Innately Picky

An intriguing piece of theory popped up on Urban Male Magazine that could explain why women are more picky with their mates then men are. The article quotes from a book by Joe Quirk titled It’s Not You It’s Biology that examines the instinctual differences between men and women.

In essence, the theory is that since men produce such an astronomical amount of reproductive friends (sperm) with more than enough to waste (around 1000 per heartbeat) they have the biological makeup that supports, ‘if you have a lot, give a lot.’ Therefore, they feel it less important to be choosy with their mates or the number of mates they acquire during a lifetime. Whereas because women release one (on average) special egg per month, they are innately programmed to protect their goods and be wise in picking a mate to help her raise it. Certainly makes for a very good rebuttal as to why women play ‘hard to get’ … it is said to be a self defense mechanism to protect her future offspring.

Interesting fact to note:

Market Value of 100,000,000 sperm = $50

Market Value of 1 egg = $50,000+

Psychics and Bloggers, what do you think about our innate instincts playing a part in modern day relationships?

4 thoughts on “Innately Picky

  1. Sirideain

    Nature is a huge influencing factor…for example: I have two little ones-first came a girl and then a boy. I was totally neutral with both in terms of child rearing practices, toys, interaction, etc., because I believed boys and girls became different through conditioning (I blame it on all the years of college majoring in education, special education, and psychology).

    I was totally wrong, LOL!

    So, to muddle through my confusion I began to really observe those I taught and coached (ages 4-18), and I began to notice that many behaviors at early ages appear without ever having been socially observed. I spoke with parents in addition to the observations and was very surprised. Things that are very “boy”, like rough and tumble behavior, and even elevated curiosity toward the opposite sex (looking down ladies shirts, grabbing, peeking under skirts, etc.) are not always learned, and are very (surprisingly so) influenced by inherent, biological forces.

    Anthropology, sociology, and historical research has shown that in the days of nomadic living prior to humans becoming settled “hunter gatherers”, men often traveled from geographic location to location, procreating whenever possible. Male biological urges are inherent. Long term studies on brain waves and thought patterns show that thoughts around procreating are spontaneous and nearly constant in males outside of the introduction of any exterior influences, cues, or triggers. If this pattern were created socially or environmentally it is reasonable to say that over time, these thought patterns, urges, etc., would diminish without the previously learned catalyst. Research has shown that they do not diminish markedly.

    I have heard this theory before and subscribe to the same perspective. Too much has been researched in this area, with findings pointing to predominantly to inherent, biological “survival” mechanisms that focus on procreation. However, discrimination should always be exercised when assimilating new information that we form viewpoints about =)

    Great article Justine!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Seriously….. some, but NOT all, behavioral tendencies are rooted in instinct……science has proven some of that……

    ….However !!!! The ability to over ride our basic instincts, our decision making process, is what seperates us from other species such as animals.

    So I have to agree with Terese…. I can see where she is coming from.

    Because, I personally believe, that to blame promiscuity, for example, on instinct is a bit of a cop-out.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    A very thought provoking article for great discussion!

  3. TereseTerese

    I am extremely skeptical of any type of pop theory that uses words like “innately” or “naturally” or “biologically programmed.” I think most of our behavior comes from cultural conditioning, not our genes. This theory, in effect, says that men are “naturally” more promiscuous and women are “naturally” more selective (read: celibate). Wonderful! Now all the men in the world who sleep with anything that moves are off the hook, because it’s not THEM, it’s their biology!

    The title of the book is, after all, “It’s Not You: It’s Biology.”

    Beware of pop theories not founded in any real science. . . that’s all I’m saying.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This was a great article !!!!! AND funny too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although I almost fell off the chair laughing about the market value of sperm vs the egg……

    ……….some of the Psychiatrists I read for would agree with this theory.

    Although I’ve met some men in my life that are very picky about the women they choose…..I guess they are protecting their sperm . LOL……he he

    $ 50,000.oo for one egg, huh ???? Well, I’m a a few years too late and an egg or two short…..’cause 50K would sure help the animals at the shelter.

    Since I’m sitting here giggling, and having way too much fun with this, I’d better say goodbye for now…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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