What Men Think is Really Sexy

Get Sexy, Don’t End Up with Leftovers

Most studies suggest that men are the least picky of genders, when it comes to what they love about women. The problem is, most men like the same thing, so the women who resemble what the mass majority considers sexy, are the ones who are bombarded by the most attention. The remaining female types end up with the leftovers, which are usually stale, desperate, and broken. A sexy woman is like a reward to a man. The male brain views a pretty face, much like it would a paycheck or a brand new Bugatti Veyron supercar. Let’s look at a few of the basic rules to being sexy for any man.

Effort Counts

This is the part where I remind you that despite the genetics and hormones that have made you who you are, there is always room for improvement. Studies show that women who make an effort to look and act sexy (private striptease, etc.), are judged more positively by men. This is because men appreciate a woman who cares about herself and how she appears to him. It also encourages most guys to go beyond your exterior, and seek what’s inside.

Sleep is Sexy

Studies show that no amount of makeup or energy drinks can overcome the extra lines and bags of sleep deprivation. In fact, a group of scientists actually looked at the effects of running on half tank of sleep, and across the board, the women were rated as being significantly less sexy by men.

Positive Thinking

Men are drawn to women who smile, but more importantly, men can tell the difference between one that is genuine, and one that is forced. They say we wear our emotions on our sleeve, but they are actually painted on our faces everywhere we go. If you are nervous or unsure of yourself in your relationships, guys will pick up on this negative thinking, and rate you as being less attractive. In a sense, sexy is in the mind… your own mind!

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You’re Only As Sexy As Your Personality is Pleasant

This may seems obvious as you read this, but I have seen its ill effects time again in dating situations, which says to me that many of us are still more focused on our outward appearance, than our inner personality. No matter what rating you would give yourself physically, add a point or two for being honest, helpful, adventurous, and kindhearted. Subtract the same amount for being rude, unfair, boring, or high-maintenance. In a guy’s opinion, nice girls don’t finish last.

It’s Good to be Average

The days of sighing, “Oh, I’m only average,” will cease once you read this. After countless attraction studies, scientists have included that the majority of men prefer women who are average in just about every way. Being average is a statement that says, I grew up in a healthy environment, with minimal stress, mutation, and sickness. Men are attracted to familiarity. This means that if you resemble the typical girl next door, a guy will already have a positive outlook about you, and will have an easier time mustering the courage to say hi.

Tarnations, Them City Folk Sure Are Picky

Where you live can make a big difference in your overall sexiness. Studies show that if you live in the city, expectations to have the right body, clothes, and makeup, increase greatly. This is because of the rule of numbers. In urban environments, where our choices of friends and lovers is practically unlimited, women feel more pressure to be beautiful. This increases the likelihood they will seek out plastic surgery. In rural areas, men have less choice about who he ends up with, so it has less to do with who tops his chart, and more with who’s nearby.

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Oedipal Complex

Studies suggest that men are attracted to women who resemble members of his own family (in particular, his mother). This is partially because of familiarity, and partially because of imprinting. The theory of imprinting is that sexual preferences evolve early on in our development. This is the reason why men who grow up as the oldest child in a large family, find pregnant women especially attractive, (and this has been demonstrated in studies). Considering his mother was a symbol of pregnancy for much of his early development, he now has an endearing preference for women with child.

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77 thoughts on “What Men Think is Really Sexy

  1. Karen

    Well first of all, RON! Do you live anywhere near Pittsburgh?!? :0} I am 54 years old and my daughter is 24 years old. We both have the same problem – we are NOT average looking. We are both 6’1″ for starters. She was valedictorian and president of her college class, and I have a doctorate degree, blah, etc., so we’re not dummies either. I have beautiful, thick, silver hair. She has beautiful, thick, curly auburn hair. We are “thick” and “curvy” but not fat. We’re both very outgoing and smile a LOT. We’re both clean – I’m a nurse! We’re both nice to people in general. We have a terrible time with the whole dating thing. It’s just awful – the guys we find attractive do not find us attractive. And although I have nothing against seeing a man shorter than me, I don’t feel all that sexy next to a flat out petite man. Seems tiny men just go nuts over me, and her too, and jobless men, and do-less men. If he’s intelligent, employed, etc. he doesn’t give us the time of day. Very tired of this routine, and really hate seeing her go through it just like I have…….:0{

  2. Ivy

    Being beautiful is something women would always want to be. It’s not a matter of having the most expensive bag, shoes, or most daring clothes. It’s not even about fancy make ups, great looking hair or small waist lines. It’s about thinking and looking beatiful all the time. No fancy accessory can outmatch the value of a woman’s confidence in carrying herself – literally – in every way.

