Intimate Dream Secrets

Sex dreams aren’t always what they seem. Sure, they can mirror the lusty energy inside you, but more so dreams about sex reveal something else entirely. Sex often symbolizes your merging with a trait, talent or attitude of your dream lover. For example, if you dream of sex with a celebrity, you’re probably craving a characteristic of that person, such as their success, wealth or talent.

Other partners can include your boss (desire for authority) or a stranger (becoming aware of a previously unknown aspect of your psyche). The feelings you have during and after the dream will tell you if this merger is a good thing or something you want to avoid. Should you be concerned about sex dreams with someone other than your lover, for example? And what about dreams of diminishing desire for your partner?

Dreams of Cheating
Crystal in Niles, Michigan worries about her dreams of infidelity:

I have dreams of sex with people other than my husband. He is also in my dreams, but as someone not involved with the sexual act. Why is this? I love my husband very much and feel guilty when I wake from these dreams.

As naughty as her dreams appear, Crystal probably doesn’t have a secret desire for an affair. Still, dreams of infidelity can indicate a need for something your partner isn’t giving you. It might be a sexual need that’s not being fulfilled, or an emotional connection that’s lacking. So Crystal needs to ask herself if there’s something amiss in her relationship with her husband, even though she loves him. He wasn’t participating sexually in her dreams, which may indicate he’s a detached bystander in bed, physically there, but emotionally absent. Or perhaps the dreams are revealing new aspects of Crystal’s psyche, traits that are mirrored in her dream lovers. In any case, the purpose of the dreams isn’t to make Crystal feel guilty, but to illuminate her inner life.

Fading Sexual Energy
Mary from Washington shares a dream that offers a clue about a rekindled flame:

Lloyd is my former lover who is back in my life. I recently dreamed he was dumping me because he was gay. In reality, he said his sexuality was fading, but he wants to rekindle our sexual relationship.

Unless this dream actually reveals a shift in Lloyd’s sexual orientation, it’s most likely pointing out Mary’s concern about his diminished sex drive . Will they be able to enjoy the intimacy they shared in the past? Or perhaps the dream’s message is about Lloyd’s fear about not being able to satisfy Mary, which might cause an end to their relationship. If there’s a deep emotional tie between them, they may be able to enjoy that intimacy even without sex.

On another level, Lloyd may have become more sensitive and receptive since they were last together, hence Mary’s dream about him being gay. Hopefully they’ll be able to explore their rekindled relationship with fresh hearts.

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