Gratitude: Pass it On!

Show Gratitude by Performing Acts of Kindness

I have met many amazing people on my journey through life and I’d like to tell you about one person in particular. His name is Jim. I met Jim at my local supermarket. Here is an upbeat, 86-year-old gentleman. No matter the weather, he is always smartly dressed in a crisp, white shirt, tie, jacket and trousers.

Once a month, Jim sits by the front door of the market, taking up collections for Erskine (proud to care). It’s a residential nursing, respite, dementia care and rehabilitation center for war veterans. It’s an amazing place.

Month after month, Jim turns up on collection day. He sits there from early morning until late in the evening and never complains. He is very polite to everyone, whether they make a donation or rush by him with groceries. Each month, I stop to have a wee chat with Jim. I find his stories from the past to be fascinating. He is a true hero in my eyes and a very inspirational man.

One year, we had a really bad winter filled with lost of snow and ice. I found it very hard to travel around, and I am sure it was must more difficult for older folk. I saw Jim at my local supermarket that month though. He was chipper, but a wee bit frozen and frail-looking. When I asked him why he had ventured out in this weather, he said, “It’s my duty.” So I got him a blanket, coffee and some cakes. When I approached him with the goodies, he asked, “Why did you do this?” I said, “It’s my duty as a human being to help a man who has fought for his country and is battling the elements to care for his fellow veterans.” Jim smiled and took the treats. He was warm and fortified for the rest of the day because of me.

It’s nice to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for us. Show others your gratitude. You don’t have to make a grand gesture. Look how happy cakes, coffee and a blanket made Jim feel. Give what you can, whether it be money, time or care. All that matters is that you acknowledge the sacrifices someone else has made for you or the gifts you’ve been given. Be thankful. Not only does it make them feel loved and appreciated, it makes you feel good about yourself too. I encourage you to frequently perform acts of kindness. Gratitude is something you pass on.

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