Know What You Want

And How to Get it

It may seem absurd, but I could almost guarantee that at least 10 of the things you wished you had,  you really don’t want. There are a few very important reasons why. Conscious desire is quite complex. If you think that you really want a vanilla sundae right now, there may be a much grander desire in your core. However, that sundae is about as close to satisfaction as the brain is able to deliver on such short notice. Perhaps you really need to feel accomplished in your career, but you’ll settle for the gooey delight of milk fat and corn syrup. Need some help focusing on what you want? Get a life path reading from Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 to see what’s ahead for you.

How to Manifest What You Want

Think of what it is you want out of life. Now think of the reasons why you want it so much. Try not to be too idealistic. We’re talking about your true desires; even the ones you might be a little embarrassed or ashamed of. Now go back in the opposite direction and ask yourself what tangible things you could do to achieve those feelings or accomplishments? There is a good chance that your answers had little to do with your initial ideas. This exercise can help you discover what it is that you really want.

How to Achieve Your Goals

Goal setting can be a complex task unless it is approached from a practical standpoint. This is because it is hard to accomplish anything that cannot be described as an event or behavior. One goal for many people is to be happy. This is neither an event or behavior and is almost impossible to work towards. Perhaps, your idea of joy is feeling financially secure and free to travel. Those are goals that can be planned and slowly achieved through a series of small steps. For instance, you could begin by adjusting spending habits, then paying off debt and finally creating a savings account with the intention of using the money for travel.

“Get empowered by not looking to others for approval, staying focused on your goals, accepting that you have done the best you can and releasing the judgment.” – Psychic Teva ext. 5141

Why Goals Sometimes Fail

1. Lack of a Core Program

We all have good intentions for ourselves. However, there is one fault with the human brain: It can only hold emotional inspiration for so long. We’ve all had the experience of looking in the mirror, and getting that wave of desire to make a change. Then we go to bed, and wake up feeling tired, helpless and hopeless. To create intention, you need to understand that a true goal is never a passing thought. It must become a core program to be carried out regardless of your level of emotional inspiration. It’s kind of like remembering to take your prescribed pills. You may not always feel up to it, but you have made it a daily task, and you rarely miss a dose.

2. Lack of Setting Small, Recognizable Goals

Research has noted that people move quickly towards any goal when they feel like they’ve already taken steps towards it. For instance, it’s easier to go on a diet when your doctor tells you that you have already lost 10 pounds and only need to lose an additional 15, then if you were told to lose a total of 15 pounds. This is because we are motivated by goals as they appear to become closer to our grasp. In other words, you can see you’ve made recognizable strides towards it. This brings up an important point. A goal must be somewhat under your control. Your health is not always controllable. However, the choice to adopt a healthy lifestyle is.

3. Inability to Focus

Every goal is constantly being challenged by external stimulation. At this very moment, your attention is being challenged by outside noise as you attempt to read this article. Your ability to block out these obstacles will help you focus on your big goals and make it more likely to accomplish them.

4. Fear of Being Wrong

Many times when you make a positive discovery, it may be hard to accept because it means admitting you’ve been wrong all those other years. It’s like finding out the world is round, after you’ve already written a novel about it being flat. Life is a constant learning experience. Never allow your pride to get in the way of creating positive change, even if it means embarking on something you previously balked at.

“Empowerment is deciding you have the knowledge and willingness to work hard to achieve a desired goal.” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346

Final Word: How Do You Know When You’ve Found Success?

Recognizing your success is not always easy. Multiple studies have been done on finding happiness, and so far what has been discovered is that it may have a lot to do with the relationships you create and maintain throughout your life. If you’ve labored under the idea that success rests in the fate of visible accomplishment, perhaps it’s time to envision a world where it’s controlled by your decision to love and be loved. When all is said in done, success may not be measured by the profitable years you’ve added to life, but the life (and relationships) you’ve added throughout those years!

3 thoughts on “Know What You Want

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Eric

    Number 4-Fear of being wrong is important to note.

    Fear is the biggest crippler known to mankind, fear of the unknown, fear of not succeeding, and the list goes on and on.
    Life is meant to be lived and risk is a part of life, those challenges are a part of life , they shape our character, and provide wisdom and experience when we step up and meet those challenges.
    Karmically speaking,those challenges also provide growth and spiritual evolution .
    But one of the biggest fear anybody will ever face, or conquer, is fear of change itself.

    So take control of your life and destiny, as only you can.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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