Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for August 2013

A Mystical and Dreamy Moon

August’s Crescent Moon will first appear over the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, August 7, and will be visible in Europe, the U.S., and South and Central America just after sunset on that date. This time Venus will be high and bright in the sky above the Moon, still offering blessings. This Moon will be mystical and dreamy, bringing a great evening for romance. More ambitious plans will get “traction” tomorrow.


Who knew that a tug of war could be pulling you in three directions? But that is your life during this Crescent Moon. You are equally interested in home and family, your career and your love life and they are all demanding your attention. Thank heavens you have all that energy so that you can focus on your work as well, and money has a nice flow supporting your many plans today.


This romantic evening is a great time to share your dreams with your dear friends. The action starts tomorrow for your creative efforts and your love life. This is an earthy and emotional time. Partners will have financial concerns, and certainly we all need to consider money. But let any concerns ride until tomorrow when you can get down to business with a positive attitude.

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The workplace has your attention during this week, particularly on the weekend of the Crescent Moon. This is a good thing, as you can get real financial gain from your most fulfilling work. Wait to make any presentations until the 8th. Be prepared to give your ideas time to “sink in” with others, especially family who may be worried that you will be spending less time with them.


You have barely had a chance to breathe lately. It’s a great time for Cancers over the next year, but it’s been hard for you to notice since you’ve been so busy! Then again, huge blessings have come disguised as problems at first. You can catch your breath during this Crescent Moon and take time for your lover with gentle words and a loving touch.


The August Crescent Moon takes place at the very end of your sun sign, so you Leos who were born between August 15 through 21/22 should seize the sunset hours to express how you feel and what your hopes are in a passionate way. Your focus will be on finance tomorrow and results should be positive, so take care of yourself and your feelings this evening.


Your partner will be in a dreamy mood this evening of the Crescent Moon. In fact, they may seem somewhat out of touch with reality. Be patient with them and enjoy the romance. You’ll also enjoy the special moments of fantasy and fun. Your kindness to a partner could really work to your benefit throughout a number of areas of your life.


Lay back with friends this evening and enjoy the spiritual connections, followed by your favorite pastime—one-on-one romance. You’ve had your share of surprises lately with people being strangely passive-aggressive at work. That’s all passing now and you’ll find that you’re still making positive strides in your career.

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You’ve been focused on your career lately, and while things are building well in this area, you are ready to relax and enjoy a group of friends when the evening comes. Really unwind and you could have a peak spiritual experience. Studies and work will wait until tomorrow, and you’ll be refreshed and approach them more effectively.


You are full of energy during this Crescent Moon. In fact, you may be moving far too fast for the world around you. Sags are definite proponents of “too much of a good thing is wonderful,” but tonight you should lay back, since tomorrow is a busy day for your career. Soak up the great newborn energy of the Crescent Moon tonight to create those breakthroughs at work tomorrow.


View the Crescent Moon after sunset this evening, knowing that the hunches that hit you later about your future are spot on. You see the big changes coming from a dynamic (but grounded) place. Hash out what you’re thinking and make notes. Tomorrow you’ll begin leading the way in your relationships and finances—really everywhere.

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Be ready at sunset to view the Crescent Moon with someone special. If your birthday falls between February 10 and 17, you’ll be glowing like the magical light of dusk as the Moon appears, so be with your love to enjoy how special you are to the fullest. Then, a very sexy, romantic time could follow as you relax and soak in this new energy.


If you happen to still be at work when the Crescent Moon appears, just steal a moment to breathe in the energy at a window or take an outdoor break. What follows later should offer you and your partner a truly magical, mystical evening. A romantic walk or drive could lead to prize-winning cuddling and lovemaking.

7 thoughts on “Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for August 2013

  1. Lita Chua

    For those of us who is not familiar with Zodiac signs, it will be nice to include inclusive date the Zodiac represents.

  2. Jamillah Jennings

    Help me, my husband died in 2011 and my Dad died in 2012 he was 93 years old. my late husband was an artist and a professor , i am also a artist. will money come to me this year, i need to help my mother, and my children, i also want to travel around the world and exhibit my late husbands art work and my art work will this happen Love Jamillah the artist

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    LOVE these moon forecasts !!!!!

    Here is some more moon trivia below , specifically about the crescent moon.

    The Crescent Moon takes shape during the time just after the new moon and just before the quarter moon phase. It is aptly named for it’s “C” shape.

    Moon mythology often portrays the moon Goddess with a crescent on her head. This period of time is best used quietly tending the affairs of whatever took place during the new moon.

    Charms and Amulets, in the shape of a crescent moon, are used to protect you from evil , and bring you wealth. When wearing jewelry ….the crescent should always point to the LEFT, representing the moon’s first quarter, when things prosper and grow.

    Good Luck:
    – To see a thin crescent over ones left shoulder is auspicious.

    – In ancient Roman times, to have a healthy baby, women wore silver crescent moons on their shoes.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. mary green

    I have been trying to get my lover back for a long time we still talk to each other but we should be together. This has cause me to go into depression and I don’t want to give up on my lover cause I love them very much. Is there anything that can done to get us back together.


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