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Perhaps you have eaten the last sugarplum and are now, living in the consequences. The number one resolution for the New Year is to hit the gym and get in shape. One can’t argue against physical health, but one might argue that spiritual health is equally or even more important for long-term health and happiness.

If you have ever embarked on a new routine of physical fitness or lost a tremendous amount of weight you know one thing – starting is the hardest part. The hour before getting to the gym is harder mentally and spiritually than being at the gym. The anticipation of pain is a counter-force to change.

So, start by accepting that pain is the gateway to growth. You might have some soreness at first, but you will find you have muscles you didn’t even know you had and they will grow strong! In fact, you won’t know how you got this far without them.

3-Steps to balance
Try this 3-step program to launch your physical and mental fitness program:

1. First, go to sleep
That’s right, every single night at approximately the same time. And don’t wake up until at least seven hours later, every single night. Getting good sleep is the number one ingredient for mental health.

2. Breath when you wake up
Practice your spiritual program of meditation, yoga, prayer, journaling or reading and saying affirmations. Whatever your program is, practice it every single day. If you don’t have one, start experimenting. There are lots of ways and lots of guides. Simply breathing and thinking of a word like peace, health or joy for 20 minutes will do the trick.

3. Last, look around
Your environment reflects your mind. Is it cluttered and confusing or open and light? The more you move out of your space, the more space for your mind. Trust that you have enough and clear out that closet, haul away the eyesore of a chair and allow new things to come in. Your mind will relax and your thoughts will flow.

You may be thinking, I can hardly get to work in the morning on my five hours of fitful sleep. I am too exhausted on the weekends to clean out a closet. How am I supposed to do this? By putting your need for growth above all else, that’s how. Without your spiritual and mental fitness you cannot enjoy to the fullest what you are working for. What a terrible place to be – successful without any fulfillment.

By going to sleep early and meditating upon awakening, you align yourself with a bigger source and you will be energized and clear thinking when you walk into your office. Your mental and spiritual health will cause others to gravitate toward you and suddenly that promotion that seemed so far will arrive.

And now, the real test – how is your inner dialogue? If it’s not positive and uplifting, thinking of this model could help. What if you were raising yourself as a child? Would you repeat a stream of negative self-defeating mantras or would you encourage this child to explore their gifts, laughing and playing through life?

So, get some sleep, align yourself with your spiritual source, clear out the clutter and let the child in you laugh and play. Now go ahead, hit the gym and sweat it out! But while you’re on the treadmill, tell yourself you are becoming more beautiful inside and out with each step. The universe wants you to experience the most supreme joy and fulfillment.

Before long, your mental and spiritual muscles will grow and your inner beauty will be so bright everyone will notice you.

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