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Rare and Expensive

Although there are a number of green gemstones, such as peridot and tourmaline, emerald is by far the most treasured. As the May birthstone, this precious stone is one of the world’s most rare and expensive, but also one of the most powerful. Read on to learn about the various powers associated with emeralds and how the people in various ancient cultures valued this gorgeous gem.

It Has a Rich History

The first emeralds were reportedly found in Egypt and date back to 330 B.C. Cleopatra was said to adorn herself (and her palatial home) with the gem as a display of her wealth and power. She also used to give emeralds as gifts.

In nearly every ancient culture, emeralds have played a key role, from helping to heal disease to being the focus of religious worship. In Hindu, Spanish, and Arab cultures, the stones were used to counteract being possessed by demons, as well as protect against poison and infections. In biblical lore, King Solomon received four stones from God—one of which was an emerald—that were purportedly supposed to give him power over all creation.

It Has Multiple Meanings and Powers

Emeralds are multifaceted, as far as their symbolism is concerned. Not only have they been known as a stone for wealth and power, but they’re also valued for their ability to boost memory and enhance brain function. They’re also famous for illuminating the truth and revealing lies and enchantments. In this way, they are supposed to help give their bearers a clearer mind.

It’s a Gem for Love

While we often think of red as the color of love, emerald green is just as romantic of a hue. Emeralds are the sacred stone of Venus (the Roman goddess of love) and the Greeks used to wear emeralds on Fridays (the day of love) to honor their love goddess, Aphrodite. In ancient Perú, Incan worshippers devoted themselves to the goddess Umina, which they symbolized with an ostrich-egg-sized emerald. Priests encouraged worshippers to bring smaller emeralds to Umina to honor the goddess if they were seeking assistance in their love lives.

It’s no surprise that the stone is thought to stimulate the heart chakra. Emeralds are thought to heal emotions and even the heart itself. Known as the “stone to successful love,” the gem can boost marital bliss, unconditional love, and friendship.

It Can Enhance Psychic Abilities

Because of their truth-telling and mental opening abilities, emeralds can also help with clairvoyance. Because they help provide illumination, they can bring awareness to a higher plane and help mediums to really see what is there to be revealed. By assisting in the focus of deeper knowing and clearer thought, the gems can be important tools for psychic readings.

It May Heal Various Ailments

Emeralds have been used to treat a number of bodily disorders associated with important functions, like the lungs, heart, spine, and liver. Its detoxifying effect is even thought to help improve the symptoms of diabetes and rheumatism. The stone also has a long history of soothing the eyes and perhaps even improving vision. Gem cutters used to utilize emeralds to help rest their eyes after a long day of work, keeping the stones on their workbenches so they could look at the soothing green hue and alleviate eye strain.

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