Be The Person of Your Dreams

Tired of waiting for “The One” to come along, so that you can finally begin your real life? Whether you realize it or not, you’re already living your real life, every single day! If that seems disappointing, you may need to take a new approach to how you live your life. Instead of waiting around for “The One,” take a look in the mirror and realize that you can be the person you’ve been waiting for all along. Here are our tips for becoming the person of your dreams.

Be your own date
Stop waiting around for Mr. Right to show you the world. Instead, open your eyes and see it for yourself. Always wanted to backpack through Europe? Plan a trip for you and your favorite girlfriends. Home alone on a Friday night? Make a dinner reservation for one and enjoy the pleasure of your own company. Want to see the latest blockbuster? Go by yourself – and you won’t even have to share the popcorn. May sound silly, but the liberation you’ll feel won’t feel silly at all.

Be your own teacher
When you start to date someone, you naturally learn about the things he’s interested in. He likes to surf, so you take a lesson. He’s into art, so you go see the latest museum exhibition. But with or without a new beau, you can dive into all kinds of new educational adventures. Hit the library and read about something you’ve always been curious about. Sign up to take lessons for a language you’ve always wanted to learn. The more you grow personally, the better match the partner you’ll wind up attracting will be.

Be your own confidante
A valuable part of any relationship is the ability to confide in your partner. We all like having someone to share ideas with, vent frustrations to and get advise from. But as nice as leaning on a beau is, at the end of the day, you can meet those needs yourself. Through introspection and journaling, you can be your own confidante – and maybe even your own therapist. That’s not to say that you can’t confide in your friends, but one of life’s greatest lessons is learning to solve your own problems — and create your own reality. Things you really can do all by yourself, and be happier for them!

Be your own cheerleader
One of the best parts of being in a relationship is knowing that you always have someone in your corner. It’s great to feel that your partner is always there to offer support and cheer you on when you get discouraged. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that support if you’re single. Instead, you just have to adjust your thinking and make yourself your own cheerleader. Give yourself a little extra TLC when you’re feeling down – and take the time to celebrate your successes. Learn to take care of yourself — whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually (all three is the aim), and you’ll surprise yourself with the heights to which you can soar.

Be your own lover
No, we’re not just talking about pleasuring yourself – though that’s not a bad idea, either. Being your own lover is also about showing yourself affection the way a boyfriend would. Compliment yourself when you look nice. Give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish something. And don’t forget to give yourself a good cuddle session every now and then too. Do the things you’d expect to be done for you, for yourself — this way, even when you do find the one, you won’t be reliant — or expecting someone else to satisfy your needs. You’ll have met them yourself!

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