I love Pisces , it’s magical if they are motivated:) I just haven’t found the right one for me… They are too passive for me. I was with a Leo for too long. Not for me either, he was too proud and arrogant. Still looking for the right fit, so being a taurus, this may take a while 😉 we always choose and want the best one to share the rest of our lives with. Even if it takes twice as long as other signs in the end we will be truly happy and not in divorce court 30 years later.

  14. Christina

    I’m a Gemini with a Pisces moon and I’m in love with a Taurus guy with a gemini moon. The first time a met him we hit it off. We were seeing each other almost every day until he had to move back up north. When I showed signs of jealousy, he told me he was going to fall back from me a little. When he left, he moved back with his ex, and I had a feeling. Sometimes, I think he behaves more like a gemini than a Taurus. He’s single right now but there’s been drama lately. He’s very stubborn and to get an apology is very difficult to get from him. I still need closure, and it’s bottering me a lot 🙁

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  17. Nahan

    Yes the Zodiac signs have changed but this is notinhg new. According to Astronomers the earth’s alignment is different from where it was three thousand years ago when the study of astrology began, because of this the Zodiac Signs are different.Not only have the signs changed but there is now a 13th sign called Ophiuchus (November 29th and December 17th)Most peoples signs have changed by about a month.************* The NEW Zodiac Sign dates are: *************Capricorn: January 20th February 16th.Aquarius: February 16th March 11th.Pisces: March 11th April 18th.Aries: April 18th May 13th.Taurus: May 13th June 21st.Gemini: June 21st July 20th.Cancer: July 20th August 10th.Leo: August 10th September 16th.Virgo: September 16th October 30th.Libra: October 30th November 23rd.Scorpio: November 23rd November 29th.Ophiuchus: November 29th December 17th************* The OLD Zodiacs sign dates are: *************Aries: March 21 April 20Taurus: April 21 May 21Gemini: May 22 June 21Cancer: June 22 July 22Leo: July 23 -August 21Virgo: August 22 September 23Libra: September 24 October 23Scorpio: October 24 November 22Sagittarius: November 23 December 22Capricorn: December 23 January 20Aquarius: January 21 February 19Pisces: February 20- March 20

  18. Pamela

    I am a Piscean born on the cusp that has a lot of Taurean and Scorpio aspects in my natal chart. I definitely like my creature comforts, my collections, and am longtime married to a Leo-Virgo with a Taurus rising. Sometimes my down-to earth husband acts more like the bull than the lion, so we get along quite well. I am very easy going, and it takes a lot to really get me mad. Never been much of a large crowd or party person, although I do like small social gatherings where there is great food and drink. I am also a typical Taurus becuse I adore my family, friends, my pets, and have a heart as big as all outdoors! Tauruses rule! 🙂

  19. Mags

    Im an Aries, a little over a year ago i was separated from my Leo husband after 25 yrs of marriage. I met a Taurus a few months later. He is my soulmate!! We connect on every level and love doing the same things and the sex is amazing. We have been living together for six months now and we never fight, My leo husband was very demeaning and arrogant and always had to have his way, thank God i found my soulmate its the best feeling in the whole world, I will say that my boyfriend does like to look at other women, its only natural, but i trust him and he makes me feel like a queen everyday and makes me feel secure and at peace, he also brought me an engagement ring already!! And i would also like to add that in my heart i truly believe our love will last forever, but if in time he ever does leave me or decides that im not the one he wants and goes with someone else, ( only because you never know, but i am fully committed), i will be crushed but at least i will have know what true love feels like

  20. Jazz

    I think the article is pretty accurate, I am a Taurean & I’ve known a lot of Taurus guys that I could get along with but would never date. I’m not like other Taurus girls that r incomplaisent & bitchy. There r a lot of tauruses that defy the typical descriptions of a Taurus. I am in fact attracted to Capricorns & Virgos but I also get along very well with Geminis. So if ur thinking about dating a Taurus please don’t be discouraged by the bad things you would normally hear about them.

  21. mary

    aries/taurus I started dating a guy sign of Taurus and aries. he is very nice i think that we both get connected because of the past relationships dont know where this relationship will take us but i will be very happy if we both decide to live together

  22. Trish

    I’m a Taurus and after reading all of these responses I’m not that surprised. One thing we hate doing is breaking up when we know it’s over. Yes, we can be faithful but most Taurus’s cheat because they don’t have the guts to let the other person go. I’ve never cheated on anyone, but I’ve only broke up with someone once in my life. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever did, but it was for the best. I hate to tell you this, but your going to have to be the dumper when it’s over .

