Why Are You a Shopaholic?

Are you and the overnight delivery guy on a first-name basis? If Carrie Bradshaw saw your shoe closet, would she be envious? Do you shop to give your mood a boost? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’d have to also ask yourself, are you a shopaholic?

Spending too much and too often is your first indication that you are anything but in charge. The need to spend may be triggered by many emotions such as lack of self-esteem, the need to impress others, or the need to fill the void of an empty relationship. What is spurring on your need to be in “charge” mode?

From Shopping to Dropping!

We’ve all done it once or twice or more. Having a crappy day, stinging from a bad breakup, many things can make shopping seem like the answer to lifting our moods. Having nice things, however, will never fill the void we are feeling emotionally, at least not for long. The euphoria we get from a shopping spree is temporary; the bills and problems that occur as a result may be more lasting.

Want vs. Need

The true shopaholic always feels they need to make a purchase for whatever reason they can find to justify their spending. They’re convinced they need something when the truth may be that they really just want it. Did you absolutely need that new furniture or did you just want it? If you never even stopped to think about the difference between want vs. need, then it’s time to ask yourself, are you a shopaholic?

The Real Price of Things

The real price of being a shopaholic, is the tremendous high you get while shopping, which is usually followed by a steep and fast spiral downwards into a pool of regret and worry. If you’re a true shopaholic, you know where these feelings will lead; they’ll lead you right back to shopping, trying to bury more feelings. You decide you’ll deal with the consequences later; and unfortunately, you will. Eventually you’re using credit to pay for everyday items and soon your credit will be maxed out, leaving you short on cash and big on bills. You’ll be in worse shape than where you started, only now without the benefit of retail therapy to soothe the wounds.

Investing in Yourself

If you recognize a pattern of senseless shopping in yourself, then fear not, it’s never too later to turn it around. Being honest with yourself is step one. Pat yourself on the back and then speak to someone. If your compulsive buying has effected a loved one, talk to them; the relief will far outweigh the initial pain. If you’re a shopaholic, speaking to a professional, non-involved, third party might also help. Seeking therapy, whether medical or spiritual, through a therapist, a clergy, or a psychic healer, can be your path to freedom from addiction.

Best of luck!

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One thought on “Why Are You a Shopaholic?

  1. Sagun

    Omg this article confirms that i am a true shopaholic! Am i??? No matter how much money i have on my hands, i always somehow can’t seem to keep hold of it. I feel remorse at the end of the day when i know i’ve bought things i don’t actually need. When i like 2 things and i can’t choose between them, i buy both. I just cannot control my urge to spend when i have money!!! I guess it’s because i lack self-discipline? I am well aware that my spending habits will definitely, someday, land me in hot soup. But money is meant to be spent, and not to be saved, right? What if the world ends tomorrow? Then i’ll just end up regretting not spending my money on my fave clothes, accessories.. etc.


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