How to Manifest Your Life’s Desires

Let Go and Let the Universe Do It

How do you manifest your life’s desires? A great place to start when thinking about this question is to establish what you want and what you’re willing to do to get what you want and what you’re not willing to do to get what you want. In a karmic sense there is a huge difference between manifesting and manipulating. In manipulating mode one may unknowingly steal energy and thereby create negative karma that means they someday will face some serious life lessons. An example is someone trying to get a sense of self-importance by putting someone else down, or by making someone feel bad so they can feel better. So, to be clear that we want not to manipulate but to manifest, let us establish a main ground rule and say it out loud so we can hear it and own it: “I will ask for what I want and then I am willing to let go and let God.” Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Perhaps your first answer to the question, “What do I want?” is, “I want money.” You must realize that wanting money is merely a tiny first step within the art of manifestation. Vibration and frequency are elements of the Universal Laws of Attraction. So when you say that you want money, a next step is to imagine what it would feel like to have it.

To feel it will involve using your senses. So let’s say you are practicing feeling like you have money, not just wanting it, because that is a need, a “Do Not Have” vibration, which is vastly different from the “Have” vibration. So if I have money, what does that feel like physically, emotionally and mentally? How do I see the world when I have money? What kind of thoughts do I hear in my mind when I have money? What feelings do I vibrate; security, prosperity and well being?

So the exercise to do each day is to take a minimum of five minutes and completely practice feeling like you have money, which really is the practice of feeling the vibration of prosperity, security, and well-being. What does a prosperity vibration feel like? Physically, how do I stand, sit or walk? What does the vibe of prosperity feel like on my skin, how does it look and sound? What does it taste like and smell like to be prosperous? Then “Let Go, Let God.”

When we start practicing having what we want, we may early on experience some variation of an emotional meltdown. Think of it this way: When we dial up a whole new vibration of consciousness into our being, it may so disturb the old vibration that some serious subconscious beliefs may surface that we must work through. For instance, I may say I want money so I can feel secure, prosperous and have a sense of well-being. Then after several weeks of practicing my exercise I wake up with a feeling of dread and a vibration of not deserving. Then my introspection leads me to discover an unconscious belief vibration programmed many years before that money is the root of all evil and that a vow of poverty is the more godly thing.

Having such an experience calls for a lot of prayer for wisdom and understanding, and this will prove very helpful. Questioning the validity of that belief is the next step, and when the Light of God shines through and you reach a point of understanding, your vibration changes, emanating a different frequency and you will have prosperity, security and well-being. And even though your mind will still try and think of the ways for money to come to you, when you vibrate and reach the frequency, it then is up to God as to how your manifestation materializes.

An amazing thing is that when you really “Let Go, Let God,” the results tend to be so much more spectacular than anything your ego could imagine or manipulate into being. It will seem miraculous as you see it come together. And yet all you did was ask for something, become the vibration and then “Let Go, Let God.”

5 thoughts on “How to Manifest Your Life’s Desires

  1. James W.

    I, so understand what everyone means about wanting financial freedom. ALL of my natural life, I have had to struggle for EVERTHING! I’m so very tired of not having the financial freedom that I deserve. I’ve been working since I was 13 years old, however I’m now 49 years old and still in the place where I don’t want to be financially speaking. I pray most every night and give thanks for the blessings God has bestowed upon me. I try and stay in the place of love, light, and kindness to everybody..but somehow there’s always someone or something that interferes along the way. I want SO much to have peace of mind before I leave this old world. My parents are both the greatest people EVER!! They too deserve so much more. All I’ve ever wanted for them was to make them proud and free them to retirement. They struggle like most senior citizens. This breaks my heart. This is why I try with every fiber in me to celebrate every Mother’s and Father’s day , as well as their birthdays with them. Neither one of them have ever had a huge celebration in their lives. The old saying goes,”when you know better , you do better”. Now “I” know better. Lol. Only through living life and my own personal experiences. Please, hear my plea and help me to make these things happen. I will pray as usual for my family and everyone else who is in such a place. Thank you, Kim!!

  2. Psychic WhitneyPsychic Whitney

    Good article Kim. Great point in that once we begin practicing emoting and feeling that of what we want, then sometimes other emotions related to fear pop up for us to look at and let go of. It is only then that change within us occur and then the attraction phase begins.

    Whitney, ext. 5716

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Kim.

    Many people ask for things…… but don’t realize that you only get back, what you put out as far as energy goes.

    Thru meditation, and practice, in controlling what you send out will only then, yield results.


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