Weekly Astrology Career Guide for January 7 – 13, 2013

Get Ready for Intense Communications

The week of January 7 through January 13 begins with intense, even emotional communications in the workplace. Tuesday, January 8 is a day for great new ideas. While the week will be emotional and dynamic, Friday will offer new beginnings and openings for healing old issues. Good communications will make all the difference.


Tuesday, January 8 will be your day to inspire others and show them a new way of thinking. Expect a strong response from management or clients on Thursday, January 10. Know that they are responding to fears that probably have nothing to do with you or your performance, so stay calm and you can manage the situation well.


January 7 through the 13th is a great week to pursue your education. You will be amazed at your focus and the information you find to help you grow in your career. On Thursday, January 10 or Friday the 11th, show how responsible you are on the job and you could benefit financially.


You’ll be spirited and have lots of energy to pursue your ideals at work this week. People who have invested in you and your career—whether it’s your employer or a client— become a focus for you on Thursday, January 10 or Friday the 11th. Show them what you can accomplish and you could receive anything from a compliment or recommendation to a bonus.


Your creative efforts are inspired, especially at the beginning of the week of January 7 through the 13th. This could inspire admiration as well as jealousy from someone who feels competitive with you in the workplace. The person will probably be more open about this toward the end of the week. Show them your usual compassion and you could win them over. Want to know more about upcoming astrological trends and what to expect? Talk with astrologer Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 today!


During the week of January 7 through the 13th, your home life and partners will continue to be a bit demanding. If you redirect any frustration with this situation into budding career ideas and creating a new role for yourself in the workplace, you’ll be surprised by the great results, particularly on Tuesday, January 8. Need some help dealing with the drama? Talk with Psychic Sara ext. 9111 who can help you see the way ahead.


Exploring the deepest parts of your drive and emotion during the week of January 7 through the 13th will do wonders for your personal life and your career. In fact, this will bring phenomenal energy to you in the workplace and bring improvements to both your health and your standing in your company. Powerful communication is the key at the beginning of the week while creative efforts soar on Thursday, January 10 and Friday the 11th as you enjoy the fresh opportunities of the New Moon.


Financial concerns were weighing heavily on you over the weekend, but in your heart you know that your talents and the knowledge you have acquired will carry you through. Communicate those career aspirations and your desire to create a partnership with someone at work on Tuesday, January 8. By the weekend you’ll be pushing forward to bring these hopes into form.


On Monday, January 7, pour those emotions—even the ones you don’t understand—into creative efforts and they’ll find amazing form. An old way of living comes into focus this week and if it appears to be ending, it is just a new beginning for even greater career opportunities. You have really become aware of your calling in life and have the patience to build your future.


Yes, you are having brilliant revelations and ideas this week, particularly on Tuesday, January 8. Communicate well on Thursday, January 10 about finances and recognition or a special gift could come your way. Clients and management are probably so overwhelmed right now that your clarity regarding the bottom line on projects will be appreciated.


You are a dynamo, communicating long-held intensity and desires during the week of January 7 through the 13th. People may be shocked at the powerful way that you have changed. When you use this clout, be certain that you have considered everyone’s financial concerns (including your own) and you could make real change happen. You are particularly strong during the New Moon in your sign on Friday the 11th.


Your responsibilities at work are at odds with your own personal, sexual and creative drives during the week of January 7 through the 13th. However, this can be a great time to allow you to find new ways to express ideas or you can simply channel that energy into brilliant creations that will showcase your career potential. Tuesday the 8th is a good day to present your ideas and creations.


Financial surprises at work on Tuesday, January 8 could ultimately benefit you, so don’t panic. Future plans might be a bit confusing at first, so listen and speak carefully and you could find support for that deeply heartfelt project you want to pursue. Friends bring happy news regarding your career on Thursday, January 10.

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