How Your Money Can Buy You Happiness

4 Ways to Buy Happiness

We’re not talking about how money can buy you happiness in general terms. This is how your money can buy you happiness whether you have $50 in your bank or $5 million tucked away offshore in the Cayman Islands. Money doesn’t give us permanent happiness, and it is a short-lived experience when we have more than enough. Yes, we agree that money can offer you a chance to live out dreams that you never thought were possible, it can put food on your table and offer you shelter; but when it comes to ultimate happiness, that’s another story.

Many people are happy with the amount of money they make or have in the bank, but most people want more. Usually, it’s non-wealthy people that appreciate life’s gifts more and take great pride in little accomplishments and simple items for survival. (i.e. food, water, shelter). Some say non-wealthy people are happier than wealthy people. There is some meaning to this as poorer people see life in more realistic terms. They enjoy simple acts of kindness and love. As some become increasingly wealthy, come into money or build an empire, they may lose some of themselves. This can result in lack of happiness. Let’s take a look at how your money can buy you happiness.

Time for Yourself

You can easily spend some time with yourself with only a few dollars a day. You can do some self-grooming such as getting a haircut, pedicure or get a face mask. You don’t need to go to an expensive day spa to achieve the same results that you can achieve at home. You can go on an adventure around your own city on metro transportation for less and see some free attractions. If you like to shop, hit the thrift stores and check out some of their deals. You can curb that shopping craving on a little money a day. All of these activities can give you some joy, and it allows for some time by yourself to reflect.

A Good Deed

If you are a charity giver, than why not donate blood? You can use a few dollars to travel by bus or train to a nearby clinic and donate blood to a family in need. Happiness comes in all shapes and forms, and if giving of yourself to help others makes you happy – go for it.

Buy Your Loved One a Card

A card can go a long way with someone special in your life. Express your emotions and share how you feel about your parent, friend, partner, sibling or child. Expression can offer happiness from within and seeing the joy on a loved one’s face can do wonders for internal happiness and self-love. You could also buy yourself some flowers to cheer yourself up!

Take a Road Trip

If you love the open road, put some money aside in a jar and save for a future road trip. Save gas money and give yourself the gift of experience and adventure. Bon voyage!

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  1. Tracy

    I really like the message in this article, and the suggestion are very good ones. I also enjoy long walks with no destination. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and a desire for adventure! Peace!


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