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Psychic Marin ext. 5113 Reviews Her Reading from Psychic Asia ext. 5486

There was a woman who was so excited, looking forward to a much welcomed 10-day vacation. She awoke the morning she was going to leave to finalize packing. Suddenly the lights flickered in the home, the power surged, and the electrical outlets began smoking. Had it not been for quick thinking, and turning off the main electrical breaker switch to the house, the home would have been engulfed in flames in a matter of moments. Not only did this delay the planned trip, but stirred feelings of, “Had this occurred a day later, I would have come home to a home in ruins and ashes.” This woman was me. The overwhelming emotions and feelings of disbelief made it hard for me to see the significance behind this occurrence. It didn’t just “feel” like an insignificant event, but something I needed to process. I wasn’t easily getting the answers from spirit when I tried to understand the meaning behind this unexpected event, and the details as to why the timing of this was so synchronistic. As I do believe everything happens for a reason, I called Psychic Asia in search of why this event happened.

Before I could even finish the details of the situation, Psychic Asia completed my story. Her description and insight confirmed her clairvoyant abilities, as if she was able to see the setting and reenact the events that occurred. Immediately, she began identifying the guides around me, and she seemed amazed at the number of souls that were present. Everyone from Archangels, a deceased grandparent, and a strong Native American chief. I was surrounded by protectors. This proved to be a bit of a life pattern, in which I have continually been rescued, and I have been able to avoid disaster in several situations due to this army of guides. She identified this theme that has shadowed my life in a positive way.

The information Asia provided about my guides resonated with me. The details were quite accurate, but her abilities really shined when she identified the primary guide that was present during this event, the protector of the home. Our home is a very unique building, a Victorian style from the early 1900s, that was hand built by a miner who carted stones over 50 miles to construct this house. It is a local historical home known by many in the community. I felt it was my duty to research the history and ownership years ago when I first purchased this home. I know the entire history of the house, but I didn’t interrupt my reading to let Psychic Asia know that! I was enjoying listening to her tell me the details about the home and the previous owners/builders, and her accuracy was the confirmation I needed to trust her guidance.

As if you couldn’t tell by my story already, I have tremendous gratitude for this home! Well, it was no shock that to hear Asia tell me that apparently the female spirit that resides in our home, the previous owner, still does as well. I have had spirit encounters with her before and know her energy well. Asia described this woman to a “T.” From the high-collared, white blouse she wore, to her almost floating appearance. This woman specifically resides in one of the bedrooms, and Asia was able to identify a lot of pain coming from a particular room in the home in which she spends most of her time. I empathically know the energy Asia was describing. The “chills” Asia described she was receiving during our reading, are the same “chills” I often feel in the back bedroom. Asia was literally “dead on.” The husband and builder of the home had passed away in the back bedroom, died in his sleep, after living a long and prosperous life in this home. Apparently this female house spirit, his wife, still acts as the protector of this home to keep it safe, but specifically for her continued enjoyment as this home is all that she has left of him.

As far as the timing and the coincidence of this event, Asia confirmed that the day this event occurred prevented any future disaster from taking place when I might not have been around to physically intervene by shutting-off the power. When the electricians and power company identified the problem, it was reportedly a faulty neutral and two poor connections in the line leading into the house. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Asia explained that the protective guides and the spirit in the home saved the home by ensuring that the hazardous situation was revealed specifically before I left, so that I would, in fact, have a home to return to.

With the help of Asia’s clairvoyance confirming the details of this situation, she helped me view this event as a blessing in disguise. This situation demonstrated evidence of my protection, and as a result, I have become closer to the female house spirit, and have even taken action to permanently pay devotion to her. Not only do I welcome her to stay, I know that she will continue to watch over me and the house, specifically, when I am away.

A week after this peculiar event, I was able to put this occurrence behind me and had the peaceful frame of mind to finally go on my vacation. When I returned, to my surprise, I discovered a single white rose blooming on the rose bush next to my front door. Definitely a sign that peace is restored.