    A cliche but -“beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder”!

    Whatever men or women think is sexy – it will always be what each of them think about themselves! Throw away insecurity and intimidation! We are all beautiful in our own “sexy ways” –

    Thanks Eric – this is a nice article to think about.


  3. whitemagnolia105

    I would be the one to come here and my comment be off the wall from all the rest. Yet lets get real I have read these things and come on I have not met a woman yet that is happy with what she has. Weather she lives in the city or lives in a rural area. All woman find fault with themselves. The only woman I know who can be all these things are the woman with the model like figures and with the most beautiful outer appearance, and more tham likely all these woman are very well off finically. they have everything at their feet. No money worries no phyiscal appearance worries. We other woman do have inner beauty. So I want a man who can accept me when I smile and even when I don’t smile. For if we have to practice all these things that the majority of men find sexy then we are faking it. You don’t see men walking around doing and being everything they want a woman to be, so how can they want so much of someone when they can’t measure up themselves to there expections of what a woman should be. It is always about what a man wants. One thing is right, they sure was right when they said ” Its a man world. I say take me as I am or watch me as I walk away. I am only human. God gave me emotions. Emotions of happiness and emotions of sadness also. I react according to what life puts in front of me. WHY CAN’T MEN WANT JUST A REAL WOMAN LIVING IN A REAL WORLD.

  4. John

    Hi Rose. I was intrigued by your comments that started me thinking. It sounds like you may be a perfectionist who is looking for some kind of ideal mate. What you give off may insulate you from men you could find attractive. The signal they are giving you is their moving on. You have to ask yourself Why? Sometimes smart people live their lives in their heads, select their evidence and come to their own conclusions. They don’t realize they may not be their own best analysts. That’s where a good counselor comes in. If the fit is right, they should be confronting you in a way that is meaningful to you. I remember one social worker saying to me”Surely John, in the years you have dated women, there must have been one or two that would have made perfectly good wives.” That sentence made me stop and think. Eventually I got into the habit of journal writing by reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, the ex-spouse of Martin Scorcese. That book is a powerful tool to initiate reflection. The other aspect which occurs to me is you may have spent so many years trying to be a “nice girl” that you don’t ask the questions that break through the images men present. I’ve been watching episodes of “Lie To Me” to observe how the star, Dr. Lightman, penetrates the exteriors people present so he can extract the truth about their lives. Maybe you could hone the skills of an investigative journalist and find out the truth about you from yourself, your friends, and previous men you have dated – if you really want to open those doors, walk through, and take the next step. Good luck.

  5. azyuwish

    I get a lot of play from men and some 15 years younger than me. You know what I think it might be? I am really unselfconscious…..I am pretty for sure, but that is not the main thing. The main thing is, i am interested in LIFE! I find Life exciting and interesting….and….did you see the moon the other night? OMG it was orange and so low in the sky you could almost touch it! It was so gorgeous I was saying ‘WOW!” “WOW!” to myself in my car. Another thing, I will speak to you whether you are a man or woman as if we already know each other very well. Instant intimacy. Why Not?? We are the same species!

  6. Liz

    This article is very accurate. Men are very visual and they are attracted to women who remind them of their mothers, both physically and personality. One thing I have found is that all men want is a woman who is feminine. Women who have longer hair that is healthy looking, flattering makeup and clothing, well groomed appearance, and use minimal swearing appeal to men. Also wanting help from men (lifting heavy objects, etc.) and a positive outlook on life. Men want to be around women who make them feel masculine not emasculated by loud mouthed ball-busters!

