Fate vs. Destiny

Because the Universal forces of fate, destiny, karma, free will, and the Law of Attraction are so intertwined, it’s difficult to understand one completely until you have at least a basic idea of what the others mean. So, here’s a primer:

Fate is what is in place at your birth, whether it’s brown eyes or a troubling family. Fate is also created in this lifetime by choices you make — the different routes you take into your future — although this kind of fate is not immutable. Karma, based on the memories and experiences of your soul or eternal self, is what attracts challenges and opportunities, blessings and tragedies, with the intent of bringing past experiences and actions into balance.

The Law of Attraction not only turns the wheel of karma, it also brings into your life what you focus on most day-to-day, whether it’s what you fear or what you long for.

What Is Destiny?
Your fate, your karma, and the Law of Attraction are all important ingredients of destiny. But the essential ingredient, the key that turns them into destiny, is the unique essence of who you are in this lifetime, right here, right now, and how it dictates the choices you make using free will. Destiny is what you weave from the threads of fate, karma, the Law of Attraction, and your vital, evolving dreams, desires, and goals. And, like you, your destiny evolves.

Say, for example, you were born under the sign of Virgo. That’s your fate, a basic structure you live within. Suppose that you had a past life, where you were relentlessly and destructively critical of others, and your eternal self has decided to provide the opportunity to balance that Karma this time around by having you be a Virgo. Your destiny is created by choosing whether to use Virgo’s ability to recognize when things are out of alignment to either belittle or heal people and situations in your life. Then the Law of Attraction brings you life circumstances based on your choice to use Virgo’s gifts positively or negatively. And, thus, a part of your destiny is created.

Life Mission
People often get destiny and life mission confused, and view each one as a single, shining beacon of light and potential, which was put into place before your birth and illuminates your future, a kind of ultimate pass/fail life test. Although that belief can be both comforting and intimidating, it’s not wholly accurate, because it doesn’t take into account free will.

Your life mission is determined by your soul, and represents a stage in an ongoing, unfolding process of evolution during a series of lifetimes. For example, your soul may be exploring the idea of duality and balance, and has incarnated for several lifetimes on planet earth, whose two-sex way of propagating life sets up perfect laboratory conditions. Your life mission, as dictated by your soul, could be to immerse yourself in the experiences of duality, both positive and negative, through relationships, the dispensation of justice, or the reality-bending practice of politics.

It’s not so much about doing and being, as it is about experiencing and then perfecting wisdom.

Soulmates, Soul Family, and Soul Ties
The concept of soulmates has come to be a kind of fuzzy romantic ideal, when it’s actually a function of karma and soul development. What’s crucial to remember is that even with soul contracts, free will and the Law of Attraction play a major part.

Sometimes you can recognize an intense soul connection, and believe passionately that you were meant to be together forever in this lifetime. Yet, you can be balked by circumstances. Perhaps the other person is using their free will to create a different destiny, one which does not involve a relationship with you. Or their soul has chosen to have only a short lifetime. In other words, your destiny can be affected by others’ fate and free will.

Astrology, Numerology, and Psychics
Psychics, astrology, and numerology can all help you identify important components of your karma and destiny.

Psychics can see glimpses of your soul’s intent, as well as what’s waiting for you down the road you’re traveling now, and suggest alternatives. Astrology can show broad karma, the basic ingredients of your character and the timing of pivotal events. Numerology also identifies building blocks of your character and karma, and reveals the dominant forces at work in various phases of your life. But you still have to add the essential ingredient — free will. You get to choose. That’s what it’s all about!

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