Embrace Your Femininity

Love Your Feminine Side

In our colorful gender-specific world, women can sometimes forget how important and strong femininity is. Do you want to know how to love yourself more? Embrace your femininity as a whole? It’s not about how to become more feminine; it’s about getting to know your feminine side. Did you grow up as a tomboy? Most have, but there is always a silver lining. It’s time to let go of trying to be “one of the guys” and embrace your femininity to the fullest. Here are some tips on how to love yourself and how to be feminine; either the first time around or a refresher.

Get in Touch With Your Inner Child

Remember your childhood. Did you enjoy socializing, creative projects and color? Chances are you have a feminine side hiding inside of you. Even if you were or are shy, women love communication. You probably loved to chatter away as a kid, but maybe became silent through pubescent years. Not to fret; you can recover. Practice socializing with the people closest with you.

Love the Curves

Embrace your curves. Don’t fall victim to body image issues. You are as beautiful as the day you were born and your curves are beautiful. Instead of putting yourself down, remember that you are a woman and you have a feminine vibe unlike any other. Your femininity is complex in a positive manner. It is filled with emotion, expression, passion, love and nurturing.

“Be gentle with yourself and become your own hero!” – Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

Don’t Read Any Book by Its Cover

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But don’t be fooled! You can enjoy your femininity when you please. Dress up, be bold. When your partner asks you why you are dressing up, just say “because I want to.” There should be no more questions in that department.

“Tomorrow morning when you wake up, make a smile the first thing you put on. Appreciate that you have been given one more day in your life to achieve your dreams. Everything else that day and forward will be easier to wear, and to achieve.” – Psychic Donna ext. 9448

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3 thoughts on “Embrace Your Femininity

  1. Nora

    How lovely to be a woman… I love the idea of being gentle with myself because when I am firm I feel I am turning into some man… Thank you very much for the great reminder!


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