  7. colbertro76

    After reading the article, i think that some of the information was accurate and some was not. I do agree that men are drawn to positive women. Me myself, men approach me alot because i do display a lot of those qualities– friendly, smiling,

  8. deborah

    I’ve come to the conclusion that men are nothing but little boys living in adult bodies. What men consider sexy is really not the issue here…rather it is just the simple fact that all men really what is sex. The visual is what matters most in the first place and niceness kindness and all that stuff is secondary. It is all about what they can get away with and its always up to the woman or their mother to say yes or no. Women have traditionally always worked harder than men and recieve no recognition for it….get used to it girls…heavy emphasis on the word used. Whether your working at a job, your looks or a realtionship, when the next flirting 100lb bimbo comes along, he’ll be gone…nothing will never be good enough for most men …best to not try too hard and be yourself…stay happy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Most men are not worthy of the time, attention and affection that women give them. FACT

  9. Fab50


    Thank you for your input; I am so going to share this comment with my friends. I read your response and was able to smile without my face cracking. Most women my age, that are single and 50+ think that’s its a dating death sentence. My view point is WTF, you people do not know what you are missing and that is their lost! I cannot get my head around the notion of having things lifted, snip, & tuck, not to mention the pain and the money!! You get what you get, and Ladies exercise has the same results. Most of my male friends think having work done is a joke. Let’s face it no matter how hard you try to beat the clock; it always catches up with you period…

  10. Jane

    So tired of hearing what guys like. Why nobody talks about what women like. As if the only goal in life woman has is to be liked by men. By the way women are visual too. At least, guy’s looks is number one on my list.

  11. emi

    I don’t agree with most of the article. Most of the men I know love me for being a ‘guys girl’ yes, I wear minimal makeup, and no extras like spanx or push up bras etc…I try to keep it real. I drink and hang out with the guys.. anyone that loves themselves, is comfortable with themselves and is being honest with themselves will readily accept anyone. Only shallow men, who are insecure and have a secret dislike for themselves or situation would need all the ‘bells and whistles” truth is…everyone is perfect the way they are. God/the universe makes no mistake. Plastic surgery is fine, working out is fine…but so is not using/doing. A confident, healthy, spiritually aligned person who is able to love and appreciate themselves is attractive…PERIOD. I had a friend who was short, and relatively a large girl. Many men loved her and courted her while she was single. The article above is nothing more than the mind control that the darn media partakes in. If you believe it, you will be consumed by it. Any man that doesn’t accept a lady for who she is, needs help. A lady is a lady….not the fake airbrushed or plastic surgery sewn tight ‘thing’ you see in the media….

  12. Lisa

    I agree with Ana: I don’t know how many times I got all dressed up in a dress and heels and the guy shows up in freaken jeans and running shoes. It bothers me that we women have to put so much effort AND money into our clothes, makeup and hair and the men can get away with looking like bums! I remember in high school it was the style for guys to dress in suits and nice shoes, wear nice cologne, and to so something with their hair. But now, all the guys look like gangstas.
    Men, go out and get some nice dress pants, a nice sports jacket and some nice shoes. Wear cologne, maybe shave for the date….please!

  13. Kathy Barney

    Great article. It’s a shame to me that most of what Eric says is common sense (at least it is to me) and that he has to write about this so ladies and men “get it.” I read it because I wanted to hear if there was something I was missing and it turns outs what I already knew. I agree with “ana” on the point that woman go out of their way to look great on a date, while some man shows up with fat belly out, torn jeans and sweat-stained sweatshirt thinking that’s all a woman wants to look at or needs. How a man presents himself to me at first and in everyday hygiene and overall confidence with others tells me he will take care of me as well. It bodes to me immediately what type of person he is. If he shows up unkempt and continues that without any efforts to “clean up” I just figure pretty soon I’ll be treated as badly as he keeps himself up and sooner still be taken for granted. Yes, being “eye candy” is great for the “hook” but ultimately to make it stick it IS all about attitude. No matter what you look like gals you will have men falling all over you over because of your great attitude about life in general.

  14. Ron

    I am attracted to women who are positive about themselves and people around them (me).
    I want a woman to act, appear and to feel sexy within themselves. I want a woman to have good self esteem and to be happy for themselves.
    I want to see the gleam in their eyes. I want to see the smile on their face. I don’t want a stick for a female partner, so stop trying to portray a model type. I am not interested in “Stick Women”. Those women are not healthy nor do they portray the normal everyday woman. I also want a woman who wants to be loved and who wants to love their man, now and forever. I want a woman who wants to be loved and knows how to love their man, not just pretending or doing something that they read about or who they are told to act like.
    To the woman that truly wants a good man, I promise you a life of love, happiness and undying commitment and love. To you, I will die for and cherish forever.

