Get Out of That Rut!

Break Free From the Monotony!

We’ve all been in a rut, right? We find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again, whether it be dating the same type of person, wearing the same shabby clothes or doing the same job day after day. Why do we torture ourselves with such boring monotony when we can break free from it and make a change for the better? Change is easier than you think and Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499 shows us how. Read on to see his inspiring words!

How does one get out of a rut/negative situation?

To get out of the rut, you must first accept the facts and realize the problem might be bigger than what you can handle on your own. There are many forces at work that can guide and help you if you allow them to. Then when the time is right, make a plan. Sometimes change needs to be a journey. Allow the course of planning and healing to follow.

How do I stay positive during the process/hurdles?

Remember, the only important time is NOW. Stay close to those who truly love you—the good friends and family who can be your support system. There is always a positive if you look for it. Sometimes that positive will not manifest right away, but when the time is right, a change of attitude will take hold. Be patient. Small changes will become big changes over time!

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What should I expect to feel during this process?

You might move through a cycle of self-pity and self-blame for a while, but remember that these are forerunners to healing and growth. You might feel anger and fear—very normal responses to out-of- control situations. Examine your goodness and get to know your strengths.

Deep down, the spiritual self will feel growth, learning and compassion and ultimately you will feel relief as you fulfill the desires of your heart that were once crying for change in the first place. This relief will become strength, wisdom and peace of mind as time passes.

Once I get out of my rut, what can I do to avoid getting back into a similar one?

You must not forget where you have come from. If you can forgive the wrongdoings of others (not for their sake but for your own) you can be relieved of a needless burden that only gets more complicated over time. If you are repeatedly drawn to negative situations, you must ask yourself and Spirit to help you value yourself more highly and come to know that you deserve the best that life has to offer. Sometimes you gravitate towards the familiar—what is “good” and “bad.” Think of what has been good and allow yourself to be drawn there. Maybe it is time to create a new “good” to stay anchored to.

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