Size Up a Potential Lover

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good read on someone the first time you meet. But if you start paying attention, there are a thousand clues that can tell you what kind of person – and lover – he or she will be. Sure, it’s a fine line between “judging” and “knowing” but remember that practice makes perfect. It’s better to know right off the bat what you may be dealing with then to spend time with someone who is only wasting yours. Below are some tips on what to key into:

How are they interacting with you?
It sounds basic, but sometimes the most obvious things are what we miss. People show us who they are by the way they treat us. If your potential lover spends the whole night talking about themself while eyeing you seductively, there’s a good chance this is a selfish person who’s only after sex. But if they make eye contact with you and ask questions about your life, it shows they’re interested in actually getting to know you.

How do they treat other people?
The old saying is true: Don’t judge a date by how they treat you, judge them by how they treat the waiter. This test is especially helpful when you’re trying to size someone up in a short period of time. A person who’s into you will be sure to be respectful and kind to you, but they may not extend the same courtesy to the other people around you they deem less important. If your date is courteous to you but a jerk to everyone else, there’s a good chance they’re just being nice to you to make a good impression.

How confident are they?
It’s easy to read confident people; they’re comfortable talking to strangers, they maintain eye contact and they’re usually charming enough to keep any conversation going. But just because a person’s not oozing confidence, don’t assume it’s because they have a shady agenda. Your potential lover could just be shy – or nervous because they’re into you.

When sizing up a person, take the time to read between the lines. Do they offer to get you a drink? Do they laugh at your jokes? Compliment you? If they appear to be a caring person, there’s a good chance they probably are one.

Still Not Sure?
Of course, you can’t base everything on first impressions but following your gut is a good start. If you think you’ve got a good read on someone, but you want to know more, turn to an experienced psychic who can provide honest insight into your potential lover. Call for a reading today so you can be better prepared to move forward with what could be the most important relationship of your life.

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