Elevate Your Life With New Experiences

Elevate Your Life With New Experiences | California Psychics

New experiences that uplift you and elevate your life can be incredibly fulfilling. Think of the first time you drove a car, and the pride and delight that filled your heart as you basked in the newfound freedom it brought you. See again for a moment your first kiss, and the pleasure and joy it brought you and your new love. Take yourself back to holding your first fur baby in your arms and the sheer happiness that filled you up to overflowing the brim of your soul.

Perhaps after all those new experiences, your life has settled into a day-to-day routine of work and family and just the usual things you always do. While there is comfort in a regular routine, it can also become stifling and boring, making your soul so restless you want to burst.

Maybe it’s time to do something different and try out new experiences. It might inspire you, take you places and have you doing things you’ve only dreamed of accomplishing. If you need clues as to what might make you the happiest to try, look to your daydreams.

Make Your Daydreams a Reality

What do you see yourself doing in your daydreams that you haven’t done before? Do you see yourself screaming with glee as you take your first ride on a rollercoaster? Do you imagine yourself feeling the thrill of parachuting out of a plane? What about learning new dances like the Hula or Tango? Do you see yourself running a marathon? Is your fantasy to write novels and become a respected author? Take a chance and try just one of the things you’ve always dreamed of doing.

It’s okay to take baby steps in trying out any new activities and experiences. You can take a class or start keeping a journal or watch how-to videos to get yourself going.

Listen to Your Inner-Self and Do Something New

In addition to your dreams, listen to those thoughts about doing something new that keep coming back; the ones that nudge you again and again. Let them inspire you to do something different. The new experiences you allow yourself to have can change your life in ways you would never know until you tried them.

It may be that you want to fall in love with someone new. Set your heart and mind to it and rejoice in the exhilaration of drawing in new people to love. It might just be a new job or even a new career you want. Make up your mind to do it, and you may be surprised how the Universe begins lining things up for you.

Read a New Book

Sometimes just reading a new book, or even a favorite old book, can be a wonderfully uplifting experience. Does a book like Gone with the Wind sound intriguing? What about The Lord of the Rings trilogy or any classic that comes to mind? Remind yourself that they are classics for a reason. Maybe a book that is spiritual or even philosophical like Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Any book that sounds good to you can end up changing your entire world view for the better.

Try Meditation for the First Time

Speaking of meditation, why not take a class on it and integrate this life-changing practice into your everyday experience? Going inward can be as exciting as any journey you might take; maybe more so, because you will grow from within, and that can make your entire life improve.

Have you wanted to learn a new language and visit the country of the native speakers? French? German? Chinese? There’s no limit to the fun you could be having. What about going to Disney World, Disneyland or any exciting place you’ve never been to before? Do you dream of experiencing the allure of Australia? How about exploring the incredible Grand Canyon or witnessing the glory of Niagara Falls for the first time? You can do what you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible.

Trying New Activities Can Be Rewarding

What if you braved attending an improv class so you could learn to improvise in an instant, not just on stage, but in real life?

Have you always wanted to paint, but never let yourself try? Then be gentle with yourself and imagine you’re a little kid again and let yourself play with finger paints. No judgment. Just joy. This could free you to further advance your dream of being an artist.

Do you want to learn how to ride a horse? What pleasure you could have galloping along with your beautiful steed, the wind in your hair and the sheer delight of feeling free.

Make a List of Experiences to Try

What if you make a list of all the fun and exciting new experiences you’d love to have, and set about achieving them one by one? Make a list for a year, for five years, for ten. Just planning brand-spanking-new adventures can fill you with elation.

We are meant to have new experiences throughout our lives; to learn, grow and have joy. Why not start now? Don’t put limits on what you can achieve.

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