  23. virgo

    As i just do not understand why, even if people are married for so long and especially the wrong elements for each other like for instance Gemini/Taurus, and that this couple has even stated as it just goes too show you on how such a very BIG NEGATIVE THING, can just be married for a very long time even though that the opposite sex is deliberately going out behind there back or if they know that they are going out behind there back then basically WHY PUT UP WITH SUCH STUPIDITY, upon when use can have a very much more enjoyable life with the correct partner within your life, and as you can plainly see by the way that some of these gemini people portray themselves as once a CHILD ALWAYS A CHILD, and i think that all GEMINI’S understand the Peter Pan theory as he was always just plainly scared of his very own shadow, now common now you children GROW UP, and even as for a start use are very very immaterialistic people as use are just plain too MENTAL, even though that use are a mutable sign, and under Astrologically AIR SIGNS, should stick too there own and i just do not understand why you should just TOLERATE SOMEONE for so many many years, upon on where you can be a much lot happier, only if the sun signs of all of the personality traits just did some highly recommended spiritual work for themselves or just sit down for a while and just learn about there true higher selves before embarking on any kind of adventure, now just stop and think about that for about a minute or two and just stand back and have a deeper look inside yourselves as this is what any body has too do and i can gurantee that it would bring a lot more peace and love and harmony on this earth for which we all walk upon.

  24. j3lly

    I’m a gemini dating a taurus. It has been almost a year now and it has been the most satisfying relationship I’ve been in so far. She has a lot of emotional issues and needs to be reassured a lot but I know the good times are worth it, even though it can get exhausting at times. I’ve never seen myself getting married until her, just because the “stars” say they’re not right for you doesn’t mean your not compatible. You’ll never know unless you try so get the signs out of your head or else you’ll automatically ruin one of the best relationships you could possibly ever have!

  25. emilie

    i am a gemini and have been with taurus for many years. it has not been an easy relationship. he is caring and thoughful but never faithdful. he is proud and usually goes to renew old relationships.

  26. Heather

    I dated a Taurus once. We connected instantly and it was a VERY powerful connection. The article says they take things slowly but we moved pretty fast. It wasnt even a month that we knew each other and he asked me to be his gf. I thought he could possibly be my soulmate until one day he just stopped talking to me.

    I have no idea what happened but I later found out it had a lot to do with his past and women he been through. It took me a VERY long time to get over him but he moved on like it was nothing. Even if they are REALLY into you they will still be keeping their eye out for something better. (Just FYI)

    I advise you to be cautious when dating a Taurus. If there is a woman in his life that he loved once, chances are he is NOT over her. Mine ended up going back to his ex even after she left him when they got engaged.

    Good luck!!

  27. Trisha Vasquez

    I would just like to add I can be stubborn, but am always the first one to give in when there is a argument. Im so sorry to hear all these bad things. I think it depends on how you are as well. I was with a Leo for about 10 years was great but then, I just dont know other than he cheated one me, after we got married.. Other than that we would have been fine.. He blew it. Oh well his loss……….Im a taurus and Im proud of it! God luck to all..

  28. Trisha Vasquez

    Hi everyone, I am a taurus and I am a very loving and caring person, I hate confrontation, I like happiness and well being , and I love to cuddle. I am a simple person, I enjoy having a good nite out once and a while , but I will always cuddle with you.
    I cant believe what Im reading here. I guess there is just some bad apples out there, lol.

  29. maria

    My Taurus mate – after 4 yrs – still insists on provoking an argument almost on a daily basis, especially after a few beers.

    Yes, he is nasty with it too, saying I dont love him enough!!!

    He argues to prove how much I can take….to test my love for him. Insecure or what? & why can´t I leave him, once & for all….do so wish I could get him out of my system!!!

    I´m unhappy, & I´m sure he is, but on a good day, everything seems worthwhile, I don´t know how much longer I can be made to feel this exhausted!……Maria

  30. rose

    All my best friends have been Taurus.Im grateful for that.But I fell on love with 2 and no love connections.Now were not friends.I’m Aries maybe thatswhy?

