Your Full Moon Horoscope: Who You Want to Be

Who You Want to Be

Lay the Foundation for Who You’re Meant to Be

The Full Moon on January 24 is the day to set the tone for 2016. Tell your lover, your family, your boss, your potential clients and your public admirers exactly who you are and who you want to be. Read your Full Moon Horoscope to set the stage for personal growth.

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Pushya the Indian Nakshatra

This very special Full Moon is in the most favorable of all of the Indian Nakshatras (27 moon mansions), Pushya. This moon sign indicates nourishment and prosperity. It sets the stage for the Chinese New Year on February 7—the next major moon phase. Plant some good luck seeds and get more ideas in your Full Moon Horoscope.

Focused Mercury

Mercury adds influence and intensity to this Full Moon. As the great message-bearer, he’ll be focused (looking like he’s stopped in his tracks in the sky) and aligned with passionate Pluto. Clearly express what drives and inspires you. This is an ongoing process through 2016, and you can set the stage for personal strength.

Your sun sign reflects the essence of your being and guides you to personal power:


Today is the perfect day to take a breath before you react to surprise situations, whether you’re involved in sports, creative efforts or focused on a romantic relationship. Your personal essence shows up in any of these passionate activities, as long as you express yourself with love.


Balance your career and public image with your personal life today. Lovers may be demanding with emotional needs. If you listen to them sensitively and respond accordingly, it could be a really sexy, fun day. Enjoy creative and romantic outlets and let your passion drive your spirit.


You should focus on studies that interest you, and your most profound personal philosophy, according to your Full Moon Horoscope. As you find the words to convey these ideas to others, people see a new, deeper you. This can help you build a foundation for relationships you’ll adore, with people you can count on in love, business or both.


Both financial intuition and a passionate encounter serve you well today. There could be a truly fulfilling soulmate encounter. If you’re more focused on career and money issues, use your excellent intuition to proceed. A positive attitude in love and travel brings benefits.


This New Moon is in your sun sign offers a strong focus on balancing your self-awareness and dignity with your desire to connect with others. If you express your amazing power while using your natural empathy for those around you, this is the day to build the foundation for your future.


This could be the perfect day to accomplish everything on your list, as long as you take care of your emotional and physical health. You’re strong and you know it, and if you speak from that powerful place, you’ll be unstoppable. Friendly, gentle times are on the horizon.


Your Full Moon Horoscope knows that someone is looking amazingly sexy to you. As long as you take care of yourself and are certain that your promises work for you, this could be a really exciting day with a new relationship. You’re feeling vital and alive, so enjoy healthy activities along with the romance.


You’re full of energy this Full Moon. Career demands may conflict with your home situation. You have what it takes to manage both. Your communications are approaching a breakthrough after much self-reflection. Make preparations to really show who you are to your best advantage.


This is a perfect time to build on your social networking as well as your creative efforts. Brilliant ideas can rule the day, or a fascinating encounter could bring an exhilarating weekend. Either way, life can be full of fire and could offer you opportunities for your future plans.


You are focused on money to fund your biggest plans today and you have the passion to make it all happen. If you have the opportunity to set up travel or a romantic encounter that requires planning, this could be the time to lay the foundation for future action.


This Full Moon is the perfect time to consider your public image and to express your innovative ideas to others. What you say will resonate with them. Just give them time to digest your new plan and watch them light up and help.


You’ve been deeply in touch with a heartfelt personal ideal, but it’s been tough to reach others. Try going with the flow of their intensity today. Listen carefully, digest and sort through their needs. Your insight will not only serve them but help them recognize the true you.

Save the Date!

The Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on March 23 is a perfect day for following up on what you’re initiating today—the foundation of who you’re meant to be to the world. You can create that magical life in 2016 with dedication.

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