  15. Jesi

    This article is definitely true. I haved been told I’m beautiful by men in department stores while wearing a heavy coat and just lip gloss. But they didnt see me in a bad mood. They dont know me. I could be the meanest b*tch around and then I’m sure that opinion would go right down the drain fast. The outer appearance of a person is icing on the cake.I didnt marry for looks and I dont believe my husband did either.
    I also do believe that women and men should take some time to look neat and appropriate each day.

    PS.I live in a big city and do not get manicures, fake eyelashes, or pedicures like most women I see. I prefer a more natural look.

  16. Nomind

    I;ve lost my “sexy edge” and can’t seem to get past whatever is blocking me… I know my husband loves me, he still turns me on, but I can’t seem to take whatever step that is needed to get past the 2 of us laying next to each other, snuggled, and Both of us thinking “I miss…” “I would love to…”
    I can’t afford a live psychic reading – any suggestions this way? I’d (we’d) appriciate any. Thanks

  17. Rose

    I give up. I read all the articles and I have all the qualities that I read I should have. I am smart, funny, easy to talk to, good listener, clean, I have lost weight, people tell me I am pretty but I never get asked out. I have lots of friends that are guys but most are involved/married. No one ever suggest that I meet a friend of theirs or anything like that. I have been divorced for many years. I do have women friends that comment they wish they new someone to set me up with but it doesn’t happen. I have met men on the dating websites but one date is about as far as it goes. I am beginning to think it doesn’t matter what we do it is just destined for some and not for others. I see women in line at gracery stores with pajamas on and their hair a mess and they have men buying their groceries…so I just don’t know about all this stuff.

  18. Louise

    I have to agree with some of the comments……always what the guys find sexy or exciting, etc…..How about teaching the guys to dress and act in an appropriate manner to match the gal.
    An oldie but goodie!

  19. Arseneau

    How do people of the same sex attract each other? Is this a taboo subject, or are you just totally unprepared for the future of sex?? Current world population 8 billion, with half starving. Gay population currently 30% and rising.

  20. Bonnie B

    Yeah, yeah. I do agree with the psych yourself up stuff, but not for the reason of being sexier. But, hey, as a resident of SWfla, I sure do see a lotta trophies hanging on some pretty dumpy old sugar daddies. Maybe they don’t find all the flash and glitter particularly sexy–I guess the fluff is just an ego booster?

    I’m an older lady, married, and pretty much self sufficient, and not out to impress a new man. Everybody assumes I’m younger than my husband (who is five years younger than me) and so help me, he cares not a wit wether I think he’s sexy at all. And I have a lot of experiences at work with much younger men. One, whom I usually had a blast working with and who thought I was a riot, even told me straight out that if I were hot and thirty years younger, he’d ask me out.

    Straight at you, funny, interesting personality sexy? Who are you clowns fooling?

  21. mlsw k

    guys with a long list of past loves, expect that the “next” girl should have ALL of the accumulated “best” characteristics . So, look for a guy who has had only one “lost” love.

  22. browneyesbrowneyes

    And also, it doesnt matter how positive you are, the men will most always leave the not so pretty woman for the one that does seem high maintenance and dresses more seductively. Sad but true.

  23. browneyesbrowneyes

    These articles just tickle me. Men are visual and so are women. I also agree with the lady that talked about women taking many measures to be attractive especially for a first date and the man showing up looking almost nasty. Dont men think that women want a man that is clean, neat, well dressed? Its embarrassing to be with a man that doesnt take a little pride in his appearance.
    And I have found that the outer appearance of women matters most to most men. I have tried dating since my devastating breakup and I know I dont radiate heartbreak, I smile at the appropriate times. I laugh at their stupid jokes, act interested in everything they say, but not overly so. I am just being myself when I go out on a date, but Ive discovered that no matter what I do, there is very seldom a second date. Ive come feel that maybe Im not good enough, no matter what. Maybe Im just too old now, maybe Im too boring. Who knows? But Im reaching a point of just not giving a damn anymore. Cause I can tell you one thing, there are very few men that pass my inspection. I am very selective about who I spend my time with and if they dont show me respect and consideration then they dont deserve me.

  24. Kelli5130

    Women who are comfortable in their own skin and who genuinely like themselves are the sexiest women in the world. They always have been and always will be. They are what every man who likes himself gravitates to. These people never need to look for each other–they are magnetically drawn to each other–always the right place at the right time.

    Thank you for another great article. Keep them coming!

