Get More Out of Love

It’s Your Love Life. Why Settle?

I’m wondering, have you ever been in a relationship where you thought it was love, but it wasn’t? If you just loved them enough, it would be enough—you would be enough. But it wasn’t, was it? Did you ever imagine or feel that you would break up? Perhaps you find yourself in this situation now. Is that it?

In life, we learn so many things and feel like we’re intelligent people. So how is it that we find ourselves in this situation? Sometimes, it’s hard to see how we could have overlooked something so obvious. And then we start beating ourselves up, don’t we? Psychic Colette ext. 5035 summed it up best, “You think it’s love, but it isn’t. It’s an addiction. It’s toxicity. It’s draining your energy.” Sound familiar? Feels like your situation, doesn’t it?

I bet you’re curious if there is something that you can do, aren’t you? If there was only a way to break free from the past, let it go and know that you’ll not only be better for it, but you’ll also be able to find a love that is more wonderful than you’ve had in the past.

Here’s the amazing news: You already know deep inside you, in your unconscious mind, what’s to be done. And as Colette remarks in the video, “… that’s where empowerment always comes in.”

Let’s give this a shot, shall we? If you could let go of this toxic love, what would it feel like? Can you see what kind of person you will be without this excess relationship baggage? Explore what it would feel like to be free of the old relationship. I bet you’ve already got the answers. That’s right! Listen to that voice inside you. Your unconscious mind is speaking up! It feels great, doesn’t it?

Now imagine if you were on a call with Colette and she guides you through letting go of this relationship gone wrong. In the session, Colette guides in cutting the cords with that person and your relationship. You’re not cut off forever from them or other people; it simply means you are letting go of the old energy. You’re creating new energy. How would that feel? I’m sure you’ll feel a sense of relief, a surge of power and even more clarity. Colette summarized it by saying, “The miracle that happens is that within the same session you’ll start to feel this open window and that real dream starts to come alive.”

With a new perspective and new energy, imagine what it would feel like to be free of the old and ready to see what lays ahead. When you talk with Colette, I’ll bet you’ll find a whole new outlook within just one phone call.

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5 thoughts on “Get More Out of Love

  1. Kristian

    Hanging my head but I have yet to read anything by Mantel. Love the sound of this thguoh and might go seek it out today. I seem to be having the very reading issue you bring up – all the distractions! Beautiful books to take up everywhere I look and I have the attention span of a small child right now plus many things to do. Sigh.

  2. Chrissi

    but when you have- and the other partner didn’t know it- or lust was mistaken for love- and you don’t realise till many years later- after you have a family together and when there are then no easy ways to leave without causing pain and probably worse as they have come to rely on you for strength- then what?

  3. Becky

    It’s so true what Colette says about how one already knows deep down inside about needing to let go of a relationship. I am with someone whom I know I need to break up with and it has been so difficult to do, but I know that if I do not do it I will be truly unhappy in the long run.

  4. ernita

    Thank you for this article. This is such an important, difficult and powerful step to take, – all at the same time. When you get to that point of sense of relief, empowerment and ‘freedom’, you’re at the point of no return. Colette’s comment resembled exactly what I have just gone through a few days ago.


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