How Do I Know if They Will Come Back to Me?

Not knowing what is happening in a relationship or what is going on with your partner can be stressful. Every situation can be different but lets see what may be really going on.

Growing in Love

I have found this to be one of the ultimate questions: “Will They Come Back to Me?”

It happens to the best of us. He or she pursues you with vigor, and you fall head over heels in love with them, and then POOF! They cut off communication suddenly without leaving any explanation or leaving you with any closure. You’re left wondering what happened.

Sometimes it is possible for the person to come back later with an explanation, and sometimes it just isn’t in the cards. A number of things could have happened to make this person stop pursuing you. For instance, maybe something in their life happened that they felt they needed to focus on, they could have felt like things were moving too fast and got cold feet, or they simply could have felt you weren’t interested or weren’t the one for them. Do you have a similar situation but want to know what the tarot cards say about you; then contact a knowledgeable psychic today.

The good thing about these situations is it really gives us an opportunity to learn. How fast was this blossoming relationship going? Was I too eager, or did I show disinterest?

Maybe it’s true that slow and steady wins the race, because if we take the time to build a solid foundation in our relationships, and really get to know the other person’s soul, we are building a bond with them—a lasting bond. Maybe instead of falling in love, we should consider growing in love.

While you’re waiting for this person, the best thing to do is to go back to how you were living before they came into your life. This is how you attracted them before, and this is how you can attract them again.

I’m willing to bet before you met this person you had all of your ducks in a row. You did activities you enjoyed, you went out to places you liked, you probably spent time with your friends and you were busy and decently happy. It was those things that attracted that person to you. Once you were wrapped up with them, you probably stopped doing those things to spend more time with this person, so when they stopped pursuing you, it hurt all the more.

When we start giving up the things we were doing and enjoying before we fell in love, we may seem like a different person. A good plan when we start seeing someone new is to be able to balance the things we already have going on with the start of a new relationship. This keeps things slow and steady so we can build a solid bond. This keeps us interesting and fresh and prevents future resentment. We become more attractive, and our time with that person is more valuable.

If he has left, it’s not always too late. If you start going back to doing the things you loved before, you could possibly attract that person back or someone even better suited for you and apply the new rules you’ve learned.

6 thoughts on “How Do I Know if They Will Come Back to Me?

  1. Utkarsh

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  2. elvis

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  3. Wendy

    I’ve known this man for about a year and a half. We had something going on, not exactly a relationship though. It seems to me like he was scared of falling in love. Is this possible? Everything was okay, we would talk and text, and then out of no where he stops calling or texting. I’ve tried reaching him several times already, but he doesn’t respond. I just want to know what happened. Or if he didn’t want to talk to me, he should have said so. instead of leaving me wondering why… I still hope he comes back to me soon.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Allana

    You gave very good, grounded, advice…..

    And I might add this : about half, 40 to 50 %, of them DO come back.


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