Your LOVECAST™: Clinginess and Control

Clever flirting fires up romance at the start of the week. Clinginess and control issues can derail love midweek, when overreactions are likely. Toward the end of the week, romance sizzles Friday, deepens on Saturday, and is unpredictable on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Week of March 22 – 28, 2010

Aries: Your humor makes flirting fun on Monday, when romance can be found while traveling. Promoting your ideas can bring opportunities, too. Old family issues/patterns can arise to unhinge a relationship toward the middle of the week. Your fun-loving side ignites passion on Friday. A healthy or helpful activity brings a romantic interlude this weekend.

Taurus: Expressing your appreciation inspires romance on Monday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. Verbalizing your feelings may be challenging midweek, when argumentativeness is likely. Be mindful while traveling, too. Throwing a party on Friday will energize you and show off your artistry. Getting creative (in the bedroom?) heightens romance this weekend.

Gemini: You’re a magnet for romance on Monday, when a spontaneous or unusual hookup is possible. Capriciousness from others can upset you toward the middle of the week. Your wit and insights, perhaps during a trip or class, energize romance on Thursday or Friday. A home-cooked meal in a sensual ambiance inspires romance this weekend.

Cancer: Some hidden feelings may come out to play at the start of the week. Moodiness can throw you off balance midweek, so take some quiet time to get centered. A courageous expression of your feelings inspires/attracts romance on Friday. A moneymaking opportunity may present itself, too. Flirting and/or learning something new fires up romance this weekend.

Leo: Friends and group activities can bring romance and other opportunities on Monday. You may feel strangely unsettled toward the middle of the week. Feelings run high on Thursday. Your powers of attraction soar on Friday, when a romantic interlude is nearly assured. A genuine expression of your feelings can attract/deepen romance this weekend.

Virgo: Some (naughty?) verbal sparring can ignite passion on Monday. Look for a career opportunity, too. Socializing can get weird toward the middle of the week, so avoid negative people. A cozy, romantic atmosphere can set passion aflame on Friday. Your sensuality is irresistible on Saturday. Your adventurous, impulsive side emerges on Sunday.

Libra: An exotic or adventurous locale heightens romance on Monday. A spiritual discussion can inspire love as well. Feelings may seem uncontrollable toward the middle of the week. A friendly gathering is likely to bring a romantic interlude on Friday, when your sense of style draws admirers. A serene ambiance can deepen/attract romance this weekend.

Scorpio: Sharing a fantasy can fire up passion at the start of the week. You may feel self-protective toward the middle of the week, making it difficult to express your feelings. Passion escalates by Thursday, if you don’t let a clash of wills derail romance. Friendly gatherings can bring romance on Saturday, but socializing is erratic on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A date with a lover or close friend brings delight on Monday. A sexual encounter can get complicated midweek, when emotional clarity may be lacking. Your sense of adventure ignites passion on Thursday or Friday. Look for romance during a class or spiritual gathering. A natural setting inspires love on Saturday. Feelings are chaotic Sunday.

Capricorn: Romance can bloom while lending a helping hand on Monday, if you let your feelings be known. Your partner or close friend may go off the rails midweek, so try to be objective. A sexy tryst in an artsy ambiance can bring delight on Friday. Sharing your insights will inspire/attract romance this weekend.

Aquarius: Your creativity fires up romance on Monday, so show off your style, wit, and artistry. Love seems illogical toward the middle of the week, when mixed messages can unhinge you. Passion sizzles during a rendezvous for two on Thursday or Friday. Intimacy is deep on Saturday. Freedom beckons to you on Sunday.

Pisces: Your uniqueness draws admirers on Monday, so dare to be yourself! A power struggle can derail romance toward the middle of the week, but making up on Wednesday night can bring delight. Your generosity deepens/attracts romance on Thursday and Friday. An intimate tryst energizes you on Saturday, but fickleness may overtake you on Sunday.

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