How to Beat Holiday Loneliness

Being Alone Does Not Mean You Have to Be Lonely

Many years have come and gone in my life, being in the beauty industry since 1968 – 1992 has left gaps in my holidays. I was always the one everyone made appointments with to get their make-up and hair done. There where times I was scheduled to do total makeovers including clothes shopping. By the time I got home, even if someone was waiting for me they were dressed and ready to go, while I was ready for bed. Love had nothing to do with it, who wants to stay home and look at your lover sleeping during the holidays?

In this day and age with money being an issue and working for overtime leaves not only the one working the extra hours lonely but also the people that love them. Paying the bills and putting food on the table for the weeks to follow the holidays is sometimes the a priority.

The saying “you can be in a crowd of people and still be lonely” is such a truth. When this feeling becomes overwhelming I say, have a party for yourself. There are times my husband is out of town and being a pretty private person I spend the holidays alone.

Although my family is Buddhist and the holiday time has nothing to do with this time of year, as a Buddhist family we do respect and take part in whatever we can to help others that are lonely.

For the past twenty years, I have worked the holiday season, reaching out to our beautiful callers who are not lonely but alone for the holidays. It is so much fun to chat with the callers and perk up even the hardest situations, like missing ones kids, moms, dads and sometimes-even people that have passed over.

There are perks to being alone, you can eat what you like for your holiday meal, watch what you want on TV, stay up late, go to bed early. It is funny how in the morning after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year it is just another day.

On Thanksgiving – Say a prayer for all your blessings. Take inventory, by counting your blessing… and hug your dog or cat. Cook your own bird with the trimming and enjoy them for a few days. In addition, do not forget the pie.

On Christmas – Before Christmas day buy yourself a special gift, something you always wanted. Wrap it and on Christmas make some coffee and cinnamon buns and unwrap your special gift, and use it right away.

On New Years – This is a day of great ponderance, introspective thinking and a time to plan for the future. It is the most personal day of the year next to your birthday. It is the beginning of a new age, a new time in your life. Being alone on this day is a good thing, it is a private moment in time where you can sleep as late as you like, work if you need to, enjoy your environment and say thank you universe for my life in the New Year.

2 thoughts on “How to Beat Holiday Loneliness

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    dear marc from the uk –
    i pray that the new year in all its splender finds you with love, happiness, health and prosperity.
    many blessing and love,

  2. marc from the uk

    Great article Quinn.
    I recently spent a Christmas alone in the sense that I seperated from my wife of twenty years, step kids grown up and away, it was humbling to say the least, I had a choice, partly I needed to feel the hurt, lonlines, for without that I cannot gain the lesson and value, that family and people matter, however nothing is permanent. I had a choice, and that was I can choose how I felt, I knew this was a time of growth and learning, so I embraced it and journeyed through it. Life has no value if we do not feel the cold, for without that how can we appreciate the warmth?

    I hope this makes sense, and another coping mechanism is: feel the joy for others that they are having a great time, it really does make you all warm inside!

    Happy holidays

    Mar from the UK. ( That’s little ol England for the un initiated!)


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