    Love and Blessings,


  25. Nicole

    Looking forward to what women find sexy in men. Looking forward to what women want in everything. I would like Tony Curtis looking gentleman…God rest Tony’s soul.

    I want this…I want that…how about it, women? Ante up and DEMAND what YOU want from MEN!!!

  26. Cdog4574

    I really like this it’s helpful but they r missing one thing what about be urself that’s wat all of my guy friends like in a girl an that’s wat us girls need to worry about nothing else

  27. Paul

    This is all very true as a guy in his late 50’s and having been in a relationship with one woman for 32 years,30 of those maried, I now find that I’m looking for someone with a lot ofr the traits of the late wife. this does make things difficult as I know she can’t be replaced. It is true moving from a city area to a City area to rural does change things, but not in s bad way just depends on your out look.

  28. Maggie

    Message for THERESA: If you are not interested in yourself you need to realize that everyone is an important individual ! Everyone matters, and you have qualities that others
    are looking for. You need to see a counsellor to help you through the process of finding
    out your strengths and worth. If you can’t do that, read some very good self-help books
    by Dr. Phil and know that no matter who you are, you have a purpose and a lot of meaning.
    God doesn’t make junk….and you have a destiny to be influential to others in some way.
    Go and volunteer to help out the unfortunate and get involved in a church. They will really give you some good stuff that will help you out for sure. You will start to see yourself in a whole new light! All the best to you.

  29. Racine

    That’s all interesting, I would agree with most of it. I think confidence is a defining line when it comes to people intially noticing you, then being positive and real to follow that up, ya know having some wholesome substance, I love communication. What’s hardest to come by is honesty knowing that what is being portrayed or communcated is true. Being honest with myself and comfortable with who I am has always allowed me to meet infinte numbers of interested men. That being said the fact that I am a women of color has made my experiences far more interesting. Man non color men have never had an intereseting converstaion with a women outstide their race because of fear. “I am like an ambassador”, after forming even platonic frienships Ive seen men of all ages and backrounds feel more comfortable approaching an interesting women of color and dating them. In the city anything goes I bring the city flare to where I am in the suburbs and I always have. Nurture vs Nature I dunno, I don’t resemble the parent I am a different race, religon, height, everything I think that can change over time like a person moving to NY from CT a accent may develope overtime. I find non of color men who have close friends of color are more likely to talk to me, I dated a man 13yrs older then me now I feel more comfortable then my pers of the same age dating older men, we contiue to grow so our nature changes according to what we are around even as adults.

  30. Joeylim

    As long as a woman loves herself as what she is (off course she must love to be her best in everything) and have confident and no pretending hard to get type , caring, understanding, loving, sincere and good in communication in her own styles without pretending, I guess most man/men will find her attractive/sexy lol

  31. Voicedude

    Allow me to start this with my #1 point: Ladies, while a little work here & there is OK, please allow yourself to grow old gracefully. Laugh lines are sexy. Faces that don’t move when I’m cracking jokes is not… And despite what most women usually assume that men are thinking, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’ to most men is not merely physical and never has been. You can look like Megan Fox, but if you’re rude, stupid, self-absorbed, high maintenance, or a drunk – then you’re UGLY to me, no matter what you look like. Personality is a major part of your beauty. Most of the women I think are sexy have some slight physical imperfection anyway – it makes them authentic. I’ll take that over ‘manufactured’ any day. Just one man’s view….

  32. pearl

    Above all men always discover the right woman after they are married. So ladies upgrade yourself constantly so your man will always come back to you

  33. John

    I agree and enjoyed the article but I am not so sure that Joseph Agiah really understood the whole thing. Yes, Men do want someone pretty and who takes care of themselves but that is not all there is to a woman. It’s what’s inside that really matters. Once you get past all the pretties….

  34. ana

    I´m sorry but….“What Men Think is Really Sexy”????
    I am at the point of Who cares??? no seriously! we have to be everything!!!! what abt what we find sexy in men? do they give a rats behind??? no!! they don´t! most times they don´t try one bit!

    I am sorry! i just feel tired of articles like this one. guys are visual, guys want this. guys want that!!! I have seen girls get all dressed up for dates and guys showing up in baggy jeans or shorts, lousy t-shirts, and worse than that wearing those horrible-should-have-never-been-invented-except for- the- beach- maybe flip flops!

    Men should: match what they want and maybe look instead of just seeing. Same goes for women.

