10 Bold Actions to Make This Summer Different

Make This Summer Different From Every Other Summer

Don’t let the heat get you down; let it energize you! Be bold this summer and make these few months extra special this year. Here are my top 10 ways to make this summer a memorable one. Look forward to new experiences and look back with no regrets!

1. Travel by Yourself

Most of us travel with our lovers, friends or tour groups. This summer, try going somewhere all by yourself. Pick a place you’ve always dreamed of going to and that you would feel safe traveling to on your own and then book that ticket! They say you really get to know someone when you travel with them, so how about you really get to know yourself this time?!

2. Get a New Kind of Pet

Most of us have had dogs or cats, fish or birds or maybe even a hamster. This summer, try getting a totally new pet this time, like a snake, spider, bunny, or turtle. You will never really know if you like other types of animals till you have one for a pet. Make this summer the time you take a chance on a new furry companion.

3. Run a Marathon

Whether or not you are an athlete, anybody can register for most marathons. It’s great for both your health and your spirit. It’s also an opportunity to start a new fitness routine and possibly earn a medal while doing it!

4. Read Nonfiction Books that Teach New Skills

Nonfiction is becoming more popular, especially in elementary and secondary schools. Take advantage of this new literary trend and pick up some nonfiction books about hobbies, special interests or sports that you may like to learn more about. This will give you more skills to add to your resume and more topics to discuss with friends or dates if you’re single!

5. Volunteer for a Cause

Use your summer to help others this year. Make it different by giving back to a community you wish to support. You will be doing a good thing and feeling good about this generous use of time.

6. Run for a Position in Local Government/Council

Get involved this summer! Pick a cause that moves you and contribute your ideas. Run for a board position to make your voice heard and your vote count. Ideas include joining your school’s “School Site Council,” your condo’s “Home Owner’s Association Board,” your community’s “Neighborhood Watch Committee” and plenty more.

7. Break a Bad Habit and Start a Good One

This could be your summer of positive change. If you have a bad habit like smoking, overspending or nail biting, replace it with a new, good habit such as exercising, reading, knitting, et cetera. For example, my dad quit smoking by starting to play the flute.

8. Do Something You Never Thought You Would do

Get a tattoo or a piercing, go skydiving, go bungee jumping, sing karaoke, get a Brazilian wax, chop off your hair, go blonde or paint your home a bright color. Just pick something wild for you that will make this summer memorable!

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9. Take the Plunge

That’s right—propose, break up, have a baby, adopt a child, buy a home, move to a different city, get plastic surgery or take a vacation abroad. Make a big life change this summer!

10. Write Your Life Story

Write a journal, a book of poems, an autobiography or a screenplay about your life. Pick a written form that suits your life story. When you are done, consider shopping it around to find a publisher.

Not sure which bold action to take this summer? Call a psychic—they will know what would be best for you to do physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes when contemplating taking a big step, it is much easier to move forward after talking to someone who is in tune with your energy and understands what the future holds for you. Your bold actions now can create great results for your future. Act today!

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  1. Deborah Williams

    Get a snake and a tattoo??? Not sure if this is good advice……. neither of them are turned around easily……


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