How to Not Get Fired

3 Things to Never, Ever Do at Work and What to Do if You Did

If you’re reading this, perhaps you are arming yourself against potential disasters in the office, or scrambling to salvage your job after the fact. Read on for some tools on how to either avoid the heat, or put out your own workplace fires.

Stealing/ “Borrowing”

That stealing is wrong, should be a no-brainer, but some people rationalize office theft as just compensation for their efforts. Most often, these workers only take office supplies like pens or paper, however, this “minor theft” can lead to rationalizing other types of stealing. Any theft is against a company’s policy, but snagging a few pens is many steps below, say, swiping higher ticket items such as electronics (computers,cameras, etc.), even if it’s under the guise of borrowing the product. Unless there’s a sign-out sheet or the boss knows of this “loan,” you are stealing. If you have gotten away with this thus far, the advice here is to stop-right-now and thank your lucky stars you haven’t been caught. If you already have been caught red-handed, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to make things right. Trust is a huge factor in life and in work, and if a company feels you can’t be trusted, they’ll replace you. Your best bet is to try and explain yourself to the boss in a manner that re-establishes that trust. If they can understand your actions in a particular circumstance, and you can prove your past loyalty to the company, you may have a shot at keeping your job.

Leave the Dramatic Scenes to Movie Writers

It’s easy to bring emotional stress into your work, and certain days are more stressful than others—whether it’s stress at home or office deadlines. Keeping yourself in check and finding creative ways to de-stress is a much better route than a sudden emotional freak-out at work. Yelling, throwing things, threatening co-workers during a heated moment is one meltdown that can scorch innocent co-workers and leave your career in cinders. This also applies to getting plastered at a company social event where in your inebriated state you might shed necessary clothing, weep uncontrollably, make sloppy and obnoxious sexual passes or any number of other offensive behaviors. Such episodes will make your co-workers see you in a different and not-so-flattering light. Whether you can’t handle your stress, or your alcohol, no one wants to work with someone so unstable. In either of these instances, you’ll need to regroup, or sober up, and make amends. You’ll have to answer for whatever was said or done in the heat of the moment and hope for the best.

Sex in the Workplace

Whether it’s a co-worker or your beau, sneaking off somewhere for sex while at work is not the way to keep excitement in your life. If you’re caught, you should know you’re facing the loss of respect and very likely, your job. Company policy may dictate immediate termination, in which case you have no leverage. At the very least, your actions have shown a lack of respect for the company, and you will have to work at proving yourself to your boss. Apologies and showing remorse with the promise to never do it again may save your job; restoring your self-respect, unfortunately, may take a little longer.

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6 thoughts on “How to Not Get Fired

  1. Selena

    Talking too much is a big no no as well it happens when you think co workers are your friends when they should remain just that co workers. Keep your personal business to yourself. Another thing don’t always share your thoughts even thogh they maybe good suggestions unsolicited advice is frowned upon and you get viewed as a know it all.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose Ext.9500


    VERY good tips !!!!

    Most of the terminations I’ve done were about stealing…..including the stealing of clients, which was against company policy.

  3. misskrystal

    Wonderful article-Seems like a lot of folks are in denial about the possible antipathies that can surround “sex” at work….Also, letting your temper go wild-respecting everyone, no matter what job they have, is critical to overall success at work. Thanks a lot, Miss Krystal

  4. Amanda A. Ames

    My would be husband stole all sorts of electrical equipment from the movie theatres we “worked” at! Then decorated our home with it. Said his boss “owed” him. I’m frankly ashamed of him! Now he says we are still “married”! Is he lying?? Cause I trust my daddy! He’s a good man and a damn fine lawyer. While daddy may not be perfect, he knows what he’s doing, he’s educated, he’s military spy, and so’s his brother who was a green barree! I Love my biological family! My X husband conned me into leaving behind the best friends I ever had! They were getting ready to throw me a party! He he ruined it! Now I have to take back the power, take responsibility for what was my own gullibility because, as daddy put it, I was in love with an idiot! Please advise!


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