6 Qualities of Confident People

Are You Showing the World That You’re a Confident Person?

While there is no magical formula that creates a truly confident individual, there are common traits confident people possess, and they aren’t always so noticeable! Let’s look at what makes confident people so confident—their innate traits and the consistent life choices which create true success.

Confident People Own Up to Their Mistakes

Confidence doesn’t mean believing in your own perfection, but rather embracing all that you are, faults included. If you have this kind of self-awareness, you can consciously work around those faults, thus preventing them from hindering your choices and performance.

Confident People Do No Fear Taking Risks

When you believe in yourself and your abilities, you trust yourself in the choices you make and the risks you take. You know that even if you try and fail, that you will ultimately come out ahead—even stronger and wiser than before. There is truth in the notion that failure can promote our own emotional and spiritual growth.

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Confident People are Able to Ask Others for Help

Confident people have faith in their abilities, as well as a clear perspective regarding their shortcomings. They are not afraid to seek the aid of others who can offer guidance and enlightenment in areas where they are lacking or inexperienced. They have found a way to compensate for their shortcomings.

Confident People are Okay with Being the Listener and Observer

Being the loudest and most gregarious person in the room has nothing to do with confidence; often it signifies a lack thereof through overcompensation. A truly confident person listens and observes more than they speak. They don’t feel the need to explain or prove themselves, and they appreciate the knowledge and power they gain from watching and listening to others in their environment.

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Confident People are Rarely Seek Approval

Believing in yourself and your abilities means you are not motivated or swayed by the approval of others. You will not allow the status quo and simple acceptance of peers to navigate your choices and behavior. Indeed, there will be a very select few people that you have chosen to admire and rely upon for feedback. These will be the people, who through their own life achievements and self-confidence, are worthy of offering you approval.

Confident People are Game Changers

Confident people are not afraid to change the game. They recognize the status quo and figure out ways to restructure it to better fit their goals. Instead of blindly following accepted rules and hierarchical power, they look for ways to restructure things in their favor.

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