Full Moon: Fuller Life!

The Full Moon usually brings with it culmination. Brewing arguments come to a boiling point, long-term projects reach completion stages, relationships ask for resolution. In short, the s@*t hits the fan. So what can you do when everything slams you at once?

Accept stress
Here’s the thing: stress happens. It’s a normal, natural and get this – a necessary – part of life. The best thing we can do to manage stress then, is to accept that there’s a certain amount of it we’ll have to deal with. And here’s the good news: it’s healthy!

It’s a good thing
That’s right. Too little stress can be worse than too much. While an excess of wear and tear can (and will) tax our health, going without tension robs our bodies of vital chemicals. For instance, research shows that too little coritsol (a stress-hormone which remains in the body for longer than adrenaline but takes longer to make), can make it harder for the body to adjust than excessive amounts. This is because body chemistry is just that – chemistry, combinations, cocktails, multiple elements that work together to create a balance. And though too much stress is harmful, it’s usually caused by over-commitment, lack of information and failing to take necessary breaks on occasion – all external factors over which we have control. The right amount of stress on the other hand (you know, the kind that comes with leading a full life), keeps everything working properly.

Remember all that talk about balancing the chemicals in your body? Well, as within, so without. You’ve got to have a certain amount of balance in life to handle anything, and stress is no different. If you’re overwhelmed, burned out and unsure how you’ll handle one more thing if it’s added to your plate (never mind the pile that’s already stacked there), it’s time to take a few things off. Decide what the most important items are and make those your top priorities.

The catch is this: you can’t prioritize everything, at least not at the same time. So getting organized is paramount. If you can handle three big things on Tuesday, maybe you can do five smaller ones Wednesday. Or, maybe you want to mix it up, spreading the bigger items into smaller tasks done over several days. However you organize your life is up to you, but remember this: chaos creates more chaos. Order gives you peace of mind. Setting limits on yourself and your time also allows you to achieve your goals. And achievement feels a whole lot better (and less stressful) than continually coming up short because you’ve asked too much of yourself. Be realistic.

Sometimes, stress relief (or at least reduction) is really that simple – you’ve got to remember to breathe. After all, it’s more than the fact that they’re sitting alone on mountaintops that makes those meditating monks so serene! The actual act of breathing – in and of itself – is therapeutic. It creates a rhythm between your brain and your heart, which in turn creates – you guessed it – balance for your body and mind.

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