Everyone Cheats

Just How Serious is the Cheat?

To be human is to be imperfect! Despite the honesty that most people strive for in their lives, few of us are exempt from committing some common, little “cheats.” Some of these are more harmless than others, though! Let’s look at some ways most of us cheat in everyday life.

Beauty Cheats

Especially when it comes to women, there can be a lot of pressure to be attractive, and yet no one wants to own up to all the little things they’ve gone through to achieve great results. Perhaps you tell everyone your hair color is natural when it’s not. Maybe you spend more time and money on makeup than you would ever admit. Or perhaps the age you claim to be is more than a little stretch of the truth. The reality is, these are all common claims people make that aren’t quite truthful, but telling them doesn’t really hurt anyone.

When we fear the truth it will remain invisible to us.”  Psychic Kelli ext. 5130

Health Cheats

Oh, the diets and exercise regimes! Most people have personal goals with weight and fitness that look plausible on paper, but in reality can be hard to maintain given the demands of everyday life. Perhaps you snuck a few cookies or a piece of pizza when you swear to all who are listening that you’ve been on a strict diet all week. Or perhaps you have a set workout routine but you skip a few sessions even though you claim that you are working out five times a week. And let’s not forget those few beers at the end of the day that you may have guzzled but refuse to acknowledge, even to yourself! These are just some of the ways we can tell ourselves and others that we are on a more straight and narrow path with our health goals than we actually are! Though in this case, the person we are really cheating is ourselves!

Where the heart is, there is no possibility of cheating.” – Psychic Neveah ext. 5203

Relationship Cheats

Relationship cheats are one of the worst kinds of cheats. Whether we are being dishonest about how we spend our money or who we are spending time with, there are many ways to mislead a partner. Do you claim you can’t pay for dinner and then your friends out for drinks the next night? Or worse, did you tell them you were working later at the office when you were really on a date with someone you met at the gym? Of all the types of cheating a person can commit, relationship cheating is one of the most damaging and once discovered, can lead to a breakup. If you’ve been cheating, are you prepared to handle the consequences if and/or when you’re caught? Did they cheat on you? Are you unsure whether to stay or break up? Talk with Psychic Fernando ext. 5786 and get the answers.

20 thoughts on “Everyone Cheats

  1. Lynn

    Not everyone is a cheater….I may be part of a small percentage, but as my children are becoming adults, I realize that they are a lot like me in this aspect. Loyalty and honesty are traits everyone should value and I am proud of. Not just in myself, but in my children as I see them grow and accept others and how they handle situations like “cheating”.

  2. thunderjt

    DD you are the smart one you arent the cheater,do this get rid of him and find a man like me ,i am not a cheater i cheated in high school and my love of my life was so hurt ,but i was hurt more because i hurt her heart so much just once and she never forgived me ,i was so hurt that she never talked to me again that i vowed i would never cheat again and any friend of mine that cheats i get them out of my life,cheating and breaking a womans heart should be a sin,especially if you are married ,i will never hurt a woman again,i am single for i am looking for the right love of my life,that one and only trusting heart and soul, a woman that if she loves you and another man wants her she laughs and walks away from the other man for when i am with another woman in my life i am only going to be hers and wont be put into a cheating position ,i am lucky to be able not to cheat on a lady ,it is hard for men but woman also get tempted but they 2 can walk away,talk to the man she is with and change the problem,but cheating is easier to a man or woman that are losers and can not talk,they hide and put health of your significant other in jeoprady with disease and that is worse than a bullet,that turns the cheater into a murderer of the heart and body of the one you should love,HIV kills the one you love,cheaters i have had friends that have hurt the whole family by infection to hiv,heppititis,gonerea,syphllis,herpes,please people dont hurt the one you love because your whole family will hurt,be nice love the one your with and only her or him,cheating kills in many ways ,DD dont put yourself in a killers hands cheating is a killer in many ways take care of your self dont wait till he hurts you ,you will find the right man ,and all you women that your man is cheating its not you its them they are insecure,find a man whom wont cheat we are out there and i dont hang in bars and clubs,i am in my shop working hard to save my money but you will find him dont be scared of life anew ,be scared of the cheater it may mean your life

  3. mulza

    FRANCA: i’m a may taurus & not a cheater but experiencing a partner that won’t stop sleeping around with whatever lady is willing…! i also know male may tauruses who are so sweet & loyal. you need to look further into the astro chart. i find secret, deviant behaviors have a lot to do with libra, gemini &/or 8th house aspects. possibly the detached air signs have little sense of emotional consequence.

  4. Marie

    DD, if he cheats once forgive and forget. If twice forgive but remember, after that move out and get on with you life because he has gotten on with his. Never look back with regret or guilt for your self.Be Happy Again………….. I am!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. marlo

    now what is your opinions n if your man goes to the stripclub as a goodbye school is over type deal and sees otherwoman ofcourse and then comes home and wants to have sex?

  6. Franca

    to Courtney x3056:

    It has been my personal, non-scientific observation that I have yet to meet a May Taurus that doesn’t cheat. Any thoughts?

  7. Franca

    To DD….perhaps you’re co-dependent, continuously hoping he’ll change? or perhaps it would soothe your ego if he finally stopped and this would make you feel “special”?

  8. John Carter

    Muscle testing or kinesiology is a good way to get at the truth, but it’s tricky. What I’m talking about is when someone sticks their arm out and another person pushes down on it. If it doesn’t budge, that’s a yes. If it goes down it’s a no. I’ve had amazing results! Worth looking into, IMO.

  9. claudette

    if your husband is a cheater just go have fun and enjoy your life behind his back like i do then you will be happy live life to the fullest

  10. sasha

    Lying about yourhair color and cheating on your partner with someone you met at the gym are two different animals.

  11. DD

    Repeat husband cheaters. Do they ever stop ? How many times is too many? Why do I keep forgiving. I’m not financially dependent, I’m attractive and remain loyal. But perhaps obviously stupid.

  12. Courtney x5036

    Certain birthdays have a tendency to cheat much more than others. Great article, very informative about human nature.

  13. sarfraz

    There are some other ways of cheating.occasionly you come across people who try to cheat about their wealth.such people are not so rich,they meet their two ends with difficulties.
    but will pose as if they are the decendents of Henery Ford.They make their appearence like a rich man but in actual sense they are empty pocket.I know a person who used to keep a packet of us$ 100.00 bill in the gloves compartment of his car. whereas three $100.00 bills were placed on the top and two were kept underneath. 95 were just pieces of paper so neatly cut and arranged to appear a jenuin pack of $ 100.00.While on a date he always used to ask his partner ”can you find some tissue paper in the gloves compartment please”

  14. joannamarie potes

    yah ‘ in this ‘World” we’re living in…….we don’t know anymore who tells he ‘truth’


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