How to Cleanse Your Soul

There is, in the “human condition,” a certain need to “hold on” to every wrong or misunderstanding we have ever had. The human brain stores it all… that is, unless we tell it to dump those files! We store up guilt, regret and worry into a general storage unit of negative self esteem! It can make us feel heavy, dark or even depressed. This “old baggage” can affect how we see ourselves. We radiate that energy out into our auras, and it can affect our ability to attract friends and lovers!

This is a great time of year to let go of all that, and clear the way for a happier life! You say “It can’t be that simple!” It does take your awareness and resolve; it’s not like a “Men in Black” flash that makes you forget everything that just happened! Your mind is a recording that has multiple “tracks” that you choose to add into the mix… like a sound engineer. The following suggestions can help you to choose to minimize those “tracks” with self defeating messages, thereby changing your energy, your self-esteem, your aura, and bringing yourself back to innocence!

A quick diversion into a basic belief of mine that I offer to you as a starting point – you deserve to be happy! You can reclaim that happiness in being alive by actively spending time in the “garden” of your thoughts. Weed out those that do not serve your future, and hold on dearly to each and every thought that brings you a healthy dose of joy! Cultivate new activities and relationships, help them to grow, and the landscape of your inner soul condition will brighten and improve!

You need a private, quiet space to do this, even if it’s the bathroom! Relax your body over and over again, and each time you find a tight muscle or a tense spot, concentrate on relaxing that spot with your breath. Breathe slowly in and out, taking the relaxation over and over until you start to feel the relaxation sink into your body. Now I want you to imagine, in your mind’s eye, a beautiful golden light shining down on you. Absorb it. Let it fill you up cell by cell, molecule by molecule. Allow it to fill you throughout your entire body, down into and through your toes and fingers. As it fills you up with Divine Light, let it cleanse you, let it purify all that it touches, and let it shine out of you, cleansing your aura. Hold that energy and resume your activities. If you do this at bedtime, let it go with you into your dreams. We can help you to understand them if you like.

Do this at least two to five times a week, and stand by vigilantly to help retrain your mind! When it tries to bring up old “dark stuff,” override it and let that golden light burst out of your heart chakra to remind you of Divine Light and Love within and for YOU!

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