  31. virgo

    i am a very very down too earth virgo, as i am one not because i am very down too earth neither, it’s just that i believe that the EARTH SIGNS should be left be as it is the far best COMMUNICATION AND VERY TRUST WORTHY RELATIONSHIPS, too be in, but as for Taurus and scorpio too be married is a terrible mistake as it is a 7-7 sun sign pattern as it is far too negative for my liking especially when they are opposite there own signs upon where one is water and the other earth, sure earth can be harmonious with water, but taurus needs too be with a cancerian or a cancer or a pisces as they are the only (2) water signs that the taurean is or will be compatible with effectively, but above all the Taurean is much or would be much better off within it’s own Earth element, and that is either dating another Taurean itself or a capricorn or a virrgo as myself as you would not find anything more so highly tuned and efficient within your own earth element, and use must be shown the reason why for you too believe, but please go out and buy Linda Goodmans Love Signs (a new approach too the human heart ) and then you will see for yourself as water signs are (sensitive ) and earth signs are (material ) as you can see the difference for a start as water is immaterial as it is nothing like earth signs bottom line as the personality traits do not change, regardless of the moon signs or ascendants that portray each and any given element, sure it makes things a tad easier but come the end of the day each element belongs with its own traits.

  32. yolanda

    As kids in primary grades me and this Taurus liked each other very much. Just recently I just reunited with him on Facebook..and the attraction is even stronger..sad case because he’s in a relationship; long term, but not married and I’m single. I think he has some type of feelings there.

  33. RG


  34. Lehnla

    That was the girl’s sun sign. You’ll need to see the whole birth chart before you can say why she dumped you after 10 months for no apparent reason. The mean nasty girl would represent Mars in her birth chart, more than likely, so you can’t blame it on the taurus sun sign…

  35. Geminisworld

    I just met a lady, she is Taurus… I am asking out this weekend on a date. I am following my heart, I think I am ready to date anyone without the astrologers advice or word. All I need to know is the techinque to make it work. If you read this astrology very well, its all about you taking chances not guess work!. There is no mr.right anywhere. Wake up singles!!!.

  36. Linda

    I am on the cusp Gemini/cancer . I married a Taurus 25 years. Verry difficult marriage unfaithful miltiple times. Explosive arguments . At best If I listen and don’t talk verry much, we’re friendly. God forbid if I ask a question. Keep it at the dating level

  37. honor

    This article describes exactly my Taurus boyfriend. I am a pieces and has been dating this guy for a little over a yr, his practicality, sensuality and his grounded nature is what i (dreamy and sensitive ) need. He wants me to meet his family ….

  38. doug

    I dated a Taurus for almost a year,, at first she was whiney, clinging, then mellowed out,, i was told by a friend of hers she was not trustworthy, i found out she was seeing others at the same time,, counted 6 in a year that she wanted to be exclusive with me… what a lyin deceitful bitch,,,

  39. Pam

    Our Gemini/Tauran relationship has been brutal for the Gemini. But we’ve been married for over 30 years and have no plans of breaking up. I am all air. He has a Gemini moon so he understands me better than I understand him. Loyalty is definitely a key to sucess.

  40. protector

    I was in a relationship with a Taurus for a year and a half. She was the nastiest, meanest, most selfish person i’ve ever met. She would start arguments literally over nothing, almost as if for the sake of having one. Not to mention miserly frugal over things that one wouldn’t even deem or consider disputable. Screw the bull. I’d pass on this one. I ripped it’s horns out and am walking tall! She was a wolf in sheeps clothing. I win!!! \m/

  41. TJS

    My Taurus just dumped me after 10 years for no apparent reason. Maybe too much water in a partner turns them into mud, which they can’t work with.

  42. glory

    i am glory married for my 2nd husband..last january 26..i am a scopio and he is a taurus.. i am 56 yrs old and his 63 yrs old….i need your advice if we are compatible..and lasting relationship because i am a jealous woman please i am waiting your response…thanks and have a nice day ..god bless

  43. Sarah

    I started dating a guy named PJ on April 7th 2007, 5 years later we are still as in love and strong as ever and we’re getting married soon. This is really true to the T about a Taurus and Scorpio’s relationship. The only con in both of our signs are dominant, but youll eventually fall into your place

  44. Barbara Robinson

    I am an Earth sign…Capricorn with Gemini Rising and a Taurus Moon. A Taurus man found me online and the description of Taurus is so typical of him. We are both songwriters and he is a musician with his own band. We are both spiritual and his vibe is magical. My Mr Taurus is slow to act….we live about 200 miles apart but I’m hanging in there because our connection is very special.

  45. Sherry

    Great article! Being a Gemini myself, I would probably not date someone who is Taurean. We are absolutely NOT compatable! For me, their parenting techniques, from the Taureans I know personally, are odd and a little unusual.


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