Grounding Yourself During Hard Times

Keeping Centered and in Touch With Yourself

Sometimes we feel as if everything is against us. We might have a sweetheart break up with us, or be in danger of losing our house, or job. In these hard times, these situations are not uncommon.

Many, many clients today are suffering from so many losses in this time of upheaval. During such times, we sometimes forget how to ground ourselves. And one thing my guides always tell me is that you simply cannot make a sound decision from negative energy, whether this energy is depression, anger, hatred, or frustration. So the best thing to do when amid all the fervor is to step back, settle down and do the following.

The first thing we should do is try to step back from the situation. That means not participating in feedback, not reacting to slights, and not expressing emotion about the situation. We simply step back. There are two ways to accomplish this. One is to literally walk out the door. The other, a bit more complicated, is to mentally step back (explained above). Once we have accomplished this step, it is best to incorporate a breathing technique. A common one anyone can do is to take several belly breathes, from the tummy area. In other words, deep breaths that travel through our entire system, not just the upper respiratory shallow-type breathing that most of us do.

OK, so far so good. Next it’s best to allow our minds time to recuperate. Meditation is great for this, whether it is a time-honored way to mediate, or a simpler one. After all, remember that meditation is just a focus. So do some tai chi postures, or several yoga poses, or simply sit with your back against a tree, feeling the knowledge and spirit that beautiful tree has to give to you. Relax with the breath and allow your mind to empty. Let the extraneous thoughts float by unencumbered, above your head, separate from your true essence. Many people will find themselves almost falling asleep during this process.

Most importantly, don’t worry. (After all wouldn’t that defeat the entire process anyway?)

By the way: If you can’t accomplish total peace the first time out, not to worry. Continual practice will gain you much calm. Now go try.

2 thoughts on “Grounding Yourself During Hard Times

  1. gerald roberts

    I’m really down, my life is not what I WANT IT TO BE and im financially in a tough spot,I just want to be happy and financially ok, can you help me.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel……very good advice…..

    I think people should take at least 20 minute per day to meditate anyway….

    I deem meditation so important, that I won’t even consider training would be psychics until they learn how to get into the routine of meditating daily… it decreases stress, increases focus, stamina, clarity, and helps to open up the psychic channel.
    Meditation is good overall for the mind, body, & spirit.


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