Red Responds: Fell In Love at Work

Dear Red.

I am always so eager to read your responses in the newsletter; I find inspiration and guidance from what you have to say.

At the moment, I have started a new career – which I love and am so grateful for – and from this new career, I have also met someone with whom I share a special and close connection. However, we work very closely together and fear that pursuing a romantic relationship would be detremental to our work performance. Does a chance exist for us in the near future?

Warmest regards,

Dear Alessandra,

Thank you so much for your kind words. As one who constantly suffers with foot-in-mouth disease, I’m always wondering just how many readers I’ve ticked off or alienated in the course of a week!

It seems as if you are doing very well on the job, both professionally and personally. The attraction is definitely mutual, as are the concerns of how to handle the situation. The common rule is to avoid mixing business with pleasure, and it seems as if that may be your company’s policy.

Looking at the two of you, each of you can handle personal involvement without too much interference of your professional duties. It would create a certain amount of tension at times, but it also seems as if each of you can remain professional enough to deal with it appropriately. The real problem is keeping your personal life personal. It seems as though the two of you emanate the electric vibe of attraction. It is a hard thing to hide, but you need to do your best to keep things toned down for the sake of your careers.

While I do see the attraction between you growing, I’m not seeing the coming together of a full blown romance at this time. While both of you regularly think about exploring an outside relationship, neither one of you is completely ready to risk complicating the working relationship to that extent at this time.

The best thing you can do for now is to keep things as they are. The day will come when the two of you do meet outside of work for some personal time and exploration. When that day comes you really need to proceed with caution, for both of you need your jobs, and neither one of you is making a career change any time soon.

It is very difficult to maintain a relationship in secrecy when you work with your lover. This is the challenge the two of you face, should you choose to proceed. Ultimately, your friend will protect career before love. I want you to be painfully aware of this before you decide to become more personally involved.

Your professional outlook is fabulous. Your romantic outlook is just so-so. If the circumstances were different, I believe this whole reading would be much more optimistic. Even though I’m a die-hard romantic, I must tell you that it is much better for you to follow your head rather than your heart.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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