Drop Your Baggage, Build Trust

When Your Insecurities Get in the Way of Your Relationship

Lately, Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499 has received lots of questions from women wanting to know what their partner is thinking. This usually stems from the caller feeling frustrated because they can’t understand their partner even though they’re speaking the same language!

In these cases, Nicholas acts as a translator. He can feel what the caller is really sending out and what the other person is receiving. “People will misinterpret based on past experiences and the truth that is being conveyed,” Nicholas told me in a recent interview. He also finds that sometimes the caller’s insecurities rise to the surface when they can’t understand their partner or don’t feel their partner understands them. When this happens, here are a few tips Nicholas suggests.

 1. Get Grounded to Get a Clear Perspective

So often we allow our emotions to blind us to reality. Nicholas says, “Getting present is so important to understand what the person is really saying.” To get grounded, Nicholas encourages people to ask guidance from their higher power, Spirit or their guides. This will help you become more present in the moment. Get your own personalized advice, contact Nicholas today!

2. Let Go of Expectations and Assumptions

In a new relationship, we bring with us lots of baggage in the form of expectations and assumptions. Your new partner is not you’re old one. So why do you continue to expect and assume they will be that ex? Nicholas recommends allowing time to really get to know each other. That way you can learn the language of this relationship – which can differ greatly from your previous relationship. “Without trust, the relationship will keep spinning its wheels and will not grow,” Nicholas wisely reminded me.

3. Apologize and Move On

I was not surprised to hear from Nicholas that many people break up over misunderstandings or feeling that their partner doesn’t get them. What surprised me is how many people got back together after one of them talked with Nicholas. As he explained to me, he can “get the intense resentment and personal interpretations out of the way.” Readings with him reveal the reality of the situation, and he can help the caller shift their perspective from emotionally-based to reality.

In all of this, there must be an eagerness to allow your partner to explain themselves in their own ways. It might take some time to fully understand them, but with time and a few psychic readings, you can set a foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

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8 thoughts on “Drop Your Baggage, Build Trust

  1. Nicole

    What if you do understand why he behaved the way he behaved, BUT the feeling you have for him no longer exists and you just want to move on with life? AND he wont let me go.

  2. Michelle

    How can you build trust when everytime you let yourself to believe everything is starting to turn around you get blindsided with a bomb. I want to believe that there is still a chance to save the relationship I have/had but I am so hurt I dont know if the wall I have build will ever come down.

  3. cari

    When I start councilling and get my past under control. When I’m able to let the past go will my ex-boyfriend and I be together again. Or is it to late for us. Is there to much damage done to the relationship to rebuild it?

  4. Faith

    My previous relationship (fortunate or unfortunate) was based on my baggage/issues…that
    would only improve with time, patience, endurance, surgeries, etc……my problem is/was that I never allowed the friendship/relationship/partnership to evolve into what it was to be (good, bad or otherwise)…….I cheated on my Libra and as an Aires certainly didn’t handle any of the
    nightmare well……I ran away…..for 36 years!!!!! Call me a fool or one of wishful thinking-maybe I do require mental assistance; but, my gut instinct and belief is that maybe with
    positive reinforcement and hope, this old relationship might be able to spark a NEW
    beginning…..”second times around” DO happen!! I will run my life constructively and
    productively…staying open to all of life’s forms and expectations……if it was meant to happen, it will!!
    Cape Heart

  5. joyce

    i love astrology , could you please tell me who loved me in high school 1960-1963 why didn,t he tell me, does he still love me, i,ve been trying to find these answers for a very long time. i really want and need to know. was he popular in high school, i was very bashful. please give me all the information you can about this, it would really mean a lot to me. does he want to get in touch with me. will i ever find the answers i,m looking for ., because i,ve been looking for these answer for a long time. thank you[ jal]


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