Feng Shui For Simplicity

Feng Shui is a holistic and metaphysical study of self and environment. Simplicity comes with the territory, as does neatness and clarity. One way to achieve this in your life is to remember that less is definitely more. Because, as you can already attest, a clutter-free environment is synonymous with a clutter-free mind. Besides, energy needs space to move and flow.

“Have nothing in your home unless it’s beautiful, functional or beneficially symbolic,” insists Jami Lin, author of the Feng Shui Anthology. Alas, if you look around at your surroundings, this likely isn’t the case. It seems that muddle is the price of living in a fast-paced society such as ours. Many of us barely have time to keep up with all the things that accumulate: bills, dust, paperwork – not to mention all the work that we constantly need to churn out. The result? Piles and piles.

But, here are some suggestions that should help:

Weekly clean up
“In America, in this land of immediate gratification, we tend to collect stuff and it just ends up getting stored somewhere,” adds Lin. “My favorite two words are, no mercy.” To oblige to this phrase, Lin suggests making the effort to clear things out on a weekly basis. That way “things don’t even stand a chance of getting together. Make it a habit so when the week rolls to a close you are ready and willing to organize your purse, your desk, your car and anything else that calls your name. It will take time and effort but you will feel lighter and clearer afterward. Also, every six months, consider tackling scarier spaces such as garages and closets.

Ban stacks and nick naks
Clear the clutter! Clear the madness! If you’re a victim of stacks likemost people, Lin suggests only having two books or magazines going at the same time. Get rid of the stacks by your bed or in your living room. Same goes for newspapers – and why not just read your news online? As much as it hurts, recyle your magazines away. Remember, show “no mercy.” As far as nick naks go, you know the drill. It’s time to make room. You want simplicity not chaos. Lin suggests only placing three accessories on any surface. And of course, they have to be in proportion with the area you’ve chosen to display.

Your home should not resemble a furniture store, adds Feng Shui Expert Valentina Wittrock. You need space to navigate, and so it’s a good idea to feature some empty space in every room. And, don’t put large furniture in the middle of the room. This also prevents the energy to flow through. Nothing should be blocking or cutting Chi, confirms Val Biktashev, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui.

With that said, simplicity doesn’t mean minimalism. “Objects don’t have to be plain, rather whatever you place in your home should symbolize prosperity for yourself,” says Wittrock.

Finally, strike a balance between stuff and space. If you don’t use it, give it away to the Salvation Army or other charities you are connected with. If you tend to hoard, remember that letting go tells the universe that you trust – and that you are ready to fill that space with something more enriching.

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