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Happy Earth Day

When we think about psychic ability and intuitive insight, we often focus on the heart.  We also think of the mind, which allows us to interpret the information and guidance that we are receiving.  But a very important part of any psychic reading relates to how you bring that information into your life on a practical level, how you apply that guidance on Earth.

Ground Yourself

Most psychic readers that I have met understand the importance of “grounding” themselves before and after a day of readings. Sometimes this means taking the time to meditate, to work in a garden, or write in a journal. A psychic friend of mine, at the end of the day, likes to put on Motown music and dance! Grounding allows us to stay in contact with the earth plane while we are channeling guidance from our guides. Or I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “You need to stay grounded.” Being grounded directly relates to our experience on Earth. We take the spiritual information that we receive in a reading and “ground it” by making it apply directly to our lives.

The Earth Signs on Earth

The Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, all relate differently to creating a foundation, a structure, and a secure basis from which we thrive. Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign, is known for its loyalty, material abundance and enjoyment of things on the earth plane. Virgo, Earth’s mutable sign, is a healer through the details; both vigilant and perceptive, Virgo take great care of those she loves. And Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth sign, is bold and determined, independent and assured, particularly in matters of material manifestation. The Earth signs teach us how to conserve, how to build, and how to sustain.

Understanding the Important Role of Earth

Celebrating the Earth, on Earth Day, means that we understand the important role the Earth plays in our lives, and the profound energy we can draw from it whenever we feel depleted or in need of inspiration. During times when we feel adrift or overwhelmed, a walk in the woods or along the beach, a nutritious meal (especially when prepared from foods fresh from the garden), or sitting underneath a tree or lying in the grass are ways that we connect to the Earth. If we can’t get to the beach or the woods, sometimes drinking a tall glass of purified water, or holding a piece of rose quartz or other kinds of crystal, can give us that feeling of connection.  The Earth gives us energy in so many ways – we just have to remember to ask and know how to receive it.

I tell clients all the time:  The Earth, at its core, is generous. It gives us so much in the way of abundance. An Earth Day exercise: Just take a look the next time you are in your local supermarket at all the beautiful fruits and vegetables from all over the world that are available to us. Then walk over to the section, most stores have them, where they sell flowers and plants. Appreciate all the varieties of flowers that are available to us. Today, for example, you might go home with a beautiful bunch of tulips or roses, or perhaps seeds for planting.

To appreciate the Earth doesn’t require elaborate plans and journeys. Just step outside and take a deep breath. Or, for a vacation, plan a trip that is more extensive, to the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls! Whichever way you choose to connect, the main thing is that we stop our busy schedules and look up from our phone and take a day to really see the Earth around us.

Taurus Begins on Earth Day

Earth Day, April 22, at the beginning of the astrological Sun sign Taurus, is that day. Some people refer to the earth as Gaia. In Greek mythology, she is the ancestral mother of all life.  On this day we acknowledge the Earth, we thank her, and we understand how lucky we are to receive her abundance in our lives. As we appreciate all the wonderful things the earth gives us, we also take a moment to remember our responsibility to her: by doing us best to keep her rivers clean, to clean up our parks and nature reserves, even our own backyards. The Earth is an intuitive being who supports us by giving us the foundation we need so that we can go deeper into the psychic realms. If we want that energy to keep feeding us, we need to do everything we can to sustain her. When we celebrate the Earth, remember: We celebrate ourselves, the future, and our ability to grow. Thank you, Gaia!

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