Your Money Horoscope for October 21 – 27, 2013

Your Money: Enter the Scorpion

Whenever we think of our money horoscope, we often think of Mercury, the ruler of commerce and the messenger of things to come. This week Mercury, already in Scorpio, will begin its final retrograde of 2013, and the standard warnings apply: Do the maintenance on your car and don’t buy gadgets, big-ticket items or sign agreements (unless you have to). Try to enjoy the slow-down.

The bright star in this week’s money horoscope is Friday, when Saturn forms a favorable angle to Neptune in Pisces. This alignment invites original thought, innovative ideas and creativity—something that may come in handy in creating new streams of income or just finding a temporary diversion from the whole financial arena.

Now let’s look at your money horoscope for the week of October 21:


Mercury retrogrades in your shared finances area. Try to stay busy at work, stay within your budget at home and don’t shop for loans.

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Your career is a central part of your identity. Just go with the flow at work despite your desire to speak up to bosses or lose your cool with a client.


You may have to put a project (at work or home) on the back burner for now or find a new approach that’s more cost-effective.


As a water sign, you feel this week’s Scorpio energy deeply. Your mind slips to security and the next move on your financial horizon. It’s perfect timing.

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If the fridge goes on the fritz by all means replace it, but don’t forget to get one with a warranty. You may have to return or replace it once the retrograde is over.


Communication may be key, but not this week. Your money horoscope will be directly affected by your urge to purge your thoughts. Use energy from Mars in Virgo to keep your nose to the grindstone.


Mercury retrogrades in your money house. If you’re looking for extra spending money, pick up an old craft or hobby and sell your wares, but don’t embark on anything new.


In this week’s money horoscope, Scorpio is the buzzword. Mercury retrograde, Saturn and the Sun (Happy Birthday, Scorpio!) gather in your sign. Use Friday’s energy to think creatively.


Comparing the past to where you are today may make you wish you had saved more. The only thing you can control is your future. The universe has better things in store for you.

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While trying to keep life on the straight and narrow, you should be prepared for some unexpected expenses. No one knows how to hustle through the bustle like a Capricorn.


Your money horoscope suggests delays in raises and/or promotions, but that’s all they are. You’ve earned what’s coming, and it will come eventually.


You’re suddenly settled into your groove—work, home, habits. Comforting as it may be, you’ll feel like shaking it all up, but try to resist—at least this week.

12 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for October 21 – 27, 2013

  1. LJ

    Dear JD: Wealth can come in many forms – and on the flipside, everything comes with a price. Don’t ask to be an millionaire – ask yourself what you can do to help the process along a little 🙂 – good luck my friend. (Love the Shakespeare reference)

  2. LJ

    Dear Javed: Trying can only help. You’ve gotta believe in something or at least be willing to try, so bravo – hope it helps.

  3. DonnaMarieFougere-Gaudet

    October 20/10/13
    Morning Shelby;I’d LOVE to have a MONEY reading from you as things are very tight at the moment..
    Have aGreat day



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