Your Spiritual Horoscope for July 2013

A Month for Spiritual Growth

Ruler of Pisces, Neptune is associated with spirituality, intuition and compassion. Where Neptune is at any point will influence how inspired, connective and receptive you are. A poor placement can also leave you feeling hazy, disconnected and/or overly indulgent in substances. As most spiritual growth is gradual, it’s no surprise that Neptune is one of the slowest moving planets. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. How is Neptune influencing you now?

Here’s your spiritual forecast for July 2013.


You’ll benefit greatly from yoga and meditation this month. They’ll get you out of your head and into your body, or in other words, into the present.


Growth comes from exposure to people from varied backgrounds. You can be like-minded despite differences. Seek out those who interest you.


Welcome people into your home (literally or figuratively) and do all you can to make them feel comfortable. It is through service that you will progress spiritually.


You’re feeling philosophical. Seize on this cosmic connection to improve your relationships and surround yourself with people who deserve you.

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If you find things are fuzzy in your head, try not to think so much. Go with your heart instead. Sometimes it’s through struggle that we advance spiritually.


You hold the key to your own happiness. Remember that when dealing with those closest to you. Often what irks you is in you.


Creativity offers a path to deep fulfillment. You are able to channel your feelings into artistic endeavors in a way that benefits you and the world around you.


Keep the faith and the focus. By working toward your own highest good you feel yourself coming into alignment—internally and in your circumstances.


You don’t feel as secure as you should right now, but this is only a test. Find your assurances within. So long as you’re looking after yourself properly, you’re fine.

“You must feel safe and secure with yourself, so your ability to trust your intuition is based on self-acceptance.” – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625


Your dreams hold more information than you realize. Write them down as soon as you wake and you’ll begin to see both patterns and answers.


Don’t go with the flow if it makes you uncomfortable. You’re being asked to draw boundaries. Be clear about where you stand and hold your ground.

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Stay true to yourself. That means remaining genuine even if what you have to say isn’t what someone else wants to hear. This is your task for the duration.

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    Faisal Khan.

  2. susie

    Hi I just met a guy less than 3 month,we in good connection. I just want to know if he the right man for me? Cos I know that he still keeping something from his old girlfriend?

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  4. c.wright.thru.u.

    infinite Divine of blessings gratitude, appreciation, love, light, peace, ascension, abundance, freedom, oneness to ALL.

  5. Bobby Glen Green

    I feel comfortable with my friend Robin everytime we meet on several occassions when we are together. it’s like a new day dawning. She’s Leo and I’m a Sagittarius.

  6. Martin Nolan

    Hi, I ask you about Can my weekly horoscope in my e-mail address soon? Please sent your e-mail message to my e-mail address soon and thank

  7. Venugopalan C N

    I am a Piscean born on 14 March 1951 at 8-22 AM born near Kochi, India . Your comments appear as right often Thank you

  8. garey waters

    my high school friend (old girlfriend) always meet when we are in the same town,it seems like I can feel her present she a aries and iam a virgo is there a connection.


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