  35. Marilyn O'Neal

    Living in the city almost demands we get regular manicures& pedicures. Seems so natural to have it done. One of my very first boy-friends has come back into my life. I have lived City Life for at least 40 yrs, he is in same place was born.
    i worry about this when we are to meet this Spring, I know he worries also, as he has seen pictures of me. We are older & I am
    willing to give up a few City ways, but still keep my dignity, body
    cleansingness etc. Wear nice simple outfits, never too much makeup, Planning on this relationship working out.
    Your articles helped.

  36. Sue

    Teresa, this comment is for you. You need to be the best “you” you can be, which means first and foremost, loving yourself/being your own best friend!!! If you can possibly afford a therapist, I would recommend that you find the one who best meshes with your personality and let them help you to gain (back?) your confidence, ability to see yourself as a strong, self-reliant woman. Otherwise, there are tons of books out there to help you. I was just recommended a book(s) by Byron Catie (a woman) so you might investigate her work. Personally I’ve always found that when you’re feeling your absolute best in terms of confidence, etc., it radiates throughout you and men seem very drawn by this.

  37. Joclin

    “After countless attraction studies, scientists have included that the majority of men prefer women who are average in just about every way. Being average is a statement that says, I grew up in a healthy environment, with minimal stress, mutation, and sickness.”

    This comment irritates me, no one has a “perfect” upbringing and those who know what I’m talking about know it is not their fault. We are born into certain families who may or may not be healthy. This does not mean I will or am an unhealthy adult. It means I have subsistence and grew up in a situation that made me learn what is really important and what isn’t in this thing called life. If that’s a problem for a man then that’s their loss.

    “Average” is highly over-rated and boring.

  38. Teresa Choate

    I lost my husband September 19, 04 and Im ready to try men again but I feel
    that nobody will be interested in me because I’m not interested in myself what
    do I need to do? Whats your Ideas please. Thank You Teresa Choate

  39. Joseph Agiato

    It was very true. A man is very visual if he does not like what he see’s it will not compute, and all is lost.

  40. Harry

    Eric brings up some excellent points ladies, being a first born male myself , and now in my fifties, I can attest to the fact that what Erick brings to light is true for me and also from what I can see in the choices my close buddies have made in their lives.Once a women is past the basics of hygene, cleanliness , basic grooming and apprearance, and having their overall health in check, women do not need to over do it. I would say the same goes for men also , however we are talking about women, so I will continue on that path.
    Intrusive body and other physical drastic and minor alterations to one’s body and or outer apprearance, send out a yellow flag to most guys I know, like; why does she feel she needs to do that ?… is she that extreme with other things too or overly focussed on herself ? This is not attractive for the guy that is looking for a genuine relationship with a women.
    Focussing more on developing one’s social skills and having honest and good relations with others, developing a broad knowledge about subjects of general interests and of course subjects that interest guys is what will stand out. What Men look for is someone that can carry a discussion with their friends and family. Men feel proud to know that their grilfriend ( spouse) is appreciated and liked by those that are important to him. In the end , just being your genuine deep down self will attract the right guy and put you in the right relationship for the right reasons.
    I think that is great advice for women, single or in a relationship, to consider, thanks Eric.

  41. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    here’s a funny example of the ” tarnation, those city folk sure are picky”…..

    When I lived in Chicago for 35 years, nobody glanced twice at my very long fingernails as the ladies up there regularly get manicures.
    Now, I’m NOT a girlie-girl, I don’t get manicures,I don’t even wear nail polish,…. I’m just blessed with long, hard fingernails….( sometimes I even use my nails as a flathead screwdriver while doing chores around my house without breaking a single nail…LOL )

    But when I moved down to this rural farming/ranching area the men ( and women ) immediately seem to notice my long fingernails…..
    I’ve actually had guys ask me if I was ” high maintenance ” after looking at my hands because of my long nails. LOL

    Seems they want a gal that can help them with farming/ranching chores and just automatically assume that a gal with long nails won’t get her hands dirty…..which in my case isn’t true…..but I still find that funny.

  42. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    This is true…..

    I found the ” Tarnations,them city folk sure are picky ” hysterically funny, but true……grew up in Chicago , and now live in a very rural , southern area….and it’s true,expectations do vary from location to location.

    Also….guys are attracted to gals with a positive outlook on life….I would say that having a positive attitude is as equally important as looks, for most guys anyway.


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