Psychic Marin ext. 5113

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13 thoughts on “Psychic on Psychic: Trust Your Inner Guidance

  1. Juliet

    When my sister past away i dream about her everyday even in the morning like 2 to 3 times a day just cont- for about 2 to 3 months, i was so afraid to go to sleep so i try not to sleep at all but i think she me to understand her, she said to me in my dream that she is still a live and more. when she stop coming to my dream i talk to her in my dream thats was 7:am. i told her that I love her so much.And that I miss her so deeply, and not to worry about anything. because she have 4 kids. And them she told me really Ate u Love me and Yes, I love you so much and i hug her and told her again that I love you so my dear sister.. After that i never dream anymore. after 2 years my brother die also same thing happen. then my father, and my mother too the came to see me in my dream seat in my bed.When i dream my mom & my dad they both feed me and said hon you got to eat so u dont’s get sick. even my friend & neigb- i dream about them, some time scare’ s me. Like before it’s happen to my family or bad going to happen i have a dream. Scary ha… Sincerly & Thank you. so much J Blumenstock

  2. Aline Johnson

    My Dear Husband Orville passed away on June 15th -2012.I miss him terribly.I sure hope he is with but I have no way of saying he is .He always said I will look after you hon if I go first and I use to say visa versa .I miss you hon and always will.There will never be another.Orville raised my four children and his own one .When I use to say those kids of mine he stopped me in my tracks and he said whose children?,I would say ours honey .My first husband Harold passe away in a car crash by a drunk driver at the age of 33.He appeared to me at the foot of our bed .He had the same clothes on ‘the day the accident took place .Thank you I hope My husband comes to me .Can you tell me is it because he is not at rest because I have his remains on my night table.Im quite comfortable with his remains where they are .Thanking you Aline

  3. Karen Atkinson Garrison

    Sean I thought of the same thing…whydoesn’t that spirit, the “widow”–now cross over to be withher husband.

    However, I have the feeling that there is more to this.
    She may have clung to the home for that reason originally…or maybe that was not the only or the real reason.
    I think she does want to be there, and seems to be a guide of a sort for Marin. That, or, the spirit is self-appointed guardian and a friendly connection, but no longer an earth bound one.
    If she *is* earthbound, it stands to reason she is stuck and unhappy, yes, I agree.
    I just keep getting that sense that she is not..or that she is there for other reasons.Perhaps she really does like itthere, and it is no longer about her husband? I got the idea that when Marin invited her to stay it was because she knows, or was told, that the lady spirit loves it there and is there in part, to look out for her, Marin.
    So, in essense Marin was simply acknowledging and accepting the spirit.

    However, I’m still in agreement with you, that more should be looked at re: this matter just to be fair and safe… for instance another reading, and/or Marin can pray and meditate and then suggest the spirit might want to move on to the light. If she(the spirit) doesnt want to go, she will not.

  4. asiax5486

    @Janet….Yes you are! Very empathic….start to meditate to bring out your abilities even more!! You are blessed with a great gift!!! Love and Light Asiax5486

  5. Janet Cunningham

    I have a question because I am scared. When I was 12 or so I had a dream that my best friend’s house caught on fire. I was so sure I called the fire dept. I was correct and the fire started the way I saw it.
    I made the mistake of going into a small abandoned house one time and immediately I could tell I was not welcome. I had a real bad feeling, then I had to go outside and I threw up. I would not go back in, such a bad feeling. Found out later there had been a murder of a young girl in that house. I had no way of knowing.
    Does this mean I am psychic or just crazy?

  6. julia

    thare is a story i have been told about me when i was little. grand ma alsvary died when i was littl and i have been told her sperit went into my room and made me laff a copl of times . i was told that we were leveing the house one day and i sead good bye to her. am i a psychic? or is she a sperit guide? or is it jest a famly fable? do i have other sperits around me?


  7. Sean

    I must admit that I’ve a problem with this story. I have no trouble accepting the veracity of events and causes behind those events but two specific individuals were mentioned as previous owners and there’s the rub. Both have passed forward (i.e. are deceased) but one remains earthbound and one has apparently moved on. It was mentioned (speaking of the lady who remains resident in the house post both ownership as well as post her terrestrial journey) that she remains resident due to the fact that ” this home is all that she has left of him.”

    So she’s stuck. Poor lady may not realize that she’s physically dead. She seems to have an undue and likely unhealthy attachment to remnants of her existence on this physical plane. Therefore she is earthbound and that’s not good. She should NOT be invited to stay. She SHOULD BE HELPED TO MOVE TO THE LIGHT. It’s there that she will likely find her husband and find him more healthy and vibrant than she ever experienced him being here. Her current state is improper and unhealthy. Morose sadness is her attachment here and euphoric joy will be waiting for her there…her husband will most likely be there too.

    My suggestion? Pray for her and urge her to go to the Light. Let her know that she’s dead. Tell her truthfully that there are people waiting for her in “The Light” and that she is likely aware of some glimmer of that LIGHT within her range of perception. She needs to seek that out , find it and follow the path that it offers.

    The human spirit is not a pet and should not be treated like one. A Catholic priest, not just any Priest but one well enough versed in these matters, could be of help. An appropriate use of Sacramentals along with fervent and heartfelt prayer will do this poor, stuck, sad, missing her husband and in the wrong place woman an eternity of good. DO NOT exacerbate her sadness. DO NOT tell her it’s OK to stay. It’s simply not OK and it’s deeply unfair to her.

    The Guides, Archangels, et al…OK. They have positive purpose there. They operate at the level of joy and likely are specifically assigned to you. They are probably SUPPOSED to stay. THEY can be the protectors. THEY can do the job. HOWEVER, a woman from whom “Asia was able to identify a lot of pain coming from a particular room in the home in which she (the spirit) spends most of her time” is not in a healthy state and should lovingly and prayerfully be urged to move to her proper and better place. Peace to you all.

  8. Pallas

    During one full moon (and eclipse) in Pisces I visited a friend in her home which she had lightheartedly suggested might be haunted. This observation was loosely based on some barely audible strange noises and her dogs weird actions.
    Both recently divorced, we laughed consoled each other and shared our good and BAD dating adventures. Suddenly one electrical outlet began to spark then tiny puffs of smoke appeared. We called the local Fire Department for advice, and within minutes 5 of the hunkiest (Calendar Material) Firefighters arrived checking out the wiring, outlets etc.. Afterwards they reassured us that this house was, as always, safe and sound and they rode off into the sunset. When they left we speculated that she did, indeed, have a ghost, who must be a female who sympathized with our dating disasters and decided to show us her method for finding male companionship:)
    We learned from the Firefighters that this house had been occupied by an elderly widow who had been plagued with similar mysterious incidents. Evidently, there were records on file provided by this lady proving that there had been a steady parade of contractors, electricians, City Meter inspectors etc… who could find no cause for the sparks.. We concluded that her ghost had probably watched “Arsenic and Old Lace” and had concocted her own harmless and legal adaptation of that plot 🙂

  9. susan wells

    WE lost our Mom to Cancer in 2006 this year in March makes 6 yrs, 3 6 06 any ways I feel her around me still, some day s it triggers me, and I say Mom I know your still with me, even a few times, I THOUGHT I HEARD HER VOICE, or it may have been my spirit guide, any ways I believe that just because the body dies the spirit never leaves, so I know she is there,waiting and looking after me, !!

  10. Mark Taylor UK

    I always try and see a home as something to tune in to and identify with, some people say it is only bricks and mortar! To me it has always been more, has it’s own character and deserves to be looked after. It was built with an energy, the materials come from or are at some time an energy force, so it reasons that it has an energy force. Respect it and surely it will respect your energy. Work with it not against it. Profound eh! Houses also have an energy force left by previous owners/ occupiers, it does not simply dissapear, hence the feelings we have when we enter a place and feel at home or sometimes uneasy.

  11. Abigail X9570

    Beautiful story and proof that we are not alone and how very gifted Asia is. Thank you for sharing with our readers, clients and fellow psychics.

    Many Blessings,


  12. PAt

    WOW! The same thing happened in my home Oct 29 this year………………I WAS home, to throw the circuit breaker, but misdiagnosis left it untreated for another 1/2 day, when one by one the lights burned/ blew out room by room. without electricity for several hours the electrician finally came, and promptly called the power company. We were now having our first snow of the season, and they were here for several hours rewireing everything.down to that faulty neutral grounding wire, making any damage MY responsibility not the power company ( they would have replaced appliances had it been THEIR wire.) Fortunately the largest damage was the heater starter replacement. ( I spent a night wrapped in blankets running the woodstove. I lost a lamp, 4’flourescent fixture several surge protectors, ( not computers thank heaven) some radios. ( One operated by battery but not if it is plugged in????)
    I don’t think the house has any exotic history, or ghosts. it is just old, not well built to begin with,


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