From Mouse to Tigress

Are you prim, proper, and reserved on the outside, while desperately feeling as if you want to break the mold and be sexy, confident, and desirable instead? It sounds much more difficult than it actually is. Here are a few tips to get you started… today.

Sexy Is as Sexy Does

Ever hear the saying “fake it till you make it”?  It’s true.  Ask yourself what it will take for you to feel sexy, allow yourself to experience that feeling, noting where it comes from within you, and practice recalling it when you need it.  Do you need more femininity, new clothing or shoes, a new hairstyle or a complete makeover?  Or, maybe to release a few pounds and get into better shape?  Figure out what’s stopping you, and put a stop to it.  Find other women you think are sexy.  Observe their clothing, their posture, their attitude.  What is the sexy woman putting off that can be defined as being sexy?

Confidence is the Key

You don’t have to be a size two, dripping in jewels, and have a perfect face or hair to be confident.  A confident woman has great posture and presence, looks people in the eye, speaks in a clear, strong voice, and smiles… a lot.  Confidence comes from within.  I’ve seen women that – while they are free from being what we consider beautiful in the traditional sense – have men flocking around them because they have great confidence, charisma, and panache!

Desirable Traits

In a nutshell, most men are relatively linear, and the following traits are those most appealing to the majority of the combination chromosome party: intelligence, sincerity, honesty, integrity, passion, reliability, competence, and confidence.  Being attractive means exactly that.  Men appreciate women who take the time to look nice, to widely varying degrees, and all women possess a unique spark which can be used to an advantage.  What we cultivate inside creates our outward reflection.


The quickest way to put a man off is to be needy, weak, manipulative, jealous (to an extreme degree), insecure, dishonest, nagging, sloppy, nosy, attention seeking, and behind on personal hygiene.  Men don’t like to hear gossip and could care less about everyone else’s business, so avoiding the catty and the petty is a major bonus that can set you above and beyond others vying for his genes.  Importantly, he also probably isn’t thinking about anything when you ask what’s on his mind – and if you push, he will become annoyed.  Additionally, trying to map the future and posing the infamous “where is this relationship going” question” one year or less in, is relationship doom, so avoid it at all costs.

Where can you start “sexing up your documents” today?

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