Get What You Want

Whether you yearn for love and companionship, a fur coat to keep you warm and fashionable or a collection of the latest Wii games and console, it’s all about giving cheer and receiving it in return. Here are some tips to make the most of the season.

1. Ask for what you want, accept what you need
Who doesn’t want it all, especially around the holidays? We all deserve something a little special, right? Sometimes, it can be as simple as asking for it. Stop beating around the holiday bush. Get clear for yourself on what you want, starting with what you really need. It’s important to think in terms of not only material things but life sustenance too, things like a loving partner, a secure job, a harmonious home, you name it. By naming it you’re setting an intention, first for yourself and then for those around you, so that they can, ahem, take notice.

Once you have gotten clear on what you need to survive the holidays you can work your way upwards to some of the more lofty, nice to haves. By letting others know what’s important to you, you’re giving them a chance to do their part to make it happen. Once you’ve put it out there, prepare yourself to graciously accept whatever you wind up receiving, both big and small. Be open and accepting of any and all things that come into your world and your holidays are sure to be a hit.

2. Give and you shall receive
This time of year conjures up many things for just about everyone. Some of them may be heart warming and others heart breaking. The key to making the most of the season is to get back to the basics. Instead of getting caught up in the hubbub of shopping demands, year-end deadlines, family pressures, failed relationships, and the like, decide to simplify and focus on what you have to give instead of getting stuck on what you want or what you wish you had. All that spinning can leave you nothing short of exhausted.

Channel your energy elsewhere by getting into the spirit of giving. Strapped for cash? No problem. It’s more about giving of yourself as opposed to buying and distributing material things. Lend a hand at a soup kitchen, visit a childrens hospital, shower your significant other with some extra snuggles and love notes. Your gestures don’t have to be soul-touching either, they can be simple yet thoughtful things like giving a couple with kids a break by offering to babysit, opening up your home or office for a feel-good function, potluck lunch, or a festive game night.

If you’re feeling blue because you’re alone this holiday season, cater to others with the same desires as you, by throwing a singles-only shindig. By shifting the focus outward you’ll not only help out others around you, you’ll wind up helping yourself. Giving just feels good.

3. Find three things to celebrate
This time of year is great for remembering and reminding yourself about all the things that you have to be grateful for. Sometimes in the frantic pace of the season we get so consumed by all the stimulation around us that we forget about all of the wonderful things that we have going for us.

Write down what you have to be thankful for and then come up with a simple way to celebrate each one of those very things. When you’re done, send yourself a thank you note for being kind to someone that deserves it – you! One day, when you need a lift, that note will make its way back to you just in time to combat the post holiday blues or to ring in the New Year!

What are you thankful for? Let us know!

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