Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Increase Your Intuitive Skills

First, let’s start with what can block you from your psychic abilities. Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 shared this list with us:

• Lack of belief in yourself
• Creating a self-defeating attitude before you get started
• Not practicing your abilities or allowing them to increase
• Not having a focused and centered approach
• A lack of motivation
• Grounding your attitude within Self
• Developing a non-attachment approach
• Not accepting opportunities as they come

To learn how to increase your psychic abilities and avoid the above pitfalls, our psychics have given us some free advice to share with you.

Believe in You!

When you were a baby did you decide one day you would just get up and walk? No, you just started walking. You just believed it could be done (especially since your parents were already doing it). Psychic Terilynn ext. 9625 reminds us, “I have found that the individual who seeks to increase their psychic awareness will need to believe in themselves as an intuitive, to act on their instincts and notice the signs and symbols that are occurring in their life.”

Practice, Practice, Practice

Next, practice makes you stronger. Psychic Quinn ext. 5484 told us, “Once I asked a Buddhist mentor of mine how to become a better psychic reader. He said, ‘Do as many readings as you can as often as you can.’ The more you do the better you get.”

Meditate to Clear Your Mind

Almost every psychic mentioned meditation to be an excellent way to clear you mind. Sitting still for 2-5 minutes a few times a week can help you hear that little voice just screaming to be heard. Even if you don’t hear the voice, sitting still for a few minutes without thinking anything can help clear your mind. You’ll find in just a few days how much more relaxed and focused you’ve become.

Choose a Tool to Help You Grow

Psychic Quinn ext. 5484 says, “Connecting to a sign from the universe or using a symbol journal are great ways to start. Finding a link between your insight and a spiritual science such as astrology, Tarot, numerology, runes, I Ching, etc., will help a person learn how to tune into themselves.

If the person has a higher power spiritual base, they will connect better to that higher power, via spirit guides or angels. If a person is more about universal energy, for instance a Buddhist, they will connect from voice vibrations in the most profound way. Being still and listening to someone talk will paint pictures in the third eye or mind’s eye.” Need more help figuring out if you’re psychic or not? Talk with Psychic Quinn ext. 5484 to find out.

Psychic Giselle ext. 5220 gives additional advice this way: “Another thing to do is to ask yourself how you feel something will turn out before it actually happens. When the phone rings (without looking at the caller ID) ask yourself if you know who it is. It also helps to have the intention to be more aware of your intuition or the small voice within. If you are going to meet someone, ask yourself  questions ahead of time like: ‘What kind of mood do I feel they will be in?’ ‘What will they be wearing?’ ‘How will the conversation end?’ ‘What will they talk about?’ and then just see what unfolds. If you continue to play with this intention and working with your inner being guiding you, it will become easier to start to see improvement as you place your focus on being ‘in tune’ and noticing things that you might not have paid attention to before.” Get more ideas on how to boost your psychic abilities by talking with Psychic Giselle ext. 5220.

Psychic Justine ext. 5402 continues with this insight: “You have to give yourself permission and open your eyes and pay attention. Being in control and having balance will help you strengthen your psychic ability. If you are at your best and trust your intuition, that will help you understand the energy flow of the Universe. Always listen to your heart.” Want more ideas on how to develop your psychic abilities? Call Psychic Justine ext. 5402 today to learn more.

Following these guidelines will have you seeing things more clearly and you’ll find yourself developing your psychic abilities much more quickly.

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  1. c.wright.thru.u.

    Infinite/Eternal Divine Blessings to ALL Psychics.
    Ever-increasing gratitude, appreciation, joy, love, success, light, ascension, oneness, wellness, prosperity, wisdom, peace, to all for sharing for this info/wisdom.

  2. Jennifer

    Even if the first time you met someone and you knew you would see them again it could be that you will continue to see them.


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