Your Saturn Forecast for July 2012

Hard Fought Battles Bear Fruit

Serious Saturn is the strict teacher of the zodiac—slow, methodical and unrelenting. However, though the ringed one remains in Libra until October of this year, its smallest transitions make an impact. How is it affecting you?

Read on to find out!


This is a month to expect the unexpected, Aries. With Uranus transiting (some of the time in retrograde) through your sign, anything can happen. Thus, Saturn in Libra can be relied on to help you maintain balance during the spiral. It may be up, it may be down, either way, Saturn urges equilibrium.


In the early part of the month, when your ruler Venus inconjuncts Pluto you may be confused as to what’s expected of you. That’s fixed by the 31st when Venus trines Saturn. In the meantime, rely on serious Saturn to help you come to a better understanding of your own needs, so you know what to ask for in return.


Venus remains in your sign, Twins, bringing with her all kinds of harmonious aspects of love—and with Uranus, perhaps a bit of the unexpected. Rely on Saturn to keep you grounded. Complications lead to realizations.


The lessons of Saturn have taken a toll on you Crab, but with the Sun in your sign through July 22nd and the New Moon meeting it there on the 18th, you’ll have the opportunity to start fresh—and shine. While there may be a few residual effects (Saturn doesn’t transition until October), the worst is over now.


You’ve been bombarded by delays and false starts thanks to the influence of Saturn in Libra. That’s not going to get any better this month, Leo, especially as Mercury and Uranus enter retrogrades. The good news is, when the Sun enters your sign on the 22nd, you’ll feel a reprieve courtesy of a social spotlight. Enjoy! Auspices are better for professional progression next month!


Structure is the name of your game, Virgo. And Saturn in Libra has encouraged that, even if you’ve been hard pressed to establish true equilibrium. However, with Mercury whirling backward and Uranus bringing in a certain X factor, it’s vital to avoid getting mired in details until August rolls around if you want to stay sane.


So much work. This transit of Saturn in your sign has been brutal. However, it’s nearing an end. With Mars entering your sign on July 2nd, and working in positive aspect to Jupiter later in the month, opportunities for adventure and chemical romance abound. Just be sure to implore what Saturn has taught you!


Your transformation is brewing, Scorpio. And when Saturn enters your sign later this year, the transition you’ve made (courtesy of all that reflection) will be complete. In the meantime, stay focused on growth. You’re almost there. Success is in sight… then comes the hard part!

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Quinn ext. 5484


Unexpected opportunities come your way this month, Sag, as Jupiter sextiles Uranus mid-month. Utilize the lessons of Saturn in order to seize your chance. It’s been said that work, play and love are the essential aspects of existence, and you need to balance all three!


Your hard work is bearing fruit, Capricorn, and by the end of this summer, you should be in a very different position than you were a year ago. That’s thanks in part to Saturn, browbeating you with the lessons you now seem to have learned. There could be a few more glitches this month courtesy of Uranus and Mercury, but don’t worry. It’s a momentary pause.


With the Full Moon in Leo forcing you to confront your ego, you may find yourself somewhat changed. If you’re open to new ways of thinking (your struggle with the Libran transit of Saturn may’ve prevented this), you will triumph over any of the curveballs that will greet you this month courtesy of your unruly ruler Uranus.

“Astrology brings so much to the table. It gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484


Saturn has helped you cultivate a wider social circle over the last three years, Pisces. However, now that expansion will put your insecurities to the test. You’re feeling sensitive this month for a myriad of reasons. Try not to make things about you and you’ll find opportunities for true growth and transformation.

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