How to Become a Manifest Magnet

Become a Manifest Magnet

Manifest Whatever You Want!

Opening your life to new opportunities can be frightening, but staying in a rut generates apathy and unhappiness. Your thoughts, words and deeds create your future, so leave the baggage of 2015 in 2015. If you want to attract good fortune in 2016, it’s easy. There are just three steps to becoming a manifest magnet.

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Step 1: Grab a Rubber Band
Grab a rubber band and place it on your left wrist. Every time you feel your thoughts heading into a negative place, snap the rubber band. That will put a stop to the negative self-talk! Then ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What kind of message am I sending out?
  2. Do I believe the message I am sending?
  3. How can I turn this negative into a positive?

Remember, every thought you think is instantly broadcast, felt and received by the all-intelligent Universe!

Step 2: Meditate to Let Spirit’s Light Enter You
This next step is really exciting! In it, you meditate to experience the most exotic and gentle, loving energy. Imagine that a golden, white flame from Spirit’s heart has entered your body and now millions of magical lights ignite inside your brain, heart, chest and entire system. Every part of your body is glowing like the sun and sparkling with brilliant, gold-white angelic light.

Energy On and Off

Within a week you should be able to see and feel when your positive energy is on and when it is off. Know that your positive energy is powerful and highly magnetic. Tell your body that this is your new base signal and frequency pattern.

Step 3: Watch Your Dreams Manifest  
This new, positive energy gives you the ability to manifest any situation you desire. Feel what it’s like to have all your biggest dreams come true. Imagine that your life is magical. You’ll sleep better at night and sparkle from dawn to dusk. The more details you can envision about your dreams, the better you’ll get at allowing them to naturally show up.

If Meditation Isn’t for You, Start Coloring  

Not all of us can meditate in the traditional way. If you need to do something more physical, get a coloring book! Yes, coloring is a form of meditation. I prefer the coloring books that feature mandalas. Start from the center if you’re feeling depressed. If you’re feeling too vulnerable or too open, start from the edges and work your way towards the center. If you don’t color within the lines, that’s okay. It’s just you inner child wanting to play!

The Universe Rewards

Your mind is super powerful, and when you understand its power, you can use it to manifest whatever you want. The Universe always rewards those who are open to receiving the rewards, so stop and feel that the energy is real.

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9 thoughts on “How to Become a Manifest Magnet

  1. althea

    So helpful to see the concise and detailed steps for becoming a magnet for any positive change we wish to create! Thank-you Shoshana, I forgot how healing colouring could be, and have just discovered the many adult colouring books available to us. Not only great tips for manifesting, but so very well written. All Blessings to you. 🙂

  2. Carmen

    Ms. Shoshana,
    I really enjoyed your message about enabling myself into becoming a manifesting magnet. Also I was happy to see there was no price attatched to your advice. To be honest, financially I could never call you, for further advice.. but i wanted you to know how interested and excited I am to find the time to meditate..and see how my life changes.
    Thank you,

  3. celso

    good day maam,can you pls.tell me what is my good luck.due to my please hit super typhone yolanda until now nothing manny people need food everything.pls. let me know how to help anybody,i want to help but im the one need help as well.sorry obout my prolem maam,thanks alot and god bless you always.

  4. Fiona #5178

    Valuable article. As an artist myself I understand how art and meditation are related. We all have the ability to manifest our dreams.
    So glad to see you here on the blog. Insightful wise words from a wise woman and a powerful